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Added Feb 28 2012

Haven't seen it, but my husband saw it on his way to drop off at Beaubien. 4 garages south of Argyle/ Leclaire. Called it in. If you happen to see it, please report to 311.

  • FFMChris Warner Ave. Resident

    I am out of the city but will call it in and request my neighbors do the same. Can someone please provide an exact address once it is confirmed?

  • Ray Lifelong Chicagoan

    The fourth garage south is the alley between Ainslie and Strong. We need more info please.

  • I saw one garage "tagged" on Laramie between Carmen and W. (Sorry, can't remember the name but it's the one that Beaubien is on) I heard there were two garages but could only see one from where I was. A squad car was out there this morning. I will be sending a note to the Alderman (after I get the name of the street.) Two different places, not good......

  • Monica S. Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association member

    Four? Wow, I only saw and reported two. 5059 Argyle's garage (painted wood) as well as 4942 LeClaire's garage (vinyl).

  • Ok, just got off the phone with the Alderman's office. They said they were aware of the one on Argyle and took my info for the one on Laramie (between Carmen & WINNEMAC)

  • LGTH 6 yr Jeff Park resident

    I haven't seen it yet - just wanted to put it out there to the Everyblock universe after my husband saw it... but when I pass by a little later this morning I'll take a close look and report back with more info.

  • Does anyone know if anything was done to house on the corner of Ainslie/Laramie? The whole side of the house was recently tagged. I drove by on the way to work and didn't see anything on the house but didn't look closely at the garage.

  • SBV

    Looks like they went crazy tagging the neighborhood again...unfortunately, one is ours. Sorry neighbors..I feel bad the kids (especially the little ones) are looking and asking what it means and why they are doing this. Will try to clean it up ...I have reported the ones that I have seen as well.

  • SBV - Sorry to hear it......

  • Everyone call or email this in to the Alderman's Office & City of Chicago
    1. 5105 W. Argyle - White wood garage door with GANG graffiti.

    2. 5101 W. Argyle - Beige metal garage door with GANG graffiti.

    3. 5059 W. Argyle - Brown wood garage door with GANG graffiti.

    4. 5100 W. Strong - White metal garage door with GANG graffiti.

    5. 5124 W. Strong - White metal garage door with GANG graffiti.

    We all need to keep pressure on Arena & 16th District Police.

  • LGTH 6 yr Jeff Park resident

    SBV, oh that really stinks. Sorry to hear that too.
    JP Savior, thank you!!

  • SBV

    JP Savior- Thanks...Done!

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    Done. JP Savior, thank you for the specific addresses. SBV, I am sorry this happened to your home!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Took pictures and posted them on another thread

  • I called all locations in I saw cops everywhere when I was taking pics and logging locations there were actually 8 properties that got hit with taggings both latin kings and aztecas

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I noticed a presence while I was out taking pictures.

  • Yeah, I took pix, called it into 311, and submitted it to Graffiti Blasters, too. I also sent it to the alderman's office. They said they have reportred it to Graffiti Blasters, too. A few of us are wondering if we should start a neighborhood patrol at night. Any ideas or feedback on this idea?

  • itjustis Neighbor

    Thank you JP Savior.
    This problem needs to stop. My son looked at the graffiti today and said he doesn't like it. Hes only 3 years old.

  • Hi everyone.

    I am a reporter with the Medill News Service. I've been following the graffiti in the neighborhood for a few weeks now. I just left the neighborhood about an hour ago-- taking pictures and surveying the damage.

    If anyone has information that they would like to provide, or your house was marked-up, feel free to email me at


  • Jeff Parker Bleakly optimistic NW side resident

    If you're interested, here's the link to the post and photos to which Gene K referred.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    @Tiffy,I'm guessin you are from the Medill News Report from Northwestern,and not the one from DC.What is your story going to be about?

  • id be more than happy to be part of a neighborhood watch at night my street was one that got hit this time around and not happy about it. I work until 915pm so I usually am awake until 3 or 4am.

  • @Gene K, check your inbox

  • Jeff Parker Bleakly optimistic NW side resident

    Would anybody be interested in meeting as a group to discuss what we can do? Nicolle proposed citizen patrols, which could be either very effective or fruitless and dangerous. That sort of community-based action, though, is what I have in mind. I'm especially eager to hear from anybody who has successfully confronted this sort of situation before.

