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Added Jan 12 2012

Chicago News Report is a blog I used to frequent for late-breaking Rogers Park-related news. Unfortunately, in the interest of free speech the blog's owner allows people to post racist comments anonymously. Blogs like CNR are why I am against people being able to post to message boards anonymously.

The comments have recently ratcheted up to include personal attacks against anyone who posts dissenting opinions. The following link is an example:

I was called an N-word lover on this thread (The blog owner recently instituted a filter so the N-word looks more like n*****.)

One anonymous poster went so far as to google my screen name and then present a distorted profile of me--based on reading a few comments I posted on various websites.

I think it is cowardly & disgraceful that not only are people on that blog allowed to post despicable, racist comments about my neighborhood--and about black people in general--but they are also allowed to do it anonymously. How is that free speech?

The First Amendment pre-dates modern technology by a lot. Back then, free speech and the right to peaceably assemble mostly looked like men in waistcoats and breeches standing in the town square bellowing the rhetoric of the day against whatever evils of government existed at that time. Back then, it was illegal to create anonymous fliers and newsletters!

Today, people hide behind their First Amendment rights to post the most vile, intolerant, hateful, racist rantings against anyone they don't like--anonymously and with impunity. Undoubtedly, this is NOT what was intended by the original framers.

IMO, the only solution to reducing the amount of hate speech allowed to proliferate across the internets on public message boards is to mandate that people identify themselves. Then let them rant all they want--and suffer the consequences.

  • Inactive user

    I don't read CNR for this reason.

  • Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon

    When I first found that blog, I thought it was going to be a useful resource. Unfortunately, once I started reading the comments, it's difficult to support it. I still check the headlines occasionally, but never scroll down enough to see the comments. Mostly, I just stay away from it. It's too bad, it seemed really promising.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    While I dont support people using racial slurs, I dont think that people should be forced to identify themselves. I know people (myself included) whose lives have been threatened by posting, participating, and interacting on these types of bulletin boards.

    I hate that people were calling you names, Phoebe, but people shouldnt have to forcefully identify themselves. Thats the reason I always use aliases when I participate. If/When I come to the PLs or EveryBlock meets, then I will introduce myself, but just not posting my info on here for the sake of identification.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    I can't read that Blog either, it's not only the participants it's the blogger himself that is racist. He cherry picks which stories to run which feeds to his racist audience.

  • Nikki Condo owner living North of Howard in Rogers Park.

    I'm with the majority here -- I stopped reading CNR a long time ago for exactly the reasons you stated, Phoebe.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    It would be flatly unconstitutional, and rightfully so, to "mandate" that sites prevent anonymity. Nevermind the fact that it would be impossible to enforce, unless you had to scan in your drivers license in order to post anywhere. Anonymity can serve a strong purpose when used appropriately. You can post opinions, artwork or ideas without the pressure of being judged or traced. But unfortunately, it is their constitutional right to say things like that, and it's definitely the right of sites to allow anonymity.

    There is an easy solution to unfortunate situations like this. I would recommend against using real information in online settings such as the CNR comments. And if they do make ignorant racist remarks, don't get upset. Laugh at them, because that's the only appropriate response to the crazy rants of some people. Just let out a giggle at the fact that they choose to spend their time anonymously posting ridiculous racist rants in the comments section.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    It doesn't help that the CNR inverts the usual racial terminology by using "male black," "male white," "female hispanic," etc, in their crime reporting--rather than "black male," "white male," etc. For example: "the assaulter was a male black in his twenties." The effect is to dehumanize criminals into various categorizeable "things," and I think it has an especially harsh effect for reporting on African American criminals (CNR believes the crime was committed by "a black" rather than by a man who is black). I've noticed that the CNR seems to take special relish in this practice. It's a vile site that feeds on violence, degradation and the grotesque.

    You can see a random example in the last line of this story:

  • shawn m Moving from apt to apt in RP

    I'll still check out CNR when everyblock links to it. Sometimes it has more detailed information than the more mainstream sites.

    Unfortunately the comments on the site are awful. I'm sure being anonymous contributes to some of the comments, but even sites where people have to register (like the sun times and everyblock) still get racist comments.

    @Phoebe sorry about all the stuff they said to you on that website.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    Does EB link to CNR?

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    We no longer link to it.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    Awesome, Thanks Becca!

  • That's a garbage website, will never visit again.

  • c.

    I tried to post some racist things about white people on there and it never appeared.

  • Inactive user

    So glad to hear that, Becca. I have to admit I've been keeping my eye out for CNR media mentions on EB. I won't be posting links to it anymore.

    c., are you serious? I thought they didn't have any filters on their comments. that's pretty funny.

    Hi Matt! Welcome to EB! I'm curious: Are you a lawyer? You speak so definitively re: the unconstitutionality of requiring people to identify themselves on message boards...

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    Nope not a lawyer, I've just always had an interest in internet speech, especially recently with legislation like SOPA and the IProtect Act. Due to the nature of the internet, it's incredibly hard to regulate it.

  • Gunga Dean Just Gunga Dean

    I stopped reading it when I saw how racist the comments were. I felt there was a link between comments and content, esp. when no comment moderation is apparent, and the stories so loaded;

  • Liz L. Lifelong Chicagoan: A'ville, Uptown, Rogers Park

    Have to agree with everyone in regards to initially finding the site's postings interesting, in that they were listing things that most papers weren't covering. And then quickly realized it was just a location to spout misguided generalizations in ugly, ugly, ugly language. Sigh.

