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Added Sep 06 2017

Rogers Park Dreamers, along with those elsewhere in the city, are welcomed to Chicago Public Schools with a pledge of protection and a declaration that Chicago is a Trump-free Zone.

    JUST IN: First Major U.S. City Declares 'Trump-Free Zone,' Pledging Protection For DREAMers
    On Tuesday, after days and days of rumors suggesting the Trump Administration was planning on ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it official following an early morning tweet to that effect from the president. Chicago Mayor and Obama-era White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has now joined ...
  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Public schools?
    Plyler v. Doe 1982, the SCOTUS ruled that denying education to illegal aliens unconstitutional was.
    Rahm Emanuel 35 years late he is
    "Giving rights" that people already have not heroic or commendable is

  • Rob

    Yoda - doesn't matter what handle you use, your citation of a court case that has nothing to do with what the mayor has done shows your understanding of the situation.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Right on, Yoda.
    I didn't know that one, the mayor is trying to appear all caring and compassionate when in fact educational services are protected already. So if you don't know this you might think "Oh, the mayor is such a nice dude", when in fact he's not doing anything at all. It's all for the cameras!
    Thanks for the info.

  • Plyler v. Doe did not eliminate de facto educational inequality any more than the Civil Rights Act of 1964 eliminated racial and other inequalities. Chicago's openly proclaimed opposition to the cruel and unnecessary repeal of DACA is both heroic and morally commendable. The Mayor's pledge to our Dreamers turns 1982's words of Plyler v. Doe into reality. It takes action, not just words on paper, to stand boldly in the face of political decisions that lack moral content.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    No, Live, educational services are protected in Chicago and the rest of the country same as always.
    The Supreme Court said so in 1982.
    So nothing changes. Emanuel wants to look good for the cameras and his voters.
    Denying educational services is super illegal and it has been so since 1982.
    It's good to be informed.

  • Rob

    So Pedro, you don't know what you are talking about either, huh?

    Plyler V. Doe only applies to K-12 students, there is nothing in it that applies to Chicago's program of free city college for those who do well in high school (which is something Rahm specifically referred to.)

    Furthermore, Plyler V. Doe says nothing about allowing federal agents into schools, which is another part of what Rahm has promised Chicago will not do.

    But go on, keep telling yourself that you are informed.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    ^We're talking about Public Schools.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Same as always, do you know why Democrats LOVE illegal immigration?
    Answer: Votes.

  • Rob

    Very good Pedro, we are talking about public schools. So? That does not change the fact that you don't seem to know what you are talking about when you cite Plyler V. Doe as proof of anything.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    *Chicago has been giving financial aid for college for illegal aliens for years.
    *It is illegal for any city to deny elementary/middle/high schooling to any child.
    So yes, Rahm isn't doing anything new. He's not being defiant to President Trump. This is the status quo, nothing changes.
    He's not being "brave". He's being loud for his voters and for people that don't know the facts that we're talking about.
    It's so good to be informed!

  • Our Mayor, and many of us Chicagoans, are committed to treating our Dreamers with respectful support and decency. We also are committed to opposing the cruel and unnecessary political decisions being made in the White House. This is all about basic decency and who we are as an American people. It is not about petty dislikes of the Mayor or personal prejudices.

  • Rob

    Pedrito - Wrong again. Chicago has not been giving financial aid to anyone for years.

    And nothing you've said changes the fact that federal agents will not be allowed into any Chicago public school, which has exactly zero to do with the court case you have cited.

    Keep trying though!

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    *DACA was presented to congress.
    *Congress rejects DACA.
    *Obama enacts it anyway (The President can't make laws) for political reasons.
    *President Trump stops Obama's unconstitutional decree and gives this legislative issue back to congress like it should be.
    *Congress must do THEIR JOB.
    So where's the "cruelty"?
    Is it my fault that Obama gave hope not by law, but by executive action? (False hope)
    Let's see those good arguments!

