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Added Jun 15 2017

Police: Woman attacked, sexually assaulted on Northwest Side

  • Not feeling safe. I remember Albany Park (1980's) when you felt pretty safe to walk down a street and things rarely happened. What changed? I have a guy on another block who comes out to watch me and my daughter go to work. I wouldn't want her to walk alone. You have other men who stare at her on the bus or train. Don't people know that its rude and we just think you are really creepy??? You won't even stop when we've told you to stop and you still walk by my house with a dog. What kind of a people do this?

  • What changed is how news covers these stories. We hear about them more. The world is not more unsafe now than it used to be, it's just better reported.

    Unfortunately, many men have been learned they can do these things with impunity--rape cases are handled based on what the victim should have done to prevent their own attack (was she drinking? was she provocatively dressed?) and it's very rare that assailants actually see jail time (or any punishment at all, really). The end result is that the victim always "could have done something more" to prevent their plight, rather than the attacker being blamed for attacking.

    Then there's the men who yell at women from their cars, day in and day out. We're told we are overreacting when we get angry about these things, to just "take the compliment."

    Men have learned that women can be easily victimized and that they can get away with it.

  • Reading the article happened 3400 block of Irving Park Rd. Which is close to Albany Park but wish news would stop saying Irving Park Road is Albany Park. Look at all census and maps Albany Park borders are North: North Branch of the Chicago River (about 5100 N); South: Montrose (4400 N): East: North Branch of the River (about 3000 W); West: Pulaski (4000 W).

    No matter what horrible that this happened. Everyone be aware of your surroundings.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    ward - 1 pm. pretty brazen.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    I was out walking my dog a block from there at that time.

  • Not feeing good about walking around. This is very serious. I don't understand why between Kimball and Central Park we have a concentration of men hanging on corners on Irving Park. You don't see this anywhere else along Irving Park. You have the guy who comes and hangs everyday at Irving Park and Central Park, men standing outside at St Louis and Irving Park and then you have the men hanging on bus stop benches. So there are many ways I don't even like to walk. Just last weekend my daughter had one of the men that hang at the bus stop at Irving Park and Kimball (northbound) say something to her as we walked by. Women need to be able to walk down a street with out being harassed or assaulted!!

  • Yesterday I took out my garbage and there is a guy sitting in the alley on the ground. He has done this other times and is there for hours.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Calling the police is the best thing. He may be a guy who needs help, or just a nut case.

  • Peter Zaper Homeowner

    Be careful of the guy at Irving and Central Park. He once stabbed someone who did not give him change.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    "Yesterday I took out my garbage and there is a guy sitting in the alley on the ground. He has done this other times and is there for hours."

    What did you do yesterday when you saw this?
    What did you do the other times when you saw him there for hours?

    People (both men and women) who sit or lie in the public way for hours generally are alcoholics and/or drug addicts, in addition to whatever other problems they may have. They will stay where they are allowed to stay.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    "Just last weekend my daughter had one of the men that hang at the bus stop at Irving Park and Kimball (northbound) say something to her as we walked by."

    What did he say to her? What did either of you do afterwards?

  • Pedro G. RoPa is my hood.

    ^That's not fair, Spam, I'm a fit guy and I can confront creeps and protect myself, (Frankly, nobody messes with me) but not everybody has that advantage. Some people are afraid and with good reason.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    ^ I didn't realize one had to be a "fit guy" in order to dial 911.

    You know, Pedro, there are some people who have written hundreds of posts on EB complaining about certain types of conduct, yet who never seem to call the police about it. Why do you think that is?

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it contains inappropriate content.
  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it contains inappropriate content.
  • LadyHawk justdointheright35thward

    @ Spam Alert How can you equate a rape to a verbal remark. As for the protection I chose, I would much prefer to be ready to be a victor than a victim. Also, here is WHAT POLICE!!

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Excuse me? Oh okay, I understand now. You're either 2 bricks short of a load. Or you're pretending not to understand my remarks to Janu. In either case, please direct your krazy at someone else. Thanks! And happy hunting.

  • LadyHawk justdointheright35thward

    Truce Spamer, please. Maybe I did misinterpret your remarks to Janu. If so, I am sorry. No need to be nasty. Passed out drunks in one's alley should be reported to police as suspicious person. The rapist is a man-bun domed predator and is the one out on the hunt.

  • there's nothing wrong with calling 911 when you see something out of place.

    the police can decide what's appropriate.

    normal people don't loaf in the middle of alleyways.

    the benefit of doubt is being granted to the wrong people.

    make law enforcement aware.

    you might prevent a violent crime.