  • Inactive user

    Nobody's excusing the racism on the part of anonymous posters, but: Pointing out somebody's bad behavior is racist?
    Rap music is a disgusting "art form" that never should have survived its infancy. It poisons young minds and celebrates thuggery, misogyny, crime, all the pervasive things we are tired of in everyday Chicagoland. So it's ok for young men to subject train passengers to filth, and spit food on the floor? It's hostile. Even those Saturday night live guys do rap videos and for some reason it always has an air of hostility.
    Whatever happened to black music like James Brown or the Jazz movement? Have the young people music?
    I will not view anything that has more than a small bit of this culture in it, I would have to avoid tv and movies alltogether if I wanted to avoid it completely. Enough is enough.

  • vb urban explorer

    Why are you offended at being called an N-word lover? Granted, the N-word is racist. But if someone called me a spic-lover (or any other racist term-lover), I don't think it would bother me. What is it supposed mean? OK, you tolerate minorities. So what?

  • Leanne C New neighbor

    I think that people should have to identify themselves on blogs post. It would keep people honest and polite. I've always followed the rule if you can't say it to someone's face don't say it all. Though someone maybe honestly feeling hate and rascism they honestly might not verbalized it to someones face. Sometime my family can be racist but I barely here a comment from them because they no its wrong and socially unacceptable. They keep the ugly inside where it should stay.

    I don't think it's fair to be exposed by force people's ugly personal "feelings" about such things as hate, racism, crude sexual jokes, rape, and violence.

    I'm the kind of person who cries when I see on Oprah someone else helping or doing something nice for someone else. That warms my heart and I feel is few and far between that neighbors/people are friendly and kind to each other.

  • Jenn K. New kid on the block in Uptown/Andersonville.

    Chicago resident: I don't think it's fair to call any art form or genre of music disgusting. You don't have to like everything, but it's really problematic to let your dislike of a few aspects or examples of rap music wash over your opinion of the genre as a whole, then go so far as to say that this form of expression shouldn't exist.

    Sure, a lot of rap music addresses topics like misogyny and crime, but it's certainly not always in a celebratory way (and the word "thuggery" makes me cringe). There is plenty of rap and hip hop that works through other themes, too. It seems extremely short-sighted to write it all off without recognizing how diverse the genre is.

    And as far as American cultural aspects that "poison young minds," I think just about everything from pop culture and the media can have negative effects on young minds, so that as an argument against rap music seems really weak to me.

    I don't mean to be a hater, honest. I just think it's important to encourage all kinds of creative expression, even those we don't particularly like.

    Also, the Wu Tang Clan! How could we possibly wish the Wu Tang Clan never existed? :)

  • Gasser ETNA Block Club Secretary

    Resident - Listen I understand that you personally see little of value in rap music. But it's extreme to think that listening to a certain kind of music leads people to commit crimes. And listing James brown (who I agree is awesome) as a positive example is a funny choice. The man was convicted of multiple drug and weapons charges and was even arrested for spousal abuse. Jazz, like rap music, was constantly being accused of leading good young folks astray. You are just drawing the same lazy conclusions so many have levied against nearly all types of music at one time. Dislike rap all you want, but getting rid of rap music wouldn't change a thing.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    @Leanne: We covered this in a post a while back, but some people don't put their real info out there for fear of ID theft, unsolicited spam or acquiring stalkers

  • If you really want to fight racist posts, take a gander at the shavedlongcock blog. Holy Cow!!

    Having said that, censorship is not the answer. Ya gotta see what people are really thinking.

  • shawn m Moving from apt to apt in RP

    @Liz, I'm guessing you posted the wrong link.

    I'm assuming you wanted to post that CNR changed their terms of use and no longer allow anonymous comments.

    Should be interesting to see if this change decreases or stops the amount of racist comments.

  • Inactive user

    I am pleased to report that CNR updated it Terms of Use in order to reduce racist language and to prevent people from posting anonymously.

    AND this thread was linked to on Gapers Block!

    Side note: Thanks so much for the mention, Bill. I was off doing other stuff all day and only logged on to EB a little while ago. Imagine my surprise to see my screen name in a headline! (Geez, I'm blushing again.)

    Blogger power!

  • Not sure why it was important for someone to attack another blog on EB BUT people are entitled to their opinion and, lest we all forget, we do have freedom of speech in this country. While I do not advocate the use of foul words, like the "N" word, which I find repulsive, I do think it's important to tell it like it is. Being "politically correct" has not changed one thing in this city. It only creates a huge bump when it's swept under the carpet which ultimately will cause a fall. It creates apathy as well. Attacking a blogger because of other peoples comments just doesn't seem right to me. Just like some of the rules of EB don't seem right to me but it's not MY blog. Whether we all like it or not, racism, prejudice and hatred abound in the world. Acting like it doesn't exist is naive and dangerous.
    I appreciate ALL blogs and bloggers for the info they give us on their OWN time. This is the, after all, the era of social media.

    Phoebe, I don't agree with you trashing another blog on EB, you should have done it on the site you take issue with but "to each his own"

  • Inactive user

    The other musicians I stated weren't the best role models, but I never really saw anybody emulate their behavior on a grand scale.
    I was a kid when rap first hit, and the culture had an immediate and profound effect on all the grade school kids I was surrounded with.
    As a human being I tend to gravitate towards things of beauty, I hear almost nothing but hostility and ugliness in rap music. I do listen to some "ugly" stuff like alternative metal, but there are melodies within and even within the angsty lyrics there is hope and yearning for something better.
    A lot of the rap I'm exposed to on a daily basis (like mentally ill people performing it on the CTA) seems to be (hostile sounding) "F-f-f- mother-f-b**ch, hoe, money, money, violence, money" and there's no melody to it, it's just harsh trash talking.
    There's a comedian named Andy Samberg and by all appearances he probably has had a pretty good life with little hardship. Yet he also performs the same hostile rapping so many others do. What does he have to be angry and hostile about? I don't get it.