    *Note: Emotional reasons like "but but but we're supposed to be good and giving people!!!" are not accepted.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Rob, ICE has a policy of not detaining anyone in schools, churches, etc.
    You need to get informed.

  • Rob

    Hey Pedro - DACA was not presented to congress. Get informed.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Presidential Executive Orders have the same force of law as does legislation enacted by Congress. Fact. DACA was not an unconstitutional decree. Fake fact. Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have exercised the well-established legal principle of prosecutorial discretion. Fact. Congress didn't reject DACA. Fake fact. The Republican Senate rejected DACA. Fact. Trump did not have to repeal DACA as a matter of law. Fake fact. Trump's discretionary and unnecessary repeal was cruel and politically motivated. Fact. Session's delight in announcing the repeal was apparent all over his face. Fact. That too was cruel. Fact. Chicago supports and will protect the Dreamers. Fact.

  • Rob

    The Senate rejected the DREAM act, not DACA. The DREAM act allowed the potential to get a green card. DACA does not.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    You guys should be happy. President Trump didn't kicked them out of the country like he could.
    They're all registered------->Orden to leave the country immediately.
    (You see how registrations are a bad thing?)
    But that didn't happen.
    Trump has a big heart, he's giving congress six long months to do their job.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Ok, so they're not dreamers, they're dacars, dackers, daquers.

  • Why are so many of "Pedro's" comments in the form of completely false statements intended to promote a distorted, hateful and corrupt view of the world?

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Where's the hate?

  • Congress has been given six months to clean up the mess that neither Trump nor Sessions had any legal obligation to make in the first place. And yes it is correct that DACA and the Dream Act are separate things but the purposes and beneficiaries are much the same. Let's hope that a bipartisan Congress can clean up the mess that Trump made. He should play more golf and spend less time in the White House.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Obama's mess.
    In an alternate reality do you live, Live?

  • Nope, it was Congress's mess. And now it's Trump's mess. Eliminating DACA will drive another stake through Trump's weakening heart, because 2/3 of Americans strongly support DACA and 88% support a path to citizenship for Dreamers. And this is no ordinary policy issue; it's deeply felt.
    Obama implemented DACA because the Republican Congress refused to do anything and it was clear they had no intention of acting.
    Now Republicans are claiming DACA was illegal and the courts would have struck it down. That's an obvious fiction. The courts have long granted the president wide latitude on immigration policy and implementation. Trump axed DACA only because he wanted to throw red meat to himself and his savage right-wing white supremacist base. The more cruel and stupid Trump's actions are, the more they love it.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    No, Omar, Obama's mess this is
    Be real

  • The Republican Senate stiffed the Dreamers out of political spite. President Obama used the privilege of Executive Order as the last resort to protect the Dreamers. Trump, by his own volition, rescinded the Dreamers' protections, created the current mess and passed the buck to Congress. That's not executive leadership, moral leadership nor political leadership. Chalk up one more failure and bankruptcy for Trump.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Your king Obama two years had with total Democratic control to legalize all illegal aliens and they would be voting Democratic by now
    He didn't wanna do it, my bro
    Your beef with Obama is

  • Yoda: Silly speech, silly ideas, silly conclusions. Silly straw man arguments with no basis in reality projected onto someone else so you can pretend that real people think the way you say they do. Silly, but not cute and definitely not very clever.

  • Whenever I see Yoda's posts, all I can hear is a squeaky little guy with very little to say but sound bites. The force does not appear to be with him.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Your Emperor Obama, two years of total Democratic control had
    Make all illegal aliens into legal he could
    Ban most guns and have gun people shooting little guns with five bullet capacities only he could
    But he wouldn't do it
    His support base he betrayed
    Release your anger you must? Take it up with him..

  • Rob

    I love it when the yokels try to proclaim "Obama had two years so why didn't he do X"

  • d3 NOH

    It's a fact that every dreamer was here during the bush 8 years and he did nothing yet they blame Obama for trying to fix a problem

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Great points, Yoda. I agree with you.
    Thumbs up.