  • Lady hawk, I admire your refusal to be a victim!

    however, I do hope your ability to fend off and attack with your knife skills is enough if you know what I mean.

    take care and stay safe

  • Even if the cops don't show up, there is a record that you called and reported something. Stay safe!

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    The guy at Irving park and Central Park is Louie. He's been in Albany park for decades. He is a Simon city royal and did grind it into the cement near the corner. He's a rock and roller that pretty much fried all of his brain. He's been masturbating on the sidewalk lately and he's disgusting. People still feed him and sympathize for him though. We have a nice new restaurant opening half a block west of him. Louie won't help with foot traffic. People should work on getting him into a shelter in uptown or something. This post will get many thumbs down but it is all factual.

  • Ward is right about Louie at Irving and Central Park. I'm close to Irving and Kimball and we have had many problems with the men camping out in front of 7-11. They pretty much set up a toll-booth in front of the store to but cheap booze. They sleep in front of the store blocking the walkway, piss all over the side of the building and start fights with store patrons. The other day they were sitting on the bus bench at the corner as an older lady had to stand and wait for a bus. I call the police on them all the time but they just come back. I went to a CAPS meeting last month and it did quiet down over there for about a week. But they come back because people feel good about themselves when they give these guys a few bucks. They think they are "helping" these men. But let's be on the look out for this attacker because I'll bet he's local. I work from home and try to keep an eye out. I can't believe this happened at 1pm. Does anybody know if the attack was east or west of Kimball? North or south side of Irving?

  • "People should work into getting him into a shelter in uptown or something. "

    You don't have shelters in Albany Park or Irving Park for your homeless?

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Uptown seems to be "shelter city"

  • amv Montrose & Kedzie

    Serious question: why are there so many homeless people in Albany Park?
    There's the man who screams to himself on Montrose & Kedzie, the incoherent lady in Wilson & Kedzie, the 7-11 guys, etc.
    They're all clearly tied to the neighborhood in some way, but there aren't any resources to help them. Why? Just seriously wondering.

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    Ask Rauner why there aren't any resources to help them.

  • Because mental health funding was cut

  • I have seen the guy on Irving Park and Central Park on the bus a few times early in the morning. I think he comes from somewhere else to be on that corner.

    I do call the police so don't say I don't.

    My kids are grown now and when they were younger they could go up to Irving Park to McDonalds. Irving Park doesn't seem that safe with all these men hanging on corners.

    So I usually avoid walking by them as they think as you don't know what to expect. Right now going to avoid Irving & Central Park, Saint Louis and Irving Park, Kimball and Irving Park and Bernard and Bell Plaine when I see someone loitering at these corners.

    This doesn't help these businesses having men hanging on corners.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    If they don't live nearby, it's a short walk there from the CTA line at Irving and Keeler.

  • Good post Janu, our family also avoids those intersections as much as possible. I wonder how many others do and how much it does effect the local businesses in the neighborhood. People can only give so much. Is there any way our alderman can see this and try to help?

  • amv Montrose & Kedzie

    I'm aware of the closing down of city's mental health services a few years ago, and the Rauner sentiment is totally valid and appreciated, but unhelpful. I know *why* we have an alarming rise in homelessness among the working poor and people with mental health/substance abuse problems--but I'm still not clear where the population in Albany Park comes from.

    If they are commuting in from somewhere else (taking blue line, brown line, bus)--why? Is there a community center here where they are receiving services? What is here that attracts them? If they are organic to the neighborhood, I understand that. But from comments it seems like they come here from elsewhere. I'm earnestly curious as to why.

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    @Eric - You say people can only give so much and you want the Alderman to do something?

    Rahm gutted mental health services for the poor in this city. Rauner is bleeding social service agencies white -- there has been no State budget in 2 years! -- because of his demands for term limits (a nonbudget item).

    Now you are seeing what the results of those policies are. Enjoy your tax cuts 9except Rauner will raise your taxes anyway)!

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    @amv -- I think the reason they are here is not that there is "some community center here where they are receiving services."

    More likely any center that was helping them has closed because they are no longer able to operate because they are owed tens of thousands of dollars from the State.

  • amv Montrose & Kedzie

    And as a follow up, a few weeks ago I posted about the lady who hangs around the McDonalds & Starbucks on Kedzie & Wilson. Last time I saw her, she was extremely agitated and she threatened to kill me and my sister (I don't have a sister), so I felt that maybe something was going on and I should report it to somebody.