  • Inactive user

    I still want to know why it's ok for young people to use profanity in a public place amongst some who don't want to hear it.
    If everybody were like me they would politely get on the bus/train, crack open a book and the only sound would be the train/bus itself, maybe a few pleasantries. Would that be so hard to do?

  • Inactive user

    Kris, I did do it on the blog I take issue with and was called an N-word lover; had some anonymous person google my screen name and post a strange, distorted "profile" of me; and was basically ridiculed. My emails to the blog owner were not responded to.

    On the other hand, I started a thread on EB--a forum that not only has its TOS clearly spelled out that prohibits personal attacks and hate speech, but also has a community manager (love you, EB Becca ;-) who reminds us of the rules--that has elicited thoughtful comments and lively discourse without the personal attacks.

    Just b/c racism, prejudice and hatred exist doesn't mean it should be allowed to be expressed anonymously and with impunity--especially when it's directed toward people who live in the most diverse, integrated community in the city (some reports claim Rogers Park is the most diverse neighborhood in the entire country)!

    Just as the CNR blogger has the right to post information about my neighborhood, I have the right to defend it [my neighborhood].

    One more thing: Your claim that not allowing people to anonymously post racist, hateful comments is akin to "acting like racism doesn't exist" is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard all week. It is exactly BECAUSE racism, prejudice and hatred exist that I bothered to protest against it about a blog that regularly posts stories--often about violent crimes--that occur in MY neighborhood. Those hateful people are welcome to keep churning hate amongst themselves, but I shouldn't have to listen to/ read about it. Just sayin'

  • Inactive user

    Well... that didn't last long:

    Anonymous commenting has been restored on CNR. Seems to me the blog owner would prefer to have hateful, racist comments than no comments at all. Pity.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    Unbelievable! Maybe an articulate defense of freedom of speech and anonymous commenting might have been palatable, but referring to us as "the sniveling, whining jackasses" from this "bull@%!$ ass website", and specifically attacking Phoebe with a song titled "The $#@% You Song" was waaaaay over the top!

    The way I see it, we should be proud. If we weren't making the proprietor of a website that uses and allows racist discourse, then we wouldn't be doing our jobs as responsible members of the community!

  • Phoebe,
    First, I never made the statement you said was "the most ridiculous thing you've heard all week". Where you got that from my comment is beyond me:
    "One more thing: Your claim that not allowing people to anonymously post racist, hateful comments is akin to "acting like racism doesn't exist" is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard all week."

    It's very true, people can read an email or comment and find something in it that suits their agenda and twist it. While I like most of your contributions on this site Phoebe, I did not imply what you stated. What part of finding the "n" word repulsive didn't you understand? And what part of this comment, that I actually made, didn't you understand?
    "Whether we all like it or not, racism, prejudice and hatred abound in the world. Acting like it doesn't exist is naive and dangerous."
    How does that advocate allowing anonymous commenters to promote racism? Perhaps you're just looking for an argument?

  • Inactive user

    Thanks, Matt, but honestly this whole thing amuses me. Before reading about this latest development I had posted on my FB wall about how to effect positive change in the world by complimenting strangers. I stand for peace, love, tolerance and justice. My world is expanding and open to abundance.

    The people over on CNR are almost literally frothing at their collective mouth with anger and hate and their ridiculous sense of moral superiority. Fact is, their world is shrinking and they are wasting sooooooooo much negative energy pointing their fingers at others they are sure to burn out and die off. What goes around comes around, after all. (Not to mention how stupid they make themselves look with their myopic worldview.)

    Love will always prevail in the end. I believe that with every fiber of my being. Hate only begets more hate. I am grateful for this platform to spread the word.

    “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    Great post. It's definitely amusing. It's hard to take the site seriously when they go from "We understand your concerns and will change our policies" to "F- YOU!" in the course of 24 hours!

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    " Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." -Yoda

  • Inactive user

    Hi Kris-
    So sorry if I misunderstood you. When you wrote that it's important for people to tell it like it is and "Whether we all like it or not, racism, prejudice and hatred abound in the world. Acting like it doesn't exist is naive and dangerous" I thought you were implying that it's not appropriate for CNR to censor racist, hateful comments, that it's like sweeping those attitudes, which abound, under the rug.

    If you actually meant the owner of CNR is telling it like it is and not sweeping the racism, prejudice and hatred that abounds in the world under a rug, I guess I would have to respectfully disagree.

    In my opinion, your buddy Timothy perpetuates and exacerbates racism, prejudice and hatred. Using words like "savages" in his blog posts and incorporating bigoted editorializing into his "news" reports doesn't, to my way of thinking, expose the racism, prejudice and hatred that abounds in the world--it contributes to it.

    Again, I apologize for misconstruing your comment. I guess maybe I was reading a little too deeply between the lines.

    Be careful out there. It's POURING snow!

  • Phoebe,
    Thank you. Sometimes when people read things they are passionate about, things are read into comments that are not there. CNR knows I do not agree with the content of some of
    the comments. That I find them offensive. I do, however, think that people have a right to their opinions, be they offensive or not, in agreement with mine or not, as I think you have a right to yours. The trick is to not read the comments. Are some of the comments racist? Sure, but, like I said before, that exists and is not going away any time soon. Some people didn't start out racist but rather became that when they became a victim. Other people are just plain hateful and are taught racism. You don't know what their circumstances are. It would be nice "to teach the world to sing" but that isn't reality. I still stand by the fact that CNR provides a valuable tool for what's happening in our neighborhoods that we can't find elsewhere. It's his blog and he can say what he wants in his description in the article. We then can take it or leave it. I would love to change the world with one random act of kindness everyday, and sometimes I try to do that, but the reality is, that's not going to happen in my lifetime. Here's a hint for you. I'm a baby boomer (and a radical one at that) we've seen and experienced the worst of society and the best of society. Sadly, I am not sure it's getting better now. Am I a bit jaded? Perhaps, but sometimes becoming a victim can do that to you. I know longer have those "rose colored" glasses on.