  • Rob

    Hey Pedro - It's gotta really bother you that Obama used his time with both the House and Senate to pass Obamacare, and now that the tables are turned Trump couldn't even repeal it despite his promise to repeal and replace on day one.

    "You’re going to have such great health care, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s going to be so easy.”

  • Poor President Trump is burdened with a Republican controlled Congress that drags its feet, refuses to pass legislation and doesn't do the job it was elected to do. Let's have some compassion for President Trump. He isn't getting any Congressional respect from the Republicans. They haven't lifted a finger to help him crush ISIS in 30-days as he promised. They haven't help him rebuild America's infrastructure as he promised. They haven't helped him keep his promises to make Mexico pay for the Wall or add $20billion toward School Choice or cutting Common Core or building a safe zone for Syrian refugees or renegotiate the Iran deal or bring back waterboarding or create a commission on radical Islam or ban Muslims from entering the country or create a veteran's complaint hotline and lots of other promises. Poor President Trump; nasty Republicans in Congress. Have some pity on the poor guy.

  • There's a reason Pedro announced that he would no longer be posting as much on here (although the announcement soon appeared to have been a little premature): it's simply getting too awkward for him to defend this imploding, achieve-nothing presidency.

  • He "announced"?
    That's pathetic.
    As if there was the slightest reason to care one way or another.

  • It's shameful that a president is doing as much as he can to divide a nation.
    FINDING things to cause harm to people.
    Truly the lowest moral character.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Rob "you can keep your own Dr."

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Trump could deport all those DACA guys if he wanted to.
    (They're all registered. Once again, you see how registrations are not a good idea?)
    He doesn't do it because he shows compassion. Trump is a good guy!

  • KellyAnne17

    I for one would rather know, people are legal citizens after a period of time. America has a lot on its plate, we have 400,000 Foster children living in the US, that need our attention. Let's take care of our own children first. Why do I work 6 days a week, so others can collect public aid and free housing? I feel these people get to live here and The US is giving them everything. I could never sneak into another country and expect everything for free, living out my natural life with my children who were not born in that country. They would put me in jail. When do these people become Legal US Citizens and if they dont, when do they go back to their own country?

  • Kisse Mad Scientist

    KellyAnne, are you familiar with DACA? It sounds like you're a bit fuzzy on what it actually is.

  • KellyAnne (apropos name), What make you think they're getting things for free?
    You've missed the entire understanding of this issue.

  • Rob

    Pedro - Your guy is in charge now. You can deflect all you want with the tired old talking points like the "keep your doctor," but as you like to point out, your guy won. It's his problem now. He owns it after all his campaign promises. He couldn't deliver ANYTHING.

    Furthermore, it's comical that you say that Trump could deport "all those DACA guys if he wanted to." You are admitting that the president has discretion on enforcement. That is completely the opposite of what you claim about when Obama chose not to deport them, or chose to make non-violent undocumented a low priority. I wish we could somehow hook turbines up to all you trumpers, the spinning you provide could solve our energy crisis.

    But hey, while you are here, I'd love for you to tell us how you as a supposed Latino man feel about Trump giving a pardon to Joe Arpaio (who was lawfully convicted of violating the civil rights of others who look like they might be Latino.)

  • Rob

    "I feel these people get to live here and The US is giving them everything."

    Feelings are hard.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    There's no "right to immigrate".
    Trump is doing the DACA guys a favor. He is compassionate.

  • d3 NOH

    Iyhis week I have watched bdozens of hours of tv on this.. I've yet to see anyone really attempt to explain daca vs dreamer well.

  • DACA was the name for what Obama did to temporarily solve the problem of the legal status of the children of unauthorized immigrants who have grown up in this country as Americans (Dreamers). Under DACA, they register with the government and pay $500 every two years in order to qualify for legal status. There are 800,000 of them. Many of them no longer have ties to the countries their parents immigrated from. Deporting them would cast them into a world that is now foreign to them. There are Deamers from many countries. Most are from Mexico and Latin America, but there are Dreamers who are Russian, French, etc.