    I contacted 311, the 33rd Ward, the 17th District, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and Helping Chicago's Homeless (last 2 via Facebook Messenger).

    Here's what I got:

    1. I tried to submit an online case to 311, and I was unpleasantly surprised to find that there is *not one single option* dealing with homeless/substance/mental health issues* on the ENTIRE site. I reported it as a welfare call on an elderly person (the lady may or may not be elderly, I can't tell), but really, it's just like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean. Who knows what happens.

    2. I also emailed Commander Voulgaris at the 17th District. As always, he's extremely responsive and engaged. He said the 17th is aware of her, and they've tried to offer services, but she has always refused. My thinking is that she doesn't have the presence of mind to refuse help, but I understand that LE is in a lose-lose situation if they do something or do nothing.

    3. The 33rd Ward rep opened a case with the city and sent me a links to city social services and nonprofits dealing with homelessness. But he had the same response as the 17th District--they can offer services but can't compel anyone to take them.
    He noted that there was a mental health facility at 4141 N. Kedzie that I wasn't aware of, so maybe that's why there are so many people in this area with mental health problems.

  • amv Montrose & Kedzie


    4. CCH and HCH both sent me links to other service providers and an 800 number that they suggested I pass on to the lady to call for help. Although I really empathize with this lady, she is extremely incoherent, and I do feel that trying to talk to her about calling for help would be useless and dangerous.

    So, we're right back where we started. No one can do anything. I'm just so deeply disappointed that we can't do better. I personally don't know what to do or how to solve this, but I think what disheartens me the most is the attitude. When I lived in NYC, these problems were prevalent in my neighborhood, but everybody--from neighbors to cops to city leaders--were of the attitude that we all could and should help, and people truly wanted to help. Since living here in Albany Park, I've experienced the attitude of everyone just throwing up their hands and saying, "What do you want me to do?", or just complaining without offering ideas. This is what bothers me the most.

    I'm ready for all of your no-solution-offering "get the hell out of Chicago" comments, so bring 'em on. Just so you know, I'm a 3rd generation Chicagoan and this is my forever home, but it still doesn't mean I'm not going to roll with the tide when I see something that shouldn't be, or that I love my city any less. So, fire away....

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    They want charities and the Alderman to do something. They want more cops and social services. But they don't want taxes on soda pop. They don't want taxes on plastic bags. They don't want any taxes raised. They don't like it when the government gives their money to other people, whether they are teachers, cops, or mental health service providers.

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Nick in Irving- raising taxes doesn't solve the problem! The city and state have been bad with our tax dollars for decades.Democrats or Republicans, doesn't matter, both are to blame in our city and state's mess. But you do realize the Dems have been running the show for a while.

    More taxes will just equal more dumb spending. I'd rather keep my money and spend it where I choose, especially locally in our neighborhood and city. More businesses will sprout up, higher home values and most important, jobs! The question is will these individuals stop taking all that money they get, stop spending it on booze, cigs, drugs, etc, maybe rent a little place, get cleaned up, and work for a living and build a little pride.

    Of course more should be done for the homeless. Especially for our Vets. Mental disorders and chemical dependency are major culprits. Personal responsibility is key!

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    Eric -- yet you still ask for the Alderman to solve the problem for you. With what?

    What exactly do you mean when you write "more should be done for the homeless. Especially our Vets..."? More what? More personal responsibility? How does the Alderman do that?

    Rauner has not produced a budget for 2 years. Social agencies that are doing the work you ask are going out of business every week because they have not been paid by the State for services already provided. Rahm cut mental health services to save money. How is that helping?

    Are these examples of the "dumb spending" you complain of?

  • Nick- we get it, you didn't vote for Rauner and everything is the Repubs' fault...

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    Eric -- Rahm is a Republican? You want the Alderman to make you safe. You don't want to pay for it.

  • Nick lighten up, neighbor

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    From the first post to the last, a thorough derail of a thread about a sexual assault. This may be an EveryBlock record!

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    I'm guessing the reason there are lots of homeless at Irving, Central Pk. and Elston is because it's a three way intersection, and perhaps it improves their chances when they panhandle.