    Apology accepted:)

  • brandierenae fashion forward time traveler

    being a victim is one thing ...

    remaining a victim is something else entirely.

    when you allow an incident to change your entire direction / way of thinking / view of an entire group of people ... THEY won ... and you will forever be the victim you were at the instance when you were the most vulnerable.

    Unfortunately -- racism abounds. its more covert, pointing it out - sends them further underground - but, guess what? it's still there. For every law enacted to circumvent discrimination - there are those who find a work around.

    (non racial example = there was a law enacted that you cannot ask someone how old they are in the course of employment interview / etc. their way around it? "when did you graduate high school?" Then, using simple math ... they have their answer.)

  • Inactive user

    What a vile blog.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    Much as I dislike the Chicago News Report, I'm afraid quoting Gandhi and talking about peace and love is not going to get the desired result with them. The blog altercation will only strengthen them and give them more publicity and readers. Less dewy-eyed idealism, more intelligent strategies of attack are necessary...

  • Jenn K. New kid on the block in Uptown/Andersonville.

    I was thinking that a good way to fight against the racism that runs rampant on the CNR would be to boycott their local advertisers, but I just poked around the site a little bit and it looks like the only advertisements are from USA Today and Sony. Perhaps we could reach out and ask them to pull their ads, but I don't know if they'd listen. If we could get the ads removed from CNR, at least they wouldn't profit from their rampant racism.

  • Inactive user

    Letting racists run rampant on message boards is probably letting them vent their hate rather than expressing it in the "real world" or taking action against real, I'd just let it be.

  • P

    How about a petition to have the sponsors pull their funding?

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Inactive user

    Wow. Judging by your looks, you need to get some features, unlike the lovely Phoebe. And If you don't like Phoebe's posts, don't read them.
    But to give your comments more serious response than they deserve, here's the reality: anonymous posters use their anonymity to shield them from potential blowback from their odious opinions. Websites that allow anonymous posters thereby become forums for hateful speech. And if such a website wants to NOT be a hateful site, perhaps they decide to demand that posters not be anonymous.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    "Susan", you created an account here today for the sole purpose of personally attacking an individual who disagrees with you?

    And she's the one that needs to get a life?

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Inactive user

    Good. Our neighborhood is better off without you.

  • Matt M. Rogers Park Resident

    This is how you spend your time Susan? Personally attacking strangers on Everyblock who don't even live in your community? While using an anonymous account created today? THIS is how you get your kicks?

    You need to take a long and hard look at yourself before you go telling others to get a life.

  • Inactive user

    Gee... what did I miss? ;-)

  • Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon

    None of us "have to" live in Rogers Park. We happen to like it around here. And - beauty really is not what can be seen.

  • Inactive user

    Kate P. said: "How about a petition to have the sponsors pull their funding?"

    I would sign it. For sure. That said, I'm concerned it wouldn't do much good b/c the blog is most likely set up with Google AdSense, which I think means ads rotate? If it IS AdSense, could we petition Google to keep its service off of sites such as CNR that allow hate speech?

  • Jenn K. New kid on the block in Uptown/Andersonville.

    Whoa. Forget boycotting CNR advertisers...boycott Susan!

  • Inactive user

    I'm pretty sure "Susan" is a CNR supporter. Apparently, they're calling Jenn (and me b/c I dared to call them on their BS) to task for suggesting a petition:

    CNR ads link to Haven't found a website for them yet.

    Oh, and Jenn? Hold onto your hat, but some anonymous poster at CNR is speculating that you're actually me incognito. Sorry. ;-)

  • Inactive user

    Tad said: "If you really want to fight racist posts, take a gander at the shavedlongcock blog. Holy Cow!!"

    No kidding, Tad. It's awful...and apparently what CNR aspires to be when it "grows up."

    I guess I gotta pick my battles. I pick on CNR b/c it includes coverage of violent crimes in my neighborhood. The reports often stray into racist commentary--not just news reports as so many CNR supporters claim. That, and the fact the blogger allows anonymous comments engenders some of the most vile, hateful, racist comments I've ever read on a Blogger blog. (Maybe that's who we can petition? Isn't Blogger owned by Google?)

    But you are absolutely right, Tad. That other blog is atrocious!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Phoebe wrote: "Gee... what did I miss? ;-)" I'm left wondering the same thing. Seems we have to monitor this site 24/7 to see all the nastiness before Becca zaps the offenders.

  • Phoebe,
    If that blog bothers you so much, why do you continue to go to it and then make comments about it on EB, which only fans the flames? EB is your home base so what's the point? IF you want to be a "monitor" why don't you work for EB? Why keep this going? Both blogs will start losing readers. People come here for a reason just as people go to CNR for a reason. It's not your job to censor another blog. Stick to your home base and you won't get so upset.

  • Helen,
    I agree with you. I even had someone come after me in my post for no reason. This issue brings out the worst in people but it's the bigger person who doesn't resort to attacks and name calling. How come this is being allowed to continue on here?

  • Inactive user

    You are absolutely right, Kris. All I'm doing is giving CNR more exposure.

    For the record, I removed CNR from my bookmarks toolbar and wasn't reading it anymore. I went back there when I learned they had changed their TOS to censor hate speech. But then the blog owner flip-flopped less than 24 hours later and reinstated hate speech. And I went there tonight to find out who the click-ad provider was for Jenn's petition and was surprised to see an article about people on EB wanting to start a petition (which wasn't my idea, btw; I was just trying to help.) And, what? I'm supposed to ignore this "Susan" person whose personal attack against me was so vile it was deleted? While I appreciate what you're saying, Kris, it's not just me fanning the flames, as it were.