    Some Republicans claim DACA was illegal, since it's Congress that sets laws on immigration policy, not the president. Obama himself acknowledged Congress's role when he signed DACA. But DACA did have a legal basis as executive action, because it was only a temporary administrative measure ("deferred action," a decision to suspend any deportation action) and not a permanent law. Under the Constitution, it's the president, not Congress, who administers immigration matters, and he has broad discretion on how to go about doing that (that's why the Supreme Court just allowed Trump to temporarily ban immigration from 6 Muslim nations). Yet the Trump administration falsely claims that DACA was going to be declared illegal by the courts and was therefore forced to end the program. That's false; it's likely that the courts would have allowed DACA as temporary executive action.

    The only possibly good outcome here is if Trump follows through on his promise to sign a new Dreamer law if enacted by Congress. But his nationalist base is already unhappy with the 6-month phase-out period; they want Dreamers deported NOW. Yet 8 out of 10 Americans disagree with them. People recognize that Dreamers are in a uniquely difficult situation and deserve legal status.

  • The Dream Act was a piece of legislation that got killed by the Republicans in the Senate. DACA is President Obama's Executive Order that he signed out of frustration because the Republican Congress wouldn't get its act together. Dreamers are undocumented immigrants whose parents brought them into America when they were babies or little children. For the details just look it up. Nobody spoon feeds here on EB if people can't look up and read things on their own. It's not rocket science so don't be afraid of things like big words.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    DACA, Obama's mess.

  • you can shriek a sentence over and over, but it doesn't make it either true or convincing.
    Particularly if your posts have never demonstrated any knowledge whatsoever.
    Assuming the persona of fictional dwarf does not substitute for actual argumentation.

  • Obama's DACA worked. Trump broke it. Now it's Trump's mess that he wants to push on Congress to fix. Trump, you break it; you own it.

  • Rob

    So, Pedro - Not gonna answer about the pardon of Sheriff Joe, are ya? That's okay... Gotta be hard for you to be such a big 2nd amendment person and then having your president pardon a guy who would gleefully deny you of your 4th amendment rights just to give some red meat to his racist base.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    What's wrong with sheriff Joe? He was doing his job, protecting America.
    Do you know what Political Vengeance is?
    That's what happened to the great General Pinochet when he went to Europe and a 100% certifed communist judge ordered his arrest.

  • d3 NOH


  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    ⭐⭐⭐Sheriff Joe Arpaio⭐⭐⭐
    ⭐⭐⭐All American Hero⭐⭐⭐

  • Rob

    Yeup, that's what I thought.

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - An irredeemable moral failure

    @Rob - He loves to be the provocateur.

  • Hey, it's better than being completely unemployed. A job's a job.

  • Gabriel Resident of PRRP

    Sixteen Shots Emanuel is just trying to make people forget he advised Obama against using his political capital for immigration reform when they had the votes in congress. He wants another term to tax us and give juicy contracts to the wealthy and blame people on pensions.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    That's exactly right, Michael. That's ALL he is, which is why I ignore him.

  • What a disgusting man.
    Imagine. A president LOOKING to harm people.
    Those of you who agree with him haven't a shred of decency.
    Humanity has no borders

  • Even though Chicago is a Trump-free Zone and Sanctuary City there's no law against Trumpsters taking their RED PILLs each and every day. Maybe they won't vote for Trump in 2020 if Steve Bannon runs for President. Bannon will be their next new Hero.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Live, you must have missed Charlie Rose's interview of Bannon on 60 Minutes last Sunday. He's still sweet on Trump and definitely taking his RED PILLS.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    When I see an illegal immigrant, I see an illegal immigrant.
    When Democrats see illegal immigrants they see VOTES VOTES VOTES.

