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Added Nov 07 2012

This morning around 8 am Smith Park resident was getting out of her car in the 2500 block of Superior when she observed 2 off-leash pit bulls heading towards her. When she didn't see an owner, she quickly went inside her fence. At this point a stray cat that several neighbors feed crossed their path. They immediately pounced on the cat killing her. Carrying the dead cat, the dogs headed away from the neighbor, so she ran back to her car and started following them.

While talking to 911, she followed the dogs down alleys and across major streets for 30 min, but 911 never managed to get officers to where she was. She lost them near Potomac and Western when they headed down a street that was closed to auto traffic. The police did scour the area and warned people they saw on the street. Animal Control also was called.

The dogs are brown and white and very thin. Please be careful when walking and please warn your children. As is the law, please keep your own dogs on leashes when off your property. If you have an outside pet, you may want to ensure it's in an area that the dogs cannot access.

If you see these dogs, please call 911 immediately and tell the operator of today's incident.

Many thanks to the neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous and was quite shaken up by the sight of the dogs viciously attacking the cat.

  • me

    I'm horrified. Dogs should always be leashed, properly trained or not. I hope the owner is found and made aware, not even sure what that would do. Your neighbor was wonderful to step up and do what she could. Be safe out there.

  • Could these be the same dogs someone posted about recently? I think the poster said they were on Thomas?

  • AvaBianca West Town/Noble Square resident.

    This does make me sick that these dogs killed another animal so viciously like that. This is dangerous for all children, outside cats and small dogs in the area!

  • Someone did post on October 10 about being chased by dogs fitting the description at Crystal and Spaulding...

  • Oh, this is horrible...I will keep an eye out for the dogs. Thank you for posting.

  • I saw them this morning around 8:20 while walking my dog on Oakley and Thomas, headed North. There was a woman driving behind them who yelled out her window to "go, go, they attacked someone earlier". Might be the person who was following them from Potomac. We rounded the corner and another dog owner was on her cell with the police, one of them had bit her dog's leg (he was ok). Hope they catch/caught them. Do be safe out there!

  • oh...and many, many thanks to the woman who followed - I was a bit frozen watching two pits run up Oakley with a car following them - my golden and I were just standing there staring...greatly appreciated the warning to get the heck out of there!

  • So scary. As a dog owner I will never understand why people let their dogs run wild. Keeping them leashed is for other people/critters' safety, sure, but also for their own.

  • Christy Ukrainian Village resident

    Keep in mind, these dogs were reported as thin and possibly seen loose before...they likely do not have an owner (anymore) and have been set loose by some irresponsible jerk that got tired of them or learned they weren't good for fighting. This happens so much. If they are thin, hungry, and have been stray for some time, they are just trying to survive at this point. I dont like that they killed a cat or bit a dog, but my heart breaks for these dogs who might now be aggressive through no fault of their own. I agree that they are now dangerous, just please don't blame it on the breed or assume the worst of these dogs, the blame needs to go to whoever used to own them and now has created a dangerous situation for them and everyone in their path. Also, let this be another reminder how it's really not safe to keep outdoor cats in the city. I know there are strays, but if anyone owns a cat, please think twice about allowing it to go outside. Stay safe, maybe carry pepper spray if you're out walking your own dog. Hopefully these dogs get caught soon.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    No update from the 13th, but CAPS wants us all to CALL 911 if you see these dogs anywhere. Animal control will not respond until they have police on the scene and a location.

  • Someone in this neighborhood and the two closest neighborhoods needs to post this in the local stores/restaurants and such ASAP . Also call NBC so they can run the story 312-836-5555 option 1 then option 4. Make sure that all of the schools in this district know about this incident.

  • McVicker's View Gladstone Park

    First, let me EMPHATICALLY state that I love dogs.
    What I have a hard time with, however, are Pit Bulls.
    Those who love them will say that they are good and gentle dogs when properly trained. I'd like to believe that. But they sure get a bad rap! There doesn't seem to be a week that goes by without the media reporting that a Pit Bull has savagely attacked an adult, a child or someone's dog or cat. Why is it that we never hear about Beagles, Collies, Dalmations, Irish Setters or other breeds doing the same things?
    I have a hard time believing that every other breed has the luxury of having owners that ensure their proper training, and somehow Pit Bulls don't.
    I'm not judging. I'm simply wondering.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    Thanks @Christy! I couldn't agree more. Sounds like they've been on their own trying to survive for a month now (if the last report was October 10th) and the colder it gets the hungrier + more aggressive they're going to be trying to survive. This is the 2nd story I've heard of domestic animals/pets being dumped (outdoors) in 2 days.So so sad.Thanks for the heads up everyone.

  • I've been emailing my neighbors and letting everyone I know aware of the 2 dogs. I''ve re-posted a friends' post onto my facebook to spread the word.
    Just hoping that they are caught and that no one gets hurt or another animal gets mauled by them.
    Can't believe someone would even dream of letting their pets loose like that. If you're not a person who can take care of an animal, then you shouldn't even get one. Sorry but this gets me mad.

  • One reason you hear so much about pitbull incidents is that the media often won't file the story unless the breed is mentioned.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thanks to everyone for alerting our neighbors. The woman who followed them and warned people deserves our thanks. BTW, despite repeated calls, the City never came to get the mauled carcass of the cat. A frustrated neighbor cleaned it up before kids got out if school.

  • Dogs will kill smaller animals, it's in their nature, regardless of breed. Years ago, my sister had several dogs and cats. Two of the dogs got out of the yard and attacked her son's cat, which later died.

    Nevertheless, if you see stray dogs, they should be reported.