    All this said, I do not plan to post any more links from CNR. They really don't deserve our attention.

  • Inactive user

    Instead, I'd like to give a shout out to young Benjamin Woodward (any relation to All the President's Men Woodward?) at Rogers Park News! He's providing great local news coverage without all the ugly, hateful comments. Let's show RPN some link love!

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey guys, in the future, when someone posts inappropriate comments on the site, please do not respond to them. Just ignore their comments and click the report button. I know it's tough not to respond, but it helps keep things from escalating. Thanks.

  • Inactive user

    Where is the report button?

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    You have two options. It's a the bottom of each of your comment alert e-mails. It also becomes visible if you move your mouse over any comment on the site. This is also how you can mute other users. You can see it here:

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Mad props to EB Becca for bringing the thunder down on some chumps.

    Now that THATs out of the way, just ignore the CNR. I'd love to seize that domain and re-direct it to

  • shawn m Moving from apt to apt in RP

    An interesting thing I just saw on CNR's website. They have live traffic feed that says what town webpage viewers are from, and how they were referred to the site (ie. google, link on another site, etc). Quite a few people were referred to CNR from white power websites, and nearly all of the white power people were from other states or countries. While it only identifies page views, and not who leaves anonymous comments, I’d assume the majority of the racist comments on CNR are from people who’ve never been to our neighborhood.

  • Well Punkvoter, I think that pretty much sums up the quality of that website. Seems like the best bet is to just ignore it.

  • L

    CNR posted today they are quitting.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Good riddance!

  • Inactive user


  • There are a lot of coward racist living in West Rodgers park.

  • Ross A. Buniao Aspiring internet researcher

    Looks like CNR is back (unfortunately)

  • It is a thinly-veiled hate site. Most of the posts are about black crime and white victims and meant to spur on racists and allow them to comment freely. Freedom if speech is fine, but the site owner also makes money by particpating in DoubleClick's ad revenue program. Each time someone clicks on one of those Allstate or other ads, he makes money. If any of you are disgusted enough by the site, I suggest doing the following:

    1. Search for Neal Mohan (advertising VP at DoubleClick, which is owned by Google) right here on Facebook and send him a message.

    2. Contact the local media. CNR is a well-known site and the story hook here is that DoubleClick is connected with it, as are mainstream corporate companies like Allstate.

    3. E-mail Allstate at and let them know how disgusted you are to see their advertising on that racist hate site.

    Feel free to provide them with evidence that many other people find the site repulsive by using evidence like this:



  • P

    1800Flowers and Barnes and Noble used to advertise on there. I sent them an e-mail to their comments section saying I couldn't believe they would advertise on a website that provided a venue for racist hate speech. I said that if they were wondering what I was speaking about they should check out the comments to some of the recent stories. I never heard back but also haven't seen their ads recently. Email any company that advertises on there, I think it is worth your time

  • P

    Right now I am seeing ads for Allstate and Cricket...just go to Contact Us on either site and let them know you won't be doing business with them while they are doing business with CNR

  • CJ in 60640 Upstanding citizen

    Man. I used to search for news on neighborhood incidents like shootings, and I would link to this website when I found a brief summary of whatever happened. I had no idea what was on the rest of the site. I'll never link to it again.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Agreed. Who runs that hate site?

  • The ads that you're seeing are most likely from Google Adwords and the advertisers typically do not know where their ads are displayed - nor do the site owners have control of it. But you are doing the right thing by letting those advertisers know so that they can adjust their displays to appropriate sites.

  • P

    Good news from All State:

    We have completed our investigation and would like to provide you a summary.

    We believe that everyone deserves an individual response, and we value the questions and feedback we receive. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to respond to your email.

    We appreciate the comments you provided regarding our choice of digital advertising on While we have advertised on this website in the past, our current advertising plan no longer includes this website.

    We appreciate your concern and will take your comments into serious consideration as we continue to evaluate networks on which to advertise.

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    There are NO ads on that site as of 2:15 pm today. wtg, you guys!

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  • CJ in 60640 Upstanding citizen

    It's not just the commenters. The content of CNR is racist. The rants about "black thugs" are racist and offensive.

  • RogersParker, the owner of the Chicago News Report blog has made a new blog entry this evening in which he has posted your picture, first and last name, a cordial e-mail request you sent to him in 2010, and very derrogatory comments about you. I think this might actually be a case of Internet Harassment, which is a crime that can be reported to the Chicago Police Department.

    So his name is Tim and he's an extremely unhappy and bitter gay man who probably resides in Lakeview. Anyone know more about the guy who writes the CNR blog?

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  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    Yeah, I just received a FB message about CNR. News sure travels fast on the internets. Kevin, I believe his name is Tim Fitz. He has made a number of erroneous statements about me. What I find most amusing is that I'm not even the person who contacted the advertisers. But somehow he "is aware" of the role I played. Puh-leeze.

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    Like I said in a private message, I may not have been the one to contact the advertisers about the racist blog, but I will be cheering the loudest when it gets shut down!

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    On the plus side, at least he spelled my name correctly. ;-)

  • Inactive user

    WOW! I just read that thread on CNR.
    Rogers Parker they're calling you so many awful things!

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Wow, that's pretty crappy. Sorry you have to go through that. You ought to lob a DMCA takedown notice at the ISP for him posting your copyrighted photo.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    Tim, I'm afraid once a comment is posted here, we aren't able to delete them.

