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Added Sep 12 2012

What's up with the ice cream man frequently showing up at 10:00 PM or later when no kids are out? It doesn't appear he's selling any ice cream.

  • Probably dope.

  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village

    THANK YOU! I posted about this on FB awhile back and everyone kinda laughed it off. But I think it is ODD. Its a loud truck and will usually play some of its music for a few seconds (sometimes more, sometimes not at all). Late night ice cream delivery or drugs?

  • I always wondered if he had something besides ice cream.

  • Inactive user

    YES! It's lately been between 8-10p and we always say it must be drugs. Has anyone called the cops/alderman about it?

  • Oh I meant tamales or something, but I guess it could be drugs too.

  • Inactive user

    ice cream/tamale truck? decent idea.

  • c

    We've been in the neighborhood for many years and he always stops at the same house around 10:00 PM. Come to think of it, it's the same house that 6 special operations cops visited a few weeks ago. All I'm saying is that its suspicious and wondered if anyone knew anything.

  • well that adds a whole new angle.

  • Inactive user

    which street does he stop on for that? he is also always on our street, but ive seen him on chestnut as well, but at normal hours.

  • c


  • Inactive user

    hmmm he is also always on walton. thanks for all this info guys :)

  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village


  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village

    between 9-10:30

  • Alex M. Jeff Park, web design, DJ, thinker

    The adults need ice cream?

  • I know - i totally gave him my recipe for vodka-mango smoothie and now sit on my porch steps, $$ in hand, eagerly looking up and down the street, wondering - where the heck my smoothie at?!!!

  • Dave The Dude

    I have seen this ice cream truck during those weird extra late hours too and was thinking he must be a drug dealer, but then the more I thought about it.... Wouldn't a drug dealer want to keep a much lower profile than attracting people with that ice cream truck music?

  • Thank you!!!! Dude is outside our house EVERY night at 9..I'm in humbolt park..I'm sure he's making his way toward you. And he's not just driving through, I see him park on the corner and sit..

  • Inactive user

    because its so obvious, its not obvious.

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