  • Christy Ukrainian Village resident

    McVicker - I understand why you feel that way. Keep in mind pit and pit mixes outnumber any other breed in the city and there is still a large population of pit owners that don't have them as a family pet. These dogs that are attacking are usually not fixed, it's the dog of a thug-looking person walking it on a chain, someone who doesn't obey leash laws, someone trying to "look cool" with a big dog, or those that keep them for fighting. These kind of people don't get Beagles. Then they pass the puppies to their friends who aren't interested in the dog after 2 years and it goes to the pound. Plenty of responsible owners have pits now too, but it's still the breed of choice for those with ill intentions. Go to the pound, it's at least 75% pits at any given time. You don't see cages full of Irish Setters and Collies because their owners are more serious about pet ownership.

    I don't own a pit but after volunteering for years, I've learned they are wonderful dogs when treated as a pet. The media hype and fighting crowds have really taken a toll on their reputation. I don't expect everyone to love them, just realize that the issue runs deeper than just "pit mauls cats so they are all mean." There are reasons for this behavior, usually through no fault of the dog. The strays in question are not pets and are in survival mode as wild pack dogs at this point. Any dog in the same situation would behave the same. Through my rescue work I've been bitten only once by a pit, but several times by small dogs like chihuahuas. No one reports those though. It doesn't change the fact that these dogs are dangerous though, just trying to open eyes as to why.

  • Heres a perfect example of the breed being the problem. Instead of avoiding people and animals, these dogs resorted to instinct and paired up to attack

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    Dogs, regardless of breed, are pack animals. They live in packs (via isolation) which is instinctual and domestic dogs are believed to be a subspecies of the grey wolf who also live in packs. When dogs live with human beings they consider their human family to be their 'pack'. When dogs are separated from their pack, they will form another. That is Dog 101 and is true regardless of breed.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Please take the discussion of the breed to a separate post. The only reason I noted it was for identification purposes.

    Those "defending" the dogs didn't witness the viciousness of the attack, the cat being carried a half-block dangling from the jaws of one of the dogs and What remained when they dropped it in front of a neighbor's house. The cat was barely recognizable as such.

    The FACT is they attacked and killed a cat and attacked and bit a dog. As far as we know these dogs are still roaming the area. Yesterday it was a cat, let's hope they are caught before they attack a human.

  • AvaBianca West Town/Noble Square resident.

    I completely agree Beat1313.... as a cat owner and animal lover in general, it just makes me ill to hear stories like this. And you're right, this could turn into something much more horrific.

  • Christy Ukrainian Village resident

    Beat1313, your title does not identify the dogs other than "pit bulls attack." You could have posted "medium size, thin-looking, brown and white dogs attack cat" which would have been much more descriptive of the two dogs. I'm not defending these two particular dogs or trying to disagree with the intent of this post. As a cat-owner, I'm horrified too and as a rescue volunteer, I'm sad at another negative pit story. I agree they need to be caught. They went after the cat for food, if they wanted to attack humans they would have when they bit the dog. Someone asked why it's always pits in the news, I was just trying to explain why.

  • Keeping in line with the facts...a STRAY cat was killed by STRAY dogs.

    Hopefully these dogs are captured and put down before they hurt someone.

  • me

    The fact that they were pits was necessary in the description to keep on the look out for them and to keep safe. I agree, next time it could be a child or children walking or playing in the area.

  • Like what happens when teenage gangbangers kill or get killed, I'm waiting for the defenders to post a photo the dogs in their caps and gowns from their obediance school graduation and say something along the lines of "They aren't bad dogs, they just got in with the wrong crowd. They were turning their lives around."

    Anybody who attends beat meetings knows that Beat 1313 is a great CAPS facilitator -- our beat officer said it in a recent meeting -- and has the interests of the neighborhood first. Don't turn her efforts to keep her residents safe into an argument over dog breeds. From what I've heard through the grapevine, she has a German Shepherd and was heading out the door to walk him when this happened across the street from her. Obviously, had she walked out a couple of minutes earlier it could have been her and her dog attacked.

  • Bex Runner, dog owner, food lover in the 60618

    I don't know if I see anyone here defending these particular dogs, just cautioning against making entire breed assumptions, which I don't think anyone is doing either. All good. Has anyone seen these dogs since yesterday?

  • Bex Runner, dog owner, food lover in the 60618

    "All good" wasn't the right phrase to use in this situation, sorry.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Smith Parker, you must be a cop with that "cap and gown" comment! Thanks for making me laugh and for the compliment. I appreciate it. Yes, had I left to walk my dog about 2 or 3 minutes earlier in all likelihood he would have been a victim as I know he would have defended me.

    Christy, I am a journalism school graduate, former reporter. What you wrote is not a headline. Headlines get to the point and deliver as much information as possible in as few words as possible. Had the dogs been collies, poodles or even my beloved breed, German Shepherd, I would have stated such. Funny, I knew when I had to say the dogs were pit bulls the "Pitty Party" would start and my post hijacked.

    Please, any future posts should be sightings of the dogs or news that they have been caught.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration of that request.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Our friendly UPS driver was just making a delivery and since he's back and forth through the neighborhood all day, I usually alert him to situations when his eyes and hears can be helpful. Accordingly, I asked him to be on the lookout for the dogs giving him Christy's description. His response: "Ok, but what kinda dogs are they?" :-)

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    @ Yada, I just saw your comment. The cat was a stray, but many people on the block fed it. It also was the mom of my niece's kitten, so stray or not, it was loved by the neighbors on the block.