  • How about leave the world alone and don't send troops of men who will eventually come back home with insurmountable issues? All foreign wars that I've heard of lately were fought for the wrong reasons, for the benefit of the same circle of profiteers. Did nothing good for the people of the United States of America. We need to stop listening to blatant fallacies and look for ourselves since nobody else will. To the question of why there are so many homeless people in Albany Park, last time I checked there were many more in Uptown. They used to hang out by the dozens in Uptown. In Albany Park I only know 2 regulars. There is a lady who sometimes sleeps on Kimball and Lawrence who is extremely volatile and I highly recommend you to avoid eye contact with her. She is entirely unpredictable. She has made barking noises at me or explode with screams and body language all of a sudden, unpredictably. Albany Park needs to address the littering issue because it sends the wrong message to the wrong people, as in "profusely decorated just like home so I'll behave like home and turn this into home." Thanks but no thanks. Hate has no home here. Neither has litter. Neither has crime. How does all of this relate to the original post? It doesn't. It responds to what came later. As far as the sexual assault is concerned, one of the most terrifying events that I can think of. Verbal harassment (or what some men in some cultures call it: "a compliment") is not rape but it's harassment in our culture. So they should refrain but they either don't know that it is a problem or they don't care. I always call law enforcement for accountability purposes although law enforcement in its current shape and form as many other western institutions is in functional crisis at many levels. This country has demonstrated terrible judgement and we're going to have a hard time to catch up with civilisation when this is over. In the meantime, we'll waste time in endless diatribes.

  • Oosha, what part of my endless denunciation do you disagree with? Or do you just disagree with people going on endless harangues? I covered too many topics so I'm curious about your views. The whole point of a fruitful discussion is the fact that there is a disagreement. When we all agree with each other, there is nothing to discuss. It's time for action. Discussion happens when civilized people disagree and engage in conversation before engaging in consensual action. Our democracy has forgotten the ancient philosophical foundations and we don't have politicians anymore. We have profiteers who can care less about the people they represent and either manipulate the most vulnerable (intellectually speaking) or go with the status quo whatever that might be.

  • Struwwel,

    I disagree with many components of your political philosophy.

    But your last post is too awesome to ignore.

    Thumbs up to you for that statement.

    Nice work!

    best regards,


  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Law enforcement is called when people do not know who else to call. I'm sure that there are scores of other reasons why people lose their minds and live on the street. It's a huge problem that city fathers must deal with instead making law enforcement the bad guy by incarcerating these people.

  • Nick in Irving Park Condo Owner

    City fathers?

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    Who's oosha?

  • Joan, Oosha is someone who gave me thumbs down for one of my long diatribes. I don't blame them for hating long diatribes. I hate long diatribes myself, just not mine 'cause our own farts don't smell, do they. It's only other people's farts that smell. Anyway, I was curious about what part of the diatribe he or she disagreed with since I went on and on about so many things and I don't follow right or left agendas for the sake of allegiance. I tend to disagree with both liberals and conservatives although I tend to favor the left as a more beneficial option for the average citizen. I just don't accept full ideological packages. I focus on specifics regardless of which party supports what. Just wanted to know their views but they probably just hate harangues.

  • Now they are going to stop helping single adults who don't have children. So you don't get any help if you never have had children???

  • Oosha Cardwell BBQ Dude

    Your assumtion that these are veterans in our neighborhood. I agree that may be a contributing factor but it's a bit off base when the topic is regarding sexual assault in broad daylight hours.

  • Oosha, I didn't asume anything. I don't even know who is who or where they come from. I was just responding to comments on the thread that caught my eye. That's my standard response to anyone who mentions veterans and mental health on the same sentence and there are a few like that on this thread if I remember correctly. As far as the original post is concerned, I agree with you: I have no clue how it ended up in a discussion about the mental health of veterans. I just responded to comments that were already on the thread.

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    Struwwel, for crying out loud. If you are to be believed from your very first sentence in this thread, you think that bad behavior by men is caused by America sending troops to fight in foreign wars. That's just preposterous. Not sure what peaceful country you come from. May I assume men don't rape there? Or don't otherwise abuse women?

    amv, why in the world would you choose to introduce your experience on the street with an obviously mentally ill *female* into a thread about a male's sexual assault of your neighbor? Not one, but two extra long spiels in a row. I definitely think your subject is entirely appropriate for EB discussion - in another thread. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who has had similar unsettling run-ins like the one you describe.

    Why has this thread which was about one man sexually assaulting one woman become a dumping ground for every poster's pet peeves about society? Why don't you start your own darn threads? Then rant away!

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    joan - that's why i muted him years ago.