  • Rob

    Perhaps you aren't aware Pedro, but they can't vote. Go fish.

  • Of course undocumented immigrants can't vote. Too many RED PILLS cause alternate facts, alternate truths and alternate realities

  • I wonder what it is that causes these trolls to believe in obviously false facts?

  • Rob

    Its gotta be so hard for Pedro watching his president flip flop all over the place. All Pedro wants is to "stick it to the libs," and instead he gets this-

  • He probably made it to this country by touching dry ground south of Miami. Which presumably is a far nobler way to become an American than by having your parents move you here when you're 3, growing up American and then discovering that Trump supporters want to deport you back to a place you've never known and have no ties to.

  • YakovBok In the RP since 1996

    There are many reasons to support DREAMers in their quest to stay in the U.S. But the fact is, Obama's DACA executive order was an unconstitutional usurpitation of legislative powers. If you want DREAMers to stay in the U.S., lobby your federal elected officials to introduce a bill allowing them to stay. If you don't care about the Constitution and the separation of powers, it seems to me that you have swallowed one too many "blue pills" and are only interested in the political leverage that DREAMers bring the Democratic party. If you doubt that, explain how two election cycles ago, the Democrats as a party were not "pro-immigrant" and were anti-Amnesty - which is what DACA is - a form of amnesty. Remember, in our country, we are a nation of laws. The process means something. The ends do not justify the means. The means justify the ends. DACA ignores the process and it was not the right way to get the job done.

  • Yeah, but it wasn't unconstitutional. If Obama had suddenly given citizenship to all Dreamers, then that would have been unconstitutional, since only Congress can do that. But the Dream act was merely a "deferred action" in response to the obvious fact that Congress had no intention of doing anything. As a deferred action, the Dream Act fell within the scope of the president's broad powers to administer immigration issues. The Supreme Court has continually affirmed those powers. Witness the broad latitude they gave to Trump to discriminate against immigrants from 6 Muslim countries.

    Furthermore, something is unconstitutional only if the courts determine it to be unconstitutional. Trump canceled the Dream Act before the courts could even rule on it.

  • Rob

    "But the fact is, Obama's DACA executive order was an unconstitutional usurpitation of legislative powers."

    That's not an actual fact.

  • Gabriel Resident of PRRP

    The Trump neo-fascist phenomenon is at base a revolt against rationality. It is a rejection of facts, science, and sound analysis.

    One can never sway them using a rational approach. They feed off of resentment, prejudice, and a distorted sense of loss that comes from years of imbibing propaganda from right-wing talk shows, Fox News, and misinformation funded by oil interests and the war machine-think Rush Limbaugh. They don't understand the roots of their own self-betrayal and political dysfunction.

    The real tragedy is that they end up supporting the 1% who will make most of their lives worse.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is off topic.
  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Omar, my work (my main objective) happens within the Latino community.
    My objective is telling the truth about the Democratic Party.
    People are listening.

  • Gabriel Resident of PRRP

    The anti-Daca folks always default to the rule of law and the Constitution. But the pardoning of Arpaio should tell you something about how much Trumpers respect the rule of law and the Constitution when going against both is okay if it supports a right wing ant-Costitutional agenda-racial profiling.

    They forget or are ignorant about the twisted labor policies that at various times recruited workers from Mexico, encouraged their settlement and then wanted them gone until the next time they wanted cheap labor to exploit. They forget about the long historical relationship Mexicans have had with the Southwest that was once part of Mexico. They hate to remember the use of liberal Cuban and Eastern European immigration policy, including bonus benefits, to further the Cold War goals of various governments. And then there are the special immigration exceptions given to corporations to hire immigrant professionals that displace US college educated folks under the guise of need when it really is about getting cheaper professional services.

    Like always there is little historical and systematic analysis to support what they see as easy and straightforward when in actuality it is a complex problem that also involves values.