  • Christy Ukrainian Village resident

    Beat1313, I have been very respectful to this whole situation in my posts, I'm not disagreeing that these dogs are dangerous. One poster asked why are so many dogs in this situation pits, and I offered my experience after 10 years of working with Chicago shelters. I see you all over the neighborhood sites and I'm on your side, I'm not disagreeing with you, just offering insight to the pit issues here to people who haven't worked with them and only know what they read in media headlines, which isn't usually the full story. Pits come in all sizes and colors which is why I challenged your description as "pit" and not size, color. If you would have told the friendly UPS driver it was a pit, he could have just as easily said "ok, but what color are they?" I'm not trying to hijack the thread, just answered a question and now defending myself. I'll stop now.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    A Community Concern was generated with the CAPS Sgt. in 13 and all officers have been advised to be on the lookout for the dogs.

    I was told by the woman who followed the dogs and was in contact with 911 that from what she could hear, the 13th District officers were very responsive and concerned. That is not surprising to anyone who interacts with them on a regular basis.

  • Last night these two dogs attacked my mom's dog. They were out for their evening walk at Bosworth and LeMoyne around 7:30 pm. The dogs appeared out of nowhere and pounced on one of her two dogs. One of the Pits grabbed him by the neck and and the other bit into his back end. Luckily some good Samaritans stopped their car and helped my mom fight off the dogs. Fortunately mom's dog was wearing a sweater and harness that protected his neck. We did have to take him to the emergency vet. He has has two wounds on his back, one of which required staples.

    Please, please spread the word about these dogs. My mom would not have been out with her dogs if she had heard about these two dogs. We will be asking our regular vet to post an alert in their office to help spread the word.

    Also, please don't blame a whole breed of dogs for the actions of a few. I have friends who own Pits and they are very sweet dogs in the hands of good owners.

  • That's terrifying, Priscilla, but thanks for letting us know. And it looks like they've traveled pretty far -- that's a ways from Western and Potomac.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    I'm going to publish an alert about this and I didn't see the description of the dogs here. Is it here somewhere? Color(s) approximate size/weight of the dogs if anyone has any idea. The more descriptive the information the better. Thank you.

  • The dogs are skinny, brown and white pitbulls. My mom said they didn't appear to be very large. The two dogs travel together.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thyra, see description in original post: "The dogs are brown and white and very thin."

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Here is a map with the two attack locations. Thanks for adding more details about their location Priscilla. I'm glad your mom's dogs are alright.

  • Deb

    I saw them yesterday morning, coming down the street towards me and my dog at approx. Iowa & Western at 8a. One is larger than than other, they are mostly white with tan spots, unclipped ears, didn't see any collars.

  • Deb

    there were actually 3 reported incidents: another yesterday a.m. near Oakley & Thomas:


    I saw them this morning around 8:20 while walking my dog on Oakley and Thomas, headed North. There was a woman driving behind them who yelled out her window to "go, go, they attacked someone earlier". Might be the person who was following them from Potomac. We rounded the corner and another dog owner was on her cell with the police, one of them had bit her dog's leg (he was ok). Hope they catch/caught them. Do be safe out there!

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    The first encounter was at Washtenaw and Superior heading east at approx 8 am.

    They killed the cat at 2540 W Superior dropping it at 2408 Superior at about 8:05. A neighbor jumped in her car a began following them while speaking to 911 personnel.

    Deb appears to have seen them next at Iowa and Western.

    The next attack was at approximately 8:20 near Oakley and Thomas.

    The woman following them in her car lost them at 8:35 am at Western and Potomac.

    Priscilla now confirms an attack at LeMoyne and Bosworth.

  • We talked to our family vet (North Avenue Animal Hospital) tonight and they are posting an alert in their window and on their bulletin board. We're also going to post a copy on the PetSmart bulletin board.

    My mom and her dog were really traumatized by the incident, so we'd like to spread the word to prevent other pets from being hurt.

  • Our incident occurred about 7pm last night.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thanks, Priscilla. I alerted some media today, so will re-contact tomorrow with your added attack. I'm
    Glad your Mom and her dog are ok physically, but based on how shaken up my neighbor was, I can imagine how traumatized they are.

  • Deb

    not sure if anyone saw this, but it was posted on Craigslist yesterday, almost 8p...
    so after Priscilla's mom's incident? Sounds like the same dogs:

    chicago craigslist > city of chicago > community > lost & found
    2 pitbulls (wicker park)

    Date: 2012-11-07, 7:58PM CST
    Reply to this post[Errors when replying to ads?]

    just spotted 2 runaways - both pits, heading south on Winchester from Division towards Augusta.
    Location: wicker park
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
    PostingID: 3394274253

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    Hello everyone: I've been researching this for the past several hours and here is what I've learned. It is Animal Care & Control's job and responsibility to catch stray animals. They do not need the police to be present.We need Animal Care & Control to pick up these dogs. Every time these dogs are spotted please call ACC.Their # is (312) 744-5000 and tell them where the dogs were spotted.If we continue to contact ACC every time these dogs are seen and as soon as they are spotted and tell them where there are, we will get them. But we'll need to be persistent. A rescue also suggested leaving food out if you see them. They may hang around and we'll have a better chance of getting them (even if you leave it in an empty lot). But they also asked people to be careful. Thank you.

  • The post from October 10th listed a direct number for Animal Control Dispatch just in case their general number wasn't responsive.

    call animal control direct 7am-11pm


    Thyra and everyone else, thanks for researching and helping with this situation. My parents and I are very grateful. Mom's dog, Hiro (pronounced hero), is doing better today but is still in pain and hiding under the table.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thyra and Priscilla, thank you for the numbers for ACC, but everyone, PLEASE call 911 first and immediately thereafter ACC. Police are in the area, are aware of the situation and can be dispatched immediately. No, the police don't have to be there, but the quicker the response the more likely the dogs can be stopped before they attack again. We had issues with ACC responsiveness yesterday, no doubt because they are understaffed.