  • Joan, how many times do I need to explain that my first sentence referred to previous comments regarding the mental health of veterans and not to the original post? Maybe you want to retrace it to the discussion about the mental health of veterans instead of reaching radical conclusions about what I think or don't think that don't make much sense in the first place. In long threads like this unfortunately we are responding to secondary topics. I didn't start the secondary topics. I'm just responding to them. Exactly where did you read that I claim that bad behavior by men is related to foreign wars? I don't disagree with you. That would be a completely ridiculous claim on my part. I'm a US citizen. This is my country and I'm sorry if you misinterpreted my words. @Gil, I'm a woman, not a "him" and I care about what you have to say. I can handle your opinions and disagree with them when necessary. I will never mute you like you muted me when you misinterpreted my humorous remarks back who knows when. You don't bother me. Words don't bother me. I can handle them. I believe in a society in which people enter dialogue with each other. I don't censor. I believe in the power of dialogue and the fruits of disagreement. I see censorship and muting as one of the many signs of fascism.

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    Please stop.

  • Stop what? Thinking?Reasoning? Having a dialogue with other human beings? Responding to misinterpretations with a logical sequence of events on a thread? Was I the first one to bring the topic of veterans? No, I wasn't. I responded to a chain of comments. Didn't state anything out of the blue. I don't censor. Censorship is a sign of tremendous weakness at many levels.

  • Stop derailing the post. This post was about a sexual assault, not the mental health of veterans. Jesus.

  • Jena, sounds reasonable. I have nothing else to say about veterans. I'll talk to some of them later in person. They are the ones who taught me to think like this. But keep in mind that any complex topic leads to side comments that might originally be related but get addressed in ways that take the original topic to different places and from there, once a controversial topic is hit, it becomes the target of subsequent far fetched comments until nobody can determine how everything started. It's the nature of this type of communication. Asking to keep a complex topic on an Internet forum under control is like asking a dog not to bark. It's happened before the Internet age. A villager says something in the pub and a few days later news are out of proportion because the community loses control of its train of thought. It's human. That's what we use the term derailing, due to the clear analogy. I've studied many languages and that's common to linguistic interaction. The internet age is only a reflection of the old ways. We hurt ourselves when we get so upset with what others write. It's also human to get upset. I appreciate all of you guys and your comments and I agree that I chose to elaborate around the most problematic side comment on the thread. Still I don't see the point in muting and censoring. Gil immediately recurred to reminding everyone that he muted me because I suck. Since he has muted me he doesn't know whether I still suck or not, but he has chosen the route of censorship. To all censors: you can mute insignificant comments on trivial Internet platforms but you can't mute the reality that causes them. You can't make reality disappear only because it sucks. Maybe muting people is just another delusion of control to make up for the control that one doesn't have in the real world.

  • Struwwel, I don't blame people for muting you!

  • Thank you for not blaming people, Eric. That's always a good thing. Kudos.

  • Guy on the Irving Park bus early in the morning very noticeably leering at woman getting on the bus and women on the street yesterday Friday. He had a hammer in his pocket. I don't think he was on his way to work. Ladies please be aware of your surroundings. Don't be starring at your phones and look around you.

  • Janu, on a bus or bus stop? Irving and what? Did you report this?

  • The guy was on the bus and got off at Irving and Western and went into the gas station there. So what would the police do? He didn't do anything except really look at women on the street or who got on the bus. I had to change my leave time and the way I go to work with a family member as a guy would stand on the corner and watch my house and then watch me and my family member at the bus stop. We told him to leave us alone and he gave us the finger and called us a f... b... Then there is the men that leer at you on the bus and then they get on the train and stare you some more One day saw this one guys who stare over by where I work and he usually would get off on the other side of the Loop.

    Why waiting for the bus I also noticed 2 guys in nice car go by a door on North side of Irving Park between Saint Louis and Bernard and then the door opened after awhile but the 2 guys didn't go in. Just stood by this door. Also so another guy on a Saturday went to the same door. Hmmm.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    If there is a guy walking around with a hammer in his pocket. it is worth calling the police to have him checked out. It may be nothing. He may have been the victim of a vicious attack in the past, and that may be his only protection, but on the other hand, who knows. Call the CPD, and let them handle it.

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    The police say we should report anything or any person who seems suspicious. Call the police ASAP next time please. They will figure it out. So he doesn't attack someone else.....

  • We should also have more police patrols. I rarely see a police car.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Janu, in the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of posts you have made on EB bemoaning matters large and small in your daily trudge through this mortal existence, have you ever actually followed even one person's helpful advice? Before veering right off onto the next "issue"?

  • Spam Alert I do take advice. I do call the police. I just let people know what's happening. Thank You for Everyblock so people know what's happening.

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