    Not al Democrats have had enlightened attitudes about immigration policy. It is just that Republicans are consistently far worse as a group.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Gabriel, Sheriff Joe is a PATRIOT.
    Do you know what Political Vengeance is?

  • YakovBok In the RP since 1996

    choosing to not prosecute DREAMers is a reasonable executive decision. It is prosecutorial discretion. Allowing work permits through executive decree is unconstitutional as it usurps the Immigration Code which lays out how work permits can be obtained. THAT is something Republicans AND Democrats have agreed upon.

  • Rob

    Yeup, I bet the Latino community is really receptive to your "work." "Hey folks, it's okay that this guy pulls you over based solely on how you look, because Patriotism!"

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Yes, Rob, everything is racist. Everyone is racist.

  • Rob

    Pedro, you have made a mistake. Not everyone is racist. But Trump and Arpaio certainly are.

    But please do go on calling Arpaio, a man who was duly convicted of systematically violating the civil rights of Latinos, a Patriot.

  • YakovBok In the RP since 1996

    Arpaio was not convicted of violating civil rights. He was convicted of criminal contempt of court. There is a difference between the two.

  • Rob

    I indeed stand corrected on that detail. He was convicted of criminal contempt of court because the court ordered him to stop violating civil rights, and he didn't. Please explain what you think the difference is... No matter how much you Trump groupies make excuses for the racist, The court found that he was violating civil rights.

  • He referred to his own handiwork as a concentration camp, like it was a point of pride.

  • Arpaio was a bad dude, period. Anyone who supports him is a racist or a supporter of racists. I'm sorry, but there's no other way to view this; it's clear as day. If you're a racist sympathizer, you will have a different perspective on Arpaio, of course, but your perspective can only come out of resentment and hate and is therefore not of any value in any way.

  • Arpaio is still a convicted felon even though he has been pardoned from jail time or penalties for his crime. Arpaio is still guilty of violating civil rights and being in contempt of the courts. Only because Trump sympathizes with Arpaio's racism is the former sheriff free from incarceration but he remains a convicted felon. And Trump still sympathizes with a racist, convicted felon who disrespects the Constitution. Neither one is a Patriot. Patriots defend and protect the Constitution.

  • YakovBok In the RP since 1996

    "Patriots defend and protect the Constitution." By that logic. anyone who defends DACA is not a Patriot because DACA violates the Constitution.

    Contempt of court is violating a court order. Conviction for violating a statute is just that. There is a legal distinction. If you do not understand the distinction, not to be snide, but I can only suggest that you ask someone in the legal profession to explain it to you.

  • as was clearly explained to you earlier, DACA was not a violation of the Constitution.

  • Arpaio is and always will be a convicted felon and Trump will always be known as the protector of a convicted felon and notorious racist. That is why Chicago has been declared as a Trump-free Zone.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Omar, DACA very unconstitutional was, even if this you insist to deny, even if this makes you furious

    Live From Rogers Park, Obama protected terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera and traitor Bradley Edward Manning. Your outrage? No outrage?

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Trump free zone? And the most beautiful skyscraper in Chicago, Trump Tower is
    I laugh

  • Tired of Liars Sick and Tired of Self Serving Lying Politicians

    Who in the Heck is Rham Emanuel to declare the POTUS personna no grata? Rham is a corrupt POS. A Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Who is this Rham of whom you speak?

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    So, I got a question for Liberals around here:
    Trump is trying to help the DACA people with an agreement made with the Democrats.
    That's so much more than anything done by Obama.

    Do you still hate President Trump?

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - An irredeemable moral failure

    @Pedrito - You managed two logical fallacies in a single post.

  • That's an easy one. Yes, I do. He's a wretched human being. The only reason he's engaging Democrats at all is because he's realizing it's not so easy to get everything done on your own. I'm sure he didn't come to that realization on his own, however. He'd have to have self-awareness for that to happen.