  • Maybe they'll attack some of the gang bangers at Huron and Hoyne.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    When you call 311, the city creates a service request number. When a dog is attacking anything, it gets filed as a viscous animal report. This report then goes to Animal Control (and this is the direct number to the people who get in the vans 312-747-1412) who then go and search the area. Animal Control searched the area around Western and Potomac on Wednesday morning, and the area around Bosworth and Lemoyne on Wednesday night. The 13th Police District (312-746-8350) is aware of these attacks but has no further updates. Animal Control is aware of the range of these dogs, but also has no further calls on their whereabouts. For the time being we will have to keep looking for reports and try and help coordinate the police, the city, and animal control on catching these dogs and keeping them under control.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thanks, Steve. I want to emphasize again that 911 should be the first call placed as the police can respond more rapidly. Also, Sgt. Clas has added the new lcations to the Community Concern.

    I have been telling people I see walking -- with and without dogs -- to be aware of the situation and would encourage others to do so.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Priscilla, please contact me at NBC 5 is going with the story today and they are interested in getting an interview. Thanks. Steve

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Beat1313, If you have access to the person who was involved with the dogs at Smith Park, can you also pass my information regarding the NBC interview. I'm at Thanks so much

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    The full version of this story will air tonight on the NBC news at 10pm. Thanks to everyone who helped get as many details as possible for this story, especially Beat 1313 for your hard work.

  • Wednesday, November 7
    I was walking my 2 dogs, Enzo and Picco, around 8:30am near Honore and Bloomingdale, 2 short blocks East of Churchill Dog Park when the same 2 pit bulls matching the description charged us. The female veered off but the male honed in like a missile. Fortunately, I had pepper spray which I sprayed as the male rapidly approached, causing him to back down and run off.

    The female looked like she had had a litter recently as her breasts were sagging. The male was not fixed. Both were a dirty white with large brown areas, possibly siblings. They were frantic in their manners and looked like they had been outside and on their own for some time. I called 311 and reported the attack as soon as I got home. I don’t know what the response was but now see they’re still out there. I would advise anyone walking dogs to keep their eyes open and carry pepper spray. I hate to think what could have happened if I hadn’t.

  • Thanks again for everyone's support and help. Hopefully tonight's news broadcast will help find the dogs quicker.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Priscilla, you and Deanna, the woman who tried to help authorities catch them on Wedesday morning, did an excellent job. Hopefully, having hundreds of thousands of people see the segment will help catch them more quickly.

    Brailes, your description exactly matched the one Deanna gave, so we gave it to Natalie. Does make you wonder what happened to the puppies.

  • So sad. These 2 pups are most likely feral, and have formed a pack together- explaining why the male is protective and defensive. Maybe their puppies are somewhere, and that's where these 2 go when no one can find them. Feral dogs (no matter the breed) go back to their wild, wolf-life instincts (hence attacking a feral cat because it is prey), and while it's easy to forget, we have to remember that and they are probably acting that way due to flight/fight. Ferals can also cover a wide area in short periods of time. Hopefully they can be found (with puppies) and everyone can stop worrying.

  • PB

    I'd like to know why the dogs haven't been caught by ACC yet. They've apparently been running a fairly small area for a month. Are they waiting for a serious attack on a human before they make a real effort?

  • Guys, please stop making generalizations about a breed of dog. It's is no different than perpetuating stereotypes about races of people. The reason you don't hear about collies and beagles biting and attacking is because it doesn't make for sensational news. I have had a ton of experience with pits and have never been bit by one. I have, however, been bit by both a beagle and collie. So, your theory that beagles and collies are somehow normal dogs and pits are these vicious animals does not add up. Plenty of dog bites occur daily, and if they occur by any breed other than a pit, the breed is not reported. Remember this when you start to perpetuate a dangerous stereotype that has caused thousands upon thousands of innocent lives through BSL.

  • For my family this isn't about a particular breed of dog, it was about describing the criminal offender. If two people were committing crimes in the area one of the first descriptors provided would be their race, given that these are dogs, breed is the first descriptor. It is unfortunate that they are Pits. My best friend has a Pit and he is the sweetest dog.
    The sad fact is now our dog is terrified of going outside. My mom can't even drive past the spot where it happened. So if they were vicious beagles or collies, I would be equally as diligent in my efforts to find them. So please, please don't generalize these incidents as people picking on Pitbulls because that isn't the case for our family. We are equally upset knowing that when/if these two dogs are caught they will be put down.

  • Deb

    I find it very unsettling that these dogs have dropped from the radar sightings since Weds. p.m. I live in this area, have regularly walked my dog near all the spots where the incidents happened. Even with mace in my pocket, I am living in fear. I just want the dogs apprehended so we can breathe easier.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    A couple of things: 1)great job with the news coverage. 2)I want to find these dogs. Not only to protect other animals but I would hate to see them get hit by a car. 3)Let's direct our frustration towards the people who owned these dogs and not the dogs. They're only being dogs. That being said the dogs were last seen heading onto Ashland Avenue Wednesday night. It's entirely possible they have been hit by cars which is also terrible. Can we work together to try and spread the word as to where these dogs are being sighted (if they're still alive)? I have 10,000 followers via social media who can help if we need to band together to find these dogs. Thank you.