    KevinLakeview, if you google "Timothy Fitz," page after page of results are from CNR. I'm 95% sure that is the Blogger name associated with the account. fyi, I have been successful in having a thread removed by submitting repeated requests directly to EB Becca. Kevin, maybe she'd be willing to remove your comment asking whether Tim H. is the proprietor.

  • Could it be that Timothy Fitz, the poor excuse for a gay man who runs CNR finally came to his senses? Could Timothy Fitz have finally realized, by posting crimes committed by whites and Latinos for a few days, that his audience of racists is only fueled by stories about black criminals? Did Timothy Fitz figure out that posts from his site are used by Boystown residents to scare the hell out of each other and give fellow residents and visitors the impression that East Lakeview is as dangerous as Englewood, and in the course of all of this drive down tourism, patronage, and home buying in Lakeview?? Does Timothy Fitz no longer feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment in leading an online hate group? Did Timothy Fitz finally figure out that his self-proclaimed agenda of agitating people and starting sh*t is a worthless, self-sabataging pursuit?

  • d3 NOH

    it's too bad that he can't just run it as a non-biased news site.... it's the closest thing to extensive crime coverage we have, it could be a really legit resource and he could be making money off of a more broad audience. (really, it still is a legit resource now, you just have to look past the banter)

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    The "banter" kills it. It's like saying that's a really nicely cooked steak you've got there, as long as you ignore the poop caked on it.

  • d3 NOH

    except in that analogy there's not really anywhere else servivg a really nice steak, local media elsewhere is giving us the more popular bacon cheeseburger. go look at the top 10 stories on their page and see which ones you can find in mainstream media. (and a real challenge: go look and see which ones you can find in mainstream media, without finding them via google by knowning what you're looking for... go to the trib, sun times, cbs, and find the stories on your own w/out knowing what you're looking for)

  • CNR is NOT a legitimate news source, it's a garbage blog. Seriously, the post about Gabby Douglas, the rant about Phoebe, the posts he creates from trolling YouTube for videos of black people displaying bad call that legimate news? Are you not aware that Timothy Fitz, owner of the CNR blog, has stated in his blog profiles that he gets off on creating chaos and pitting people against each other? Have you not discerned that his blog posts are purposefully written in a manner that allows him to insense people and welcome their displays of hatred towards African-Americans? Have you not noticed that not only does Timothy Fitz include racial information in his posts but that he creates inflamatory titles and content, and almost entirely focuses on black perpetrators of crime? Have you noticed that not only is free speech encouraged in the commentary area of the blog posts but that blog owner Timothy Fitz welcomes the use of the n-word and other racial slurs and does not, like most other sites, have a mechanism on CNR for readers to flag comments for removal? d3, you call that a legimate resource? No really, are you serious?

  • DaveP been around

    Rule #1 of reporting in chicago...never reveal the race of the suspect, because that makes you a racist.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Rule #2: Make stuff up when the facts don't fit what you wish they did. That hate blog goes way far beyond just "mentioning the race of a suspect."

  • Inactive user

    It was worth putting up with the BS to find out where crime is happening around me. Because of CNR I know which corners/streets to avoid.

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    @ matt - or you're just buying into his fear-mongering and letting some crazy dictate where you should or should not go... according to HIS perceived (and reported) crimes...

  • Inactive user

    @Barbara, Can you point out a crime reported that turned out to be false? Its no secret Chicago crime varies street by street. Why would I want to park my car on a street that has repeated shootings?

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    Matt - I'm not suggestion that any of the reports are false. I don't pay that much attention and watch that closely to know what is or is not true. What I'm guessing, from what people have said here, is that the reporting is SELECTIVE and skewed. It sounds like this guy has been making Boystown sound like Englewood and making a bigger deal of black-on-white crime than any other.

    For myself, I'd rather not cower in my home for fear of some random criminal "getting" me. I just go about my business, alert to my surroundings, and hope for the best. I think that's all most city dwellers can do. And - aware of my white privilege - I am probably safer from physical assault (as opposed to the corporate rape that goes on by mostly white white-collar criminals) than most POC are.

  • Inactive user

    Barbara, would you walk down an alley late at night if you knew it was a hot spot for muggings?

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    No, Matt, I wouldn't. I live in a big city. I have enough sense not to walk down ANY alley late at night!

  • Inactive user

    I think we just have a difference in opinion. It seems you think learning which streets/corners have a higher rate of crime is cowering. I consider it be street-smart :)

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    Perhaps. I consider it "street smart" to be aware of one's surroundings WHEREVER one may be. I don't have a whole lot of interest in planning where to go and what to avoid whenever I want to go somewhere in the city. That's what I mean by giving in to fear-mongering. It's kinda like what the GOP does with anything that sounds like something that would benefit the masses, rather than their cronies.
    ... But I digress. Or do I?

  • Inactive user

    Now you want to turn this into a political debate? I think you're just trolling..

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    When losing the argument, by all means start calling names.

  • Jim A Sic Semper Canis

    @Matt: If you're interested in drilling crime data down to the street level, the City of Chicago data portal will allow you to do this.

    It's a bit different than ClearMap and I find the data portal easier to use for specific streets. In any event, it's a more accurate way to learn about local crime than CNR.

  • Inactive user

    @Helen, I wasn't losing the argument. Wanting to know what streets have higher concentrations to crime doesn't equal to succumbing to fear-mongering. I think most intelligent people can see that is a logic fallacy. Perhaps I have a larger interest in it because I'm planning on buying property in the next 6 months. I don't hide in my apartment all day and never said I did. I don't avoid Boystown because of CNR, I avoid it because I'm not gay. If you think crime rates don't matter, go move to Englewood.