  • Only after a Republican Congress refused to pass legislation did Obama resort to the lawful executive power of an Executive Order to formalize DACA. Prosecutorial discretion is a valid Presidential option. Trump can't get his Republican Congress to pass any legislation, much less DACA legislation, and has to ask for help from the Democrats. Trump is impotent even with a Republican Congress. Rahm Emanuel isn't impotent and, with the support of City Council, declared Chicago as a sanctuary city for Dreamers and as a Trump-free Zone.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Live, keep talking yourself that, But everybody knows that our Leader, President Trump, is always five moves ahead.
    Get ready for Trump 2020.

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Remember that he knows The Art Of The Deal.

  • The idea that Obama could have gotten a Dreamer law passed with the Republican Congress is completely laughable.

    Trump has just begun to realize how hated he is, so he needs a few compassionate and bipartisan acts to prop him up in the polls. He knows full well that 80 percent of the country wants Dreamers to be protected, not deported, and he's always had ambiguous feelings about Dreamers. So he's now decided to strike a deal with Democrats.

    But his base is now furious. Breitbart is going ballistic. When Trump promised to "terminate" DACA, they understood "terminate," not "amnesty, revised version."

    This is what he said repeatedly during the campaign: "We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties, in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to illegal immigrants."

    Now he plans to give them. . . amnesty.

    The explosion of anger today:

    Trump will now have to appease his base with some other crazy nut-job, white-supremacist right-wing decision in the coming weeks and months. Expect ICE to adopt even more fascist tactics. But the 20 percent of the country that wants Dreamers exiled forever is VERY SERIOUS, and this is the first time Trump has broken their dark, heartless hearts.

  • Trump's deal was to make Mexico pay for the Wall. Then the deal was that Congress would pay when Mexico refused. Then the deal was that money saved on DACA would pay when Congress refused. Now the deal is to only repair the old walls and fences now that DACA is a good thing again. The real deal is that the Wall will be delayed. That's the Art of the Trump-style Deal. The Wall Deal is like all the casino deals. Bankrupt failures.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is off topic.
  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Trump, playing the Dems like a fiddle he is
    Schumer and Pelosi, easy targets they are

  • well, if getting everything you want = getting played, then I guess played they did get!

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - An irredeemable moral failure

    @Pedrito - You wrote: "President Trump, is always five moves ahead."

    Are you referring to the same guy who stated, "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated"?

    Yep, always five moves ahead...LOL!

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    "Trump will now have to appease his base with some other crazy nut-job, white-supremacist right-wing decision in the coming weeks and months. Expect ICE to adopt even more fascist tactics. But the 20 percent of the country that wants Dreamers exiled forever is VERY SERIOUS, and this is the first time Trump has broken their dark, heartless hearts."

    Omar, your comment very funny is. I thank you for the laughs.

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    By the way, what is wrong about deporting illegal immigrants?
    Enforcing our laws is good and noble
    If you're here illegally you need to go now
    Nothing mean or heartless this is, but fair

  • Methinks we should deport little green men with big ears who speak backwards.

  • well it appears that your Darth Trumper doesn't appear to agree with you, Yodel--now that he realized how more fun it is to have Democratic friends and be viewed as someone with a shred of compassion:

    "Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!....."

    Reports say that ever since Trump has been inviting Nancy and Chuck over for Chinese food, he's been walking around with a spring in his step, happy in the White House for the first time! Must feel good to go back to your NY Democrat roots! He even went out and patted the head of a kid who wanted to mow the lawn. At core, dude just wants to be loved. Isn't that special?

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Anyone with a GOOD reason why not to deport illegal immigrants?

  • because Donald Trump doesn't want to.
    You more to the right than Donald?

  • Yoda Jedi Master

    Very right winged I am
    But compassionate too
    Dreamers I don't care too much about
    But a strong border and immigration enforcement is what we want

  • Michael Archangel Donald Trump - An irredeemable moral failure

    @Yoda - Pedito, we know this about you no matter what name you are using for your posts.You have made it clear in the past you are very right wing

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