  • Bex Runner, dog owner, food lover in the 60618

    I don't think anyone is making breed generalizations, and I appreciate everyone's specificity in describing these dogs. Also good to know pepper spray worked, Brailes, thanks. It doesn't sound like these two come west of Western yet? but I will be cautious when taking the dog out regardless.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    The OP said the attack occurred near Smith Park, near 2500 W Superior. That actually is west of Western Ave. But not near Bucktown.

    I bet the dogs are in the rail yard, or along the industrial corridor along Hubbard St. and Carrol St.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    ELANA HARRIS posted: "The reason you don't hear about collies and beagles biting and attacking is because it doesn't make for sensational news."

    Bit??? You mean mauled. Thats what makes the news.....when a person or worse, a child, is mauled. Ive never heard of someone being mauled by a collie or beagle.

    Comparing pitbull persecution to racial issues seems a bit of hyperbole.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    Not hyperbole at all...Acclaimed and very well respected author Malcolm Gladwell published a great article in the New Yorker: What Pit Bulls Can Teach us About Profiling.

    Now can we PLEASE get back to finding these dogs?! (if they're still alive)

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    The only people making generalizations about the dogs are the posters defending the breed because it's been identified. I'm not the Chicago Tribune or Sun Times that routinely leaves out any description of criminals, which is no help whatsoever to those who wish to avoid being a victim.

    If you saw the 10 pm segment on Ch 5 last night, you heard the woman who saw the dogs maul and kill the cat and carry it in their mouths together up the street, blame the owners, not the dogs. What you didn't hear was her say it appeared to her that they had been trained to attack.

    As the OP, I would respectfully ask again that this post be used for sightings and other news. No more discussion of the dog's breed. It's only relevant to finding them.

  • As stated before, any feral dog will maul a cat, raccoon, possum, etc. When dogs go feral it is in their instincts. That being said, my sister lives in East Village. If there is a sighting, I'll make my way there and try to track them. I've followed and caught ferals before, and sometimes it takes over a month or so.

  • You never know if one or both of these are someone's missing dog from over a year ago. Somebody could have stole them or found them then decided they didn't want them and the dogs could have been running loose for a long. They could have been family pets, you never know, and are scared and agitated by what has happened to them. They could have been abused in a bad situation and are fearful. It's sad that the dogs have nowhere to go and are running scared. It's sad that all of us walking our dogs do not know what is around the corner. It's sad that people walking down the street who don't have dogs don't know what to expect, either.

  • Another opportunity to remind and urge people: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG TIED OUTSIDE WHILE YOU GO INSIDE TO SHOP. DO NOT COME OUTSIDE AND SAY, 'I WAS ONLY IN THERE A FEW MINUTES.' YOUR DOG COULD BE STOLEN AS BAIT BY FIGHTERS, and your dog could be attacked by another dog. Even another dog walking by with his owner on a leash.

  • They would killed if caught because they killed a cat outside? They are the dogs who bit the dog on the neck and the back?

  • Elana, I'll make sure to remind my German Shorthair that he's "perpetuating stereotypes" when he goes sniffing after birds on our walks. It's not like it's in his blood to do it or that pit bulls have hereditary traits that you can't control or prevent.

  • Has anything been heard about these two dogs that are making everyone freak out in the area?? It seemed like a post on the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Watch on facebook, they were at LeMoyne & Bosworth last week.. Which it also said that they pounce another dog.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    Heard (via Twitter) they were heading towards Ashland Avenue after that and haven't heard anything since. Ashland Ave would be really tough for a dog...especially at night.

  • Worried about the cars, too. Worried about the dogs being walked. Today was a great, windy day. I was afraid to walk my dogs around the block.

  • Most of you will not read this but it will help me in my grieving. I am the care taker for the cat that was Murdered on that Wednesday morning right in front of her house. Her name was Princess and she was 21 months old. Her life did not start out so well.
    She was born under our deck with her 2 brothers. I was a Dog lover and did not like cats at all. Our neighbors started to feed them, they never left. Their mother was killed when they were 3 months old. We were hoping to give them to a friend, that did not happen. We decided then we would have to make them shelter for the winter. I started to work with them each day to build their trust of humans. Before long they were being bushed every day, fead and played with. They are so loving with us and each other, I would whistle and they would come running. They all have their shots, were neuter/spayed & microchip. They all had collars so people would know they were cared for.
    Another stray kitten joined the group in May and they lovingly let him into their family. They would run and hide before fighting. The new guy is the one that protects his new home. We have been trying to keep them in the house every since this happened because we don't know where these dogs are, but that is very hard when these cats were born outside and they like it.
    We also know that as guardians there is a chance that something bad could happen. We did not choose to have pets, someone else chose for us, we have let these little guys into our hearts and can’t help but love them. So with that being said it was not some stray that got killed, it was a cat that had a family and people that loved her and are still crying over the way she had to die.
    I thank all my neighbors for trying to help; and my husband for not telling me before my 16 hour drive home. As for the dogs, I know that they are starving; however because of the reputation (Which is warranted) I think people are afraid to feed them. Let’s get these dogs before a child is next.

  • Dear Rose, Your message moved me. What a kind family you have and how lucky the kitten had some kindess before she passed away. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Thanks Patti,
    It is still very hard to read what happened. I was not in town and my husband was at work. I just keep thinking that if I were home she would have probably have been in the house with me sleeping. I just never worried about something like this.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Rose, I'm so sorry for your loss. Wow, your story really got me. So sorry.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Working off a report from the 13th/14th district that the dogs were seen yesterday by someone who "swore" they were the same dogs. This was near Division and Western. The 14th also thinks there were some calls from Friday as well, but exact locations couldn't be confirmed. Animal CC is working to look through reports and will be getting back to me with an update. It's possible that when the dogs are found, the Chicago Police News Affairs office will know the details. They are at 312-745-6110

  • Deb

    Rose, thank you for writing Princess's story.
    I am so sorry for your loss. It never easy to lose an animal you loved and cared for. This situation was especially brutal.