  • nonetoday

    If you're going to try citizen patrols, I strongly suggest you contact the 16th District Caps office to see if they can help you coordinate your efforts with the police. At a minimum they should know when you will be out there and maybe wear some sort of identifiable vest or hat.

    Finally, these gangbangers have no problem firing a weapon at a group of people. Looking at the graffiti, these are more than just little kid taggers. SO BE VERY CAREFUL!

  • I actually have a chicago police officer I'm talking to right now on my cell phone who is friends with the captain in our district he is trying to help out even though this officer works on the west side he wants to help us combat the problem.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I'm with Riff.Need help in a citizen's patrol,I'm there.Not hot on the idea of wearing identifiable clothing.Bad guys don't.And why give them something to aim at? As someone who has been shot at in various neighborhoods in this city in the course of my job,I really wouldn't suggest wearing identifiable careful but don't be scared.

  • nonetoday

    trust me Gene, they don't aim. It's to help the good guys identify each other. that's why police where uniforms, that's why security wears a uniform or similar t-shirts or hats. Do what you want folks, but a coordinated effort with the police is the safest way to do this.

    The focus of a citizen's patrol should be to deter, not apprehend (that's how you get hurt).

  • nonetoday

    FYI, those roll calls are more for politicians than they are for combating crime. As clearly indicated by the new graffiti, they have NO IMPACT whatsoever on gang activity.

    But they do give the community the temporary illusion of security. The simple truth is that we need more police officers on the northwest side.

  • the only way to get the cops back in our area is to put major pressure on the mayor.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Rick there is a problem with this that hasn't been addressed yet.These Aztecas,claimed a corner that should have been off limits because of the school there.Signs are posted everywhere around the school and the park,yet these idiots were allowed to claim the corner as theirs?So know we have to stop the Kings,get rid of Aztecas, and make Jeff park a gang free zone.Looking at the flickerz site,those guys don't even know who Aztecas are and are coming to the neighborhood to see what is going on.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    getting the mayor to give us more cops shouldn't be hard.After all,he was our congressman.

  • just wait until the g8 summit all districts will be skeleton crews

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I still don't see what the value of the summit's bring to Chicago.Michael Jordan ended the Chicago is Al Capone BS while he was here.When did we backslide?And how is inviting every lunatic anarchist to the city supposed to help its image?Is this what we get because we didn't get the Olympics?

  • terry n resident for 16 years

    My family would be happy to help as well. I am only a block away from the tagging and on a corner so I feel that it could happen to us at any time. I'm glad a freind told me about this site. I will tell more of our neighbors about it too. We need as many active neighbors as possible to stand up to this problem especially with the warmer weather approaching .

  • going to be rough while its here. I was informed any crime no matter how small it is downtown will be considered a felony. I just worry about how the gang activity might be during that time knowing even less cops will be in the districts.

  • Does someone know where the Assteca members live? Exact street address.

  • I know there are some known to be on argyle I do not know addresses sadly

  • there are spanish cobras and mlds in the neighborhood also but both gangs are hanging very low

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I think criminal charges should be used against them,hiding on a block with a school on it,then bringing trouble to the school area.Are those signs posted around the area just for looks,like most of the stop signs around here?

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    I'm a block away as well and I would be up for participating in a group patrol or stakeout or what have you.

    Does anyone know when the next CAPS meeting is?

    Also, if anyone's house was tagged or you know the people who were, I would be glad to come help scrub/paint any night this week. Just message me.

  • SBV

    Some neighbors feel these rats have already driven up and down the neighborhood just enjoying the damage they have done...they also feel that they will be back soon to tag over the existing tagging. I am willing to stay up late tonight..2 to 3am or so. Anything suspicious and I mean ANYTHING..muffler, slow drive by, ANYTHING and I will be calling 911. My neighbor will have her camera up tonight too.

  • I want to say that our next caps meeting isnt until the 21st of march have to check my calendar

  • itjustis Neighbor

    I reported the graffiti as well. I received an email from the alderman's office: "We have reported all of the tags to both the graffiti removal teams and to the 16th District police. I took pictures of all the tags this morning and the tactical unit has them