  • Matt, I think most intelligent people would find serious flaws in your logic. You avoid Boystown because you say you aren't gay, however several years ago straight couples and singles began moving into Boystown in DROVES after the gays came in and fixed it up. I guess CNR didn't report that to you. Boystown/Lakeview is essentially Lincoln Park North. If you base your judgement of neighborhood safety on CNR, then you're relying strictly on anecdotes. Most intelligent people would look to reliable sources of crime statistics (e.g., that sited by Jim A. above) and common sense (e.g., what Barbara has displayed in her comments). There have been shootings on N. Michigan Ave. and right outside of Macy's on State Street, during broad daylight, but most people would not avoid these places because of those incidents. Most people don't need to wait to read selective reports about crime on CNR to decide what areas may not be safe. Boystown is as safe, statistically, as Lincoln Park, so for someone to avoid it because they read about selectively reported incidents on that area on CNR is simply stupid. Again, here's where common sense comes in. I would argue that you are safer walking through any part of Uptown or Rogers Park during the day than you are walking through Lincoln Park at night.

  • Inactive user

    Pls point out where I stated that I judge the safety of entire neighborhoods based on what I read on CNR.

  • Matt, you said CNR is your guide for which streets/corners to avoid. So if CNR reports that there's been a mugging on your street, are you going to avoid it? Would you decide to move if CNR reported that a suspicious-looking person was seen at the corner by your home? Or would you make those decisions based on what you yourself have observed regularly, from your normal comings and goings? Can you tell when a street or corner has problems to the degree that you might want to avoid it? Does this type of street or corner have different characteristics and look/feel different than one that you would traverse?

  • Inactive user

    I was pointing out that there was some useful info coming out of CNR. I never said it was my guide. As mentioned by several others CNR reported stories the Tribune doesn't. And yes I would like to know of muggings that may have occurred on my street. Wouldn't you? No, I wouldn't move based on a CNR report, but I may watch over my shoulder a little more.

    From what I've heard the alley behind the Loyola Red Line stop is a mugging hot spot. I would avoid walking down it at night when ever possible. Do you honestly think all streets/alleys/corners in chicago are equally safe?

  • Barbara Rogers Park resident since 1984

    @ matt - Just the opposite (as I stated earlier). Rather, I would AVOID all/most alleys at night. Wouldn't most people in a big city? Instead of "equally safe" I'd think it wise to consider most alleys with equal caution, especially at night. But - note: this is a gross generalization - I'd guess that most women would say the same thing. Since we don't have the burden of acting macho, most women tend to avoid walking down dark alleys, tend to know who is around them (in front and behind), and be extra alert when walking or traveling anywhere after dark or places that appear deserted.

  • Matt, you said:
    "It was worth putting up with the BS to find out where crime is happening around me. Because of CNR I know which corners/streets to avoid."

    I'm not going to argue the semantics of what you stated there, but it seems as though you basically stated that CNR was your guide for areas to avoid.

    You can find a complete listing of muggings and other crimes in any given area in the city though the Chicago Police Department's website (which was already pointed out to you here). That resource is a much better tool to use to determine where crime hot spots are.

    By the way, Tim Fitz of CNR describes himself as a "professional button pusher" (see his Twitter profile). He likes to start stuff and pit people against each other. If his motivation for CNR was simply to report the news to you, he would not focus the blog almost exculsively on black perpetrators of crime and make up "news" like post of a collection of YouTube videos and the post about olympic champion Gabby Douglas that depicts a picture of a monkey hanging from the olympic rings. Nor would he go beyond simply mentioning race in his posts and instead using inflamatory language meant to exacerbate racial tensions. Nor would he allow racial slurs, gratuitous use of the N-word, and hate speech in the commentary.

    If Tim simply wanted to report the news in his blog, he would have done that. There's no need to defend the hate site he created.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    "Tim Fitz of CNR describes himself as a 'professional button pusher' (see his Twitter profile). He likes to start stuff and pit people against each other." Yep, and he succeeded in that right here on EveryBlock too. Thanks for that info., Ray.

  • You're correct Helen, and he follows this thread, so he sees it all. His buttons were pushed quite a bit too, however, and he reacted by misdirecting a b*tchy rant at Phoebe.

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    Ray, how do you know that's the CNR Tim Fitz's Twitter account? There are quite a few Tim Fitzes on Twitter--and that particular account hasn't been used since last year and the blog associated with it is defunct. Just curious if you have some sort of inside info. Thanks.

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    davep said: "Rule #1 of reporting in chicago...never reveal the race of the suspect, because that makes you a racist."

    Believe it or not, Dave, journalists and their employers are beholden to a Code of Ethics: And most mainstream media outlets have their own style guides and ethical outlines above and beyond the SPJ Code.

    The fact is, not only do journalists usually not disclose the race of a suspect, until a suspect is formally charged with a crime, the suspect isn't named, either. Next time you watch or read local news reports, pay attention to whether the person(s) pictured/identified in the news stories have been formally charged by police with a crime. You see, private citizens, regardless of whether they're punks who allegedly beat up and rob old people or dickheads who rape women, are afforded more privacy protections under the U.S. Constitution than public officials (e.g., mayors, alderman, presidential candidates).

    So, really, not reporting the name/race of suspects is not a Chicago thing, it's an SPJ Code of Ethics thing.

    That said, not all bloggers are journalists. I'm referring strictly to the mainstream media (and most credible alternative media, such as The Reader and The Chicago Reporter). Bloggers are another breed altogether, imo.

    Just sayin'

  • RogersParker, YES, it's definitely CNR Tim Fitz's Twitter account. I traced a trail of links, which I'll provide here. Keep in mind that you'll have to copy and paste them if you want to do the same, because EveryBlock will disable them if you just click the hyperlink. Okay, here goes.