    Just ran into a neighbor from Superior St. who told me that kind woman who followed the dogs for 30 min. in her car after the attack spoke to someone who had seen them last Friday, just east of Western. I wish as neighborhood we could come together, keep our eyes and ears open, find those dogs and prevent any other being from harm.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen


    Deanna and I didn't realize you and your husband had been taking care of Princess and her friends. Our apologies for thinking Princess was a stray, but since we saw her and her friends roaming around and knew neighbors were feeding them, we didn't realize they'd found a home with you. Our sincerest condolences. It's so hard to lose a pet under any circumstances, but this is especially rough way. BTW, we saved a kitten (Pippa) in May 2011 that came running into our garage. I wonder if she is related to your "family?"

    Deb, the woman who followed the dogs (Deanna) has not heard any reports of sightings other than what's been posted here.

    All, because I have worked with some of the officers at CPD News Affairs I called there to let them know their number had been posted and they might get calls. The officer on duty says they only know what was on Ch.5. Accordingly, they asked that I request people not to call them. If and when they have news of the dogs capture, they will announce it.

    Kim Shepherd
    Beat 1313 CAPS Facilitator

  • Deb

    Kim thanks for following up. Wonder who she meant? The neighbor I ran into was the one who took care of Princess' s remains following the incident.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Deb, I have no idea. No one I have spoken to on the block has heard of any further sightings.

  • Deb

    I just wish this was over with and I could return to enjoying my walks with my dog.

  • Kim, Thanks for the update, I to would like to take some walks without watching my back for dogs. As for the cats in the neighborhood, Princesses brothers Jag who is all black with short hair and Hairy who is also all black with long hair and a puffy tail. There little side kick is Tommy who is white and black with a tipped ear. Those are the three now in my colony. I am a registered Feral Cat Colony caretaker with the Tree House Humane Society. We have a house on our deck that we have built for the cats as well as a litter box to try and keep our neighbors yards clean. Most of the cats that come by are other peoples pets. I try and check for collers so if they are feral they can be traped neutered/spayed given vaccines and microchip. This is all in an attempt to slow down the population. In my case they don't want to leave. I'm not looking for a yard of cats, my family is refurring to me already as the crazy cat lady. Just like any child they did not ask to be born and it's not right to be in this world if know one loves you. So that is what we have tried to do, is just love them and care for them. I hope they are not causing any trouble in the neighborhood. If they are I guess you know where to find me.

    Thanks again for staying on top of this. We all need to feel safe again when we go outside.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Rose, all of your cats love to come and taunt our German Shepherds, Guinness and Rocky. It's so funny. The cats know just when to retreat into the yard next door. The other night one of them came up to the lower level window and tapped on it until he got Rocky's attention. Once Rocky went nuts, the cat turned around and pressed his rear and tail to the window. It was hilarious!

    I hear you on walking. I'm afraid to take the dogs on walks for fear the pit bulls will appear and I'll have to fend them off. The only time I've walked them any further than the tree out front since last Wednesday was with my brother, a Chicago cop, and we were on alert the entire time...very sad and frustrating.

  • Noyolk I like yolks

    Rose your an awesome person, thanks for all you do. Sorry about the cat. Plus I notice we have no rodent problem.

  • Noyolk I like yolks

    Yeah the cats are cool

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    Just got off the phone with Animal Care and Control. They have looked at all the reports of sightings of two loose pitbulls in the last week. They have not yet come across the animals in person, but think that sightings tend to skew into the morning hours, so perhaps these animals tend to roam in the mornings. They are sending out more early patrols because of this. Also, when asked to narrow an area they might be in, they hesitantly suggest that Wicker Park seems to be more common (North Ave. to the north, Western to the west, Damen to the east and Division to the south). Obviously these animals can travel farther than that, so please *immediately* call Animal Control (312-747-1412) directly if you see these animals, and reference this in relation to service request #12-01868705. 311 also works, but slows the process down slightly. They are really trying to find these two dogs as quick as possible.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thanks, Steve. We had a tip last night that the dogs may have an owner and live in the area. As of about an hour ago CPD is working with ACC on it. Our extraordinary beat cops in 1313 worked it last night, but because it was late had trouble finding the location without an extra address. I really can't be more specific at this time.

  • Deb

    Thank you both!
    I was going to suggest perhaps NBC news could be contacted again to do a follow up? Just to help keep this matter in the public eye and encourage people to call when/if the dogs are spotted. The CPD crossing guard at Western & Iowa (Thersa) told me this a.m. one of the Spanish TV stations had a bulletin last night, stating the dogs were still at large.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Ch 5 won't cover again unless there is new information. I know Natalie (reporter) and have assured her we will keep her advised.

  • This is great news; let's hope they are caught soon. I want to return to a normal, happy walk with my dog instead of the constant paranoia. Thank you all!

  • Deb

    Has there been any further news on this?

  • Mr. McVicker, you comment was so open minded. I wish you could spend an afternoon with a pitbull just to see how loyal they are and dedicated they are, like any dog. i think spending an afternoon with a happy, loving pitbull would make a world difference in seeing how they are really, truly like any other dog, in fact, more affectionate than many small type dogs and some other breeds that are more standoffish.

  • For all of you that keep using this page to sound off on how Loving and wonderful Pit Bulls are, start a new page. I am tried of hearing it, I'm only checking in to see if those dogs in questioned have been found. Some of you still think no big deal it was just a stray cat, I thought I made it clear she was not a stray. The dogs ripped her collar off when they broke and tore her neck opened. My neighbors have been holding back the details but I know how brutally she was killed. I wish you could all see here brothers crying for her and sniff the entire house to see where she is hidding. Even when they play they do not have the spunk and life in them. When I take them outside they go into their house to see if she is there and then check all their hidding places on the deck. They then just stare into the neighbors yard. It is just heart breaking because you can't expain to them what happen. This is why they are broken up as kittens and puppys, because like humans, they form bonds and those three have been together their entire life. That is why I started to care for them because I did not want them broken up. So please for the shake of Percilla and myself stop defending and breed and lets keep looking for the dogs or owners. We would like to move on with our lives and not be terrified to walk our own street in fear of dogs. This is not the jungle it's suppose to be a city. And keep in mind this happened right in front of my house. So please take your love for the pitbull to another blog.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Rose, I have asked several times for the pit bull advocates to cease their "poor misinderstood pits" postings.I am sorry that those requests are being ignored.

    Your cat was a welcome sight in the neighborhood -- even by my dogs who enjoyed being teased by them. It got to be quite the game. Imagine that, big, frightening German Shepherds playing with cats instead of attacking them!

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    For those asking if the killer dogs have been found, the answer is not so far as we know. If 13th District officers find them, we will know. If they are apprehended in another district or by Animal Control, I can't be sure we will know.

    We do have a lead that the dogs may not be homeless and may have attacked before. The 13th District police are pursuing this. As soon as we learn anything, we will post it.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    As someone in media, I would suggest you refrain from using the term "killer dogs". That's exactly what the big media groups like to do to sensationalize information, scare people and drive readership. It's counterproductive. Our mission here is not to terrify people but to provide as accurate information as possible and locate the dogs. In addition, since the dogs do apparently have a home and we have heard nothing recently, there is a very good chance word has gotten back to the owners and they may have already found the dogs themselves. I do hope the police find the dog owners and show up on their doorstep. Thanks Beat1313 for the update.

  • Deb

    I went down to CACC last Thursday after the incidents to see if the dogs were there.
    I filled a Release of Information asking to be emailed if/when the dogs were in their possession. I have been in contact with friends who also volunteer there asking them to check as well when they're at CACC. So far, nothing to report.

  • me

    The dogs did "KILL", have attacked and will continue to do so. People should be scared. That fear will keep them alert and prepared. But agreed, accurate information is necessary to locate the dogs.

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    @me The term "killer dogs" implies they've attacked people which they have not. That is misrepresentation of the facts and is intended to scare people. I'm not even the tiniest bit afraid of these dogs and I'm sorry you are. But that is what happens when information is misrepresented. And that is why the media does it.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    As professional who deals with the media all day long, I believe in being accurate. The dogs killed. I doesn't matter what they killed; they killed. That is not a misrepresentation.

    Now PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop posting unless you know the dogs have been caught or sighted. The owner of the cat that was killed is seeing every post and your disregard for her feelings over those you have for the dogs that viciously attacked and killed her pet are inexplicable.

    Should people continue the dog debate, for Rose's piece of mind, I will have no choice but to have the thread be removed or disabled.

    Kim Shepherd
    Beat 1313 (soon to be 1221)
    CAPS Facilitator

  • To all the "Pit Bullies" insisting we have a "Pity party" for the dogs, show some respect to Rose and her cat and stop using this post as your "Bully Pulpit." The rest of us are over it. You don't seem to live where the killing happened, didn't know Rose's cat and didn't see her afterwards. If you want to discuss the merits of pit bulls, start your own post.

    I'm with you Kim, if they don't stop, shut this thread down and send out your update emails to the Beat 1313 list. At least you know we appreciate them and as one of them said, they aren't afraid of the dogs.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    According to the city's definition, these dogs are a danger to public safety. Nuf said.

    Rose, please accept my condolences. Very sorry for your loss.

  • totally agree with kim and smith parker. kim, if you do shut down the thread, as a mother of two small children and a small dog, i am very concerned about whether these dogs have been found. accordingly, if you do decide to pull the thread and only update, is there a way to coordinate updates to beat 1311 too? the area where these dogs have been spotted also includes that beat.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Smith Parker, you always make me laugh. Now I just have to figure out who you are!

    60622,if I am forced to have this post disabled/removed, I will ask Sgt. Clas to send an announcement to all of the beat facilitators when there is news asking them to let their residents know. I'll also post it on the Smith Park Facebook page.

    Hopefully, though, that won't be necessary.

  • me

    I hope it won't be necessary to remove the post. I appreciate your updates and I thank you for the information. I thank everyone for the information.

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  • Lara, your concern for the woman who is grieving the loss of her cat is really quite touching and inspiring.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    Given these dogs are dangerous, and the community outcry, I doubt the city will allow them to be "rescued."

  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    The dogs will evaluated and tested for aggression. If they are deemed dangerous or too aggressive - at that time - then no they will not be allowed to be rescued.The evaluation is systematic and not circumstantial.

  • Deb

    I'm confused...last I read, the dogs were still at large, is that no longer correct?

    It is twelve days since the incidents took place and I am still walking my dog fearfully outside. I was hoping there'd be some concrete news by now.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    Its not "circumstantial" when the dogs are witnessed killing another animal. In that case, the animals can be deemed dangerous without further assessments.

  • Depends by whom they are found and the situation. If they charge a police officer or one of the many off-duty officers in the area who walk their dogs, they'll get about as much consideration as some people on this post are giving the cat and her caretaker.

  • i wanted to note something, again, on this thread. over a year ago, tara by division and washtenaw lost her brown and white pitbull out the back door of her condo. she had a friend staying there. it was an accident. but i never forgot seeing her dog's face everywhere. everybody looked for her dog.

    please realize that even though these dogs are starving and running like pack dogs, a) a lot of family dogs and dogs up for adoption don't like cats and can and do kill cats; and b) that either or both of these dogs could have been a family dog and belonged to someone over a year ago or more, and have been missing ever since.

    (i do feel bad for the cat; i saw baby stray cats in the rain, it was horrifying, so the person taking care of the cat gave the cat a good life)

    a lost dog could have been stolen or got into bad hands and lived through all kinds of bad things. these dogs may even have escaped a bad situation and are just trying to find somewhere safe to go.

    i understand one of the two did bite another dog, and there are dogs that have to be the "only dog," and it is every dog owner's fear walking a dog that their dog could encounter a dog that is not friendly. we all look over our shoulder now for blocks and blocks, making sure no dogs are approaching.

    i white-d out tara's telephone number because she should be the one to post it - in the event someone does find her dog, even if it's a year or two later. if i had a lost dog, i would want to keep my dog's picture and my number out there forever, but i respect that each owner has a different viewpoint on posting their number now on everyblock.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Thyra DeCicco Founder of Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide

    Everyblock is a public forum that was created to generate share info/create a dialogue. Nothing here is offensive, rude or vulgar and people should be permitted to provide their comments/perspective; whatever they may be. If you don't want the input of the community then don't post/comment.

  • @Thyra -- Indeed. However, the woman's whose cat was viciously attacked has commented that the posts defending the dogs are hurtful to her. People were then asked nicely (more than once) to only post about sighting/news of the dogs. Unfortunately, a few people seem incapable of providing her that common courtesy. Another of her cats, Tommy, is now missing, so I imagine that further defense of the dogs is not what she needs right now.

  • Steve Niketopoulos 2nd Ward Candidate -

    One of the things i dont like as much about how people treat Everyblock is how people can just start attacking each other. Derailing threads and making personal attacks distract from the huge benefits we can all gain by working together.

    That said, and i'm sure Beat 1313 who started this thread will agree, Animal Care and Control is now working on a theory that these dogs belong to a specific residence, and are using first hand accounts and sightings to zero in on that location.

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  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Steve is correct. Animal Control and Care and CPD had a lead that the dogs may not be strays, but got loose from a home in the Humboldt Park area. The dogs apparently have not been spotted since shortly after attacking Priscilla's Mom's dog. The thought is that they may have headed home and due to media coverage their owner has kept them more securely confined and out of sight of ACC and CPD.

  • Deb

    Do you happen to know if CPD 14th District (that's Humboldt Park area, right?) is also involved in trying to locate dogs/owner?

    Hopefully everyone is working together.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Deb, I have only interacted with 13th District officers. The possible owner lives in 13.

  • @beat1313, That's what I think to. It has been to long for know one to have report seeing these dogs if they were strays. I just told my husband on Friday the same thing. He is feeling so bad that he wants to keep the cats inside all the time, not for them, but for him. Princess did not want to go out that morning and he made her because I was out of town and he had to go to work, now he feels so guilty. And with Tommy now missing he is just affarid to wake up and be missing another. He is turly the Cat Lover in the family.

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Rose, I was sorry to read that Tommy is missing. I was just thinking on Thanksgiving when I was out doing yard work that I hadn't seen your cats in a while. If the dogs spot Tommy, I'm sure they'll let me know and I'll walk over and alert you.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    About three weeks ago, I saw a coyote near Armitage and Ashland. Theyre out there.

  • Lara - just stop it. No one cares. And continuing to post your propaganda after multiple requests to stop is just plain rude.

    Everyone, do you realize that you could go to someone's name on here, double-click it, and you will be taken to that person's profile. There, you could "mute" the person. This is equivalent to the "ignore" button. Quite useful feature.

  • @ Beat 1313, since Tommy went missing we have been trying to keep them in as much as we can. Being that it's been cold it is a little easier. But even when they do go out they are stay very close to home. Most times they don't even leave the deck. And they are sticking together, I have never heard them call to each other as much as they do now. It's kind of said because it sounds like they are crying. Rick and I also wonder if they think we are getting rid of them. I have placed posters around the area, and on another page. Everyday I just listen and hope that he will so up, if not I hope he is somewhere warm, Tommy has a heart murmer and with the cold weather I just hope someone has him and he is not lost. Just hope we have a better out come on this one.

  • me

    Rose, I hope Tommy comes home. You are in my thoughts.

  • @Apple, do not waste you time and engery. When people lack common cortices and are asked nicely the first, second and third time to restrain their comments and still refuse. That only tells me one thing that they are not worth the time of day. So I Thank you, for your effort but I’m okay. Animals are like people, one does not make them all bad however, one does not make them all good either. So let them have their say, their doing just as much harm as the dogs they choose to fight for, ironic.

  • @Rose - thank you for posting your wonderful although heart-wrenching story. I hope your little Tommy comes home soon.

    By the way, the muting button really works. I am loving it!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the "mute" button on here.

    Now i can just enjoy the postings of the people i like and don't have to see the rude and mean postings from those i choose to mute. LOVE IT!

    So here is the rhetorical question... if one is posting and no one sees this person's posting because he/she had been muted, did this person really say anything?

    LOVE IT! No more annoying postings from annoying people!

  • Crimestopper Concerned Citizen

    Thanks for letting us know about that feature, Apple.

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