    1. Go to his Twitter page:

    2. Do a Google search, of this exact link (so do it in quotes), which is the link to his old Blogger account, and is listed at the top of his Twitter page: "";

    3. If you don't search for the fitzdaily Blogspot link in quotes, you'll get search results for fRitzdaily, so be sure you did the search in #2 above with the quotes. This page will come up in the search results:

    4. Now should have pulled up a page called "the original blogger tips and tricks" from the last link above. Do a Control F and search the page for this link (no quotes needed around it this time):

    5. Doing the step above will take you to this post:

    Timothy Fitz3/05/2011
    Hello, I got it to work!!! However, my second widget isn't inline with the title. The second widget with advertisement in it, is a little below the title on the left. How can I move the second widget up a little?

    I am using Blogger's simple designer template. Here is a link to the site:

    6. Click on Timothy Fitz in that post and voila!, you will see the following list of his blogs at the top of the page:

    My blogs
    Chicago News Report | Chicago News Blogs | Chicago Crime | News Blotter

    Alright, now keep in mind that Tim is following this thread, so check this out now, as he's apt to remove some of these breadcrumbs. But to answer your question, yes, that's The Timothy Fitz, the professional button pusher.

  • And RogersParker, glad you asked because this shows something interesting. You can see there that in Timothy Fitz's 3/5/11 post on that tips and tricks Blogger page, he was expressing his EXCITEMENT at getting the advertising up on Chicago News Report. And a few weeks ago when he went off on his rant against you, he was equally as MAD about us "meddlesome" folks getting his advertising removed. I noticed something else too. He took down the page on CNR in which he mimicked the attempts by folks here on EB to get his ads removed. Here is a link to the cashed page from Google (the link to the original page no longer works because he took the page down after people presented it to the advertisers as evidence of the hatred and racism on CNR):

    I guess Karma reall is a b*tch...haha.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    Good work guys!!

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    Well done, EBRay! I am convinced--and then some! :-)

    You may have missed your calling as an investigative reporter. I'm really impressed with how well you researched and verified before posting the facts. I don't know many "professional" reporters who would be as thorough.

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  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    In a way its good that hoodlums post-up what they do...the police can monitor it easier.

    I chose not too and step around it like the dogpile that it is....ditto for CNR.

    Let them howl......

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  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    I'm almost scared to note that Tim hasn't updated his blog in almost 2 weeks for fear he'll take it as a challenge to post more stories that elicit foul, racist comments. Or maybe he's just on vacation.

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  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    Sunshine is the best has been said.

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  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    Well Phoebe, I guess we have one thing in common, we're both violators of the Everyblock club lol. Before my comments were removed I was going to tell you that I can respect your wishes. Its your thread. Anyway I do get your point about CNR as well and I dont appreciate the racist comments or personal attacks on you. I guess my point is that one needs to choose battles. Its difficult to detect tone on electronic devices so let me say that I genuinely hope you have a good day (its beautiful out), and If I see you in person Ill buy you a coffee so we can laugh about how we got in trouble on Everyblock.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    My last two comments are flanked by removed comments...hope it wasn't something I said.

    We need EveryBlock if for no other reason but to have a friendly place to go and ignore CNR and in Uptown at least the Uptown Update which is not nearly as bad but can be very divisive and arbitrary.

    Like Rp Lover and I guess Pheobe? I am a member of the club too, live n learn....;)

    Alls well that ends well.....

  • H

    Looks like Fitz is back at it again. That's no suprise though, because the self-described "button pusher" was probably getting the withdrawl shakes. Just as in the past, the posts are selective stories aimed at taking jabs at the black community in Chicago.

  • I can think of five websites off the top of my head that are worse than CNR. I don't understand the fixation with it, it is just a poorly written crime blog with redneck commenters. They are really harmless, they like to say the "N" word or pick on latinos, they don't really do anything but sit behind their keyboard and act ignorant. Just let them be, at least they're not out organizing Klan marches.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    It doesn't pass the harmless test from here. I think the "there are worse sites out there" is a bogus argument. That's like saying you can't ever do anything to stop violence here because there is worse violence out there somewhere else in the world. Does not compute.

  • Good, go to Stormfront sometime. They are talking about white supremacists taking over the world and eliminating all who do not fit in the "Aryan Nation".
    Go to 4chan. They like to find families of kids who commit suicide, and harass them endlessly. And a lot of other things. They have taken down government servers just for fun. So a bunch of rednecks saying the "N-word" and T. Fitz spotlighting minority crime is as bad as that?

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  • Inactive user

    RogersParker, why are you accusing Sasha of being a racist?

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    I'm not. Sasha was the one to claim CNR was not so bad compared to Stormfront. I am simply suggesting Sasha leave EB Rogers Park to those of us who actually live here.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Yeah, what RogersParker said. It is utterly garbage for somebody to reply with "go read Stormfront or 4chan" when pointing out that something is bad and racist. This is not a single-winner contest. There can be more than one thing. FWIW, I'm just going to mute Sasha.

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • P

    Not nice, Sasha. EveryBlock Becka: is there a point where we can close comment and decide that topic has been exhausted and move on? This is turning into a hateful thread and I think it is actually just making the unintended audience more excited to see people not like their website.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    This Sasha Peters is not a nice person. Just read through his/her posts. Has only posted for a week or so. Very disturbed individual with a vendetta against the homeless and any minorities that aren't Jewish.

  • P

    Looks like the best thing to do is mark Sasha's unneighborly comments as such and move on. Icky people love trolling and we are giving Sasha the fuel for his/her fire.

  • EveryBlock Marina EveryBlock Community Manager

    Kate, that's a good suggestion to shut down this thread. We agree the topic has been exhausted. I'm closing comments and suggest that all newcomers to EveryBlock and anyone who's unclear about our community guidelines give this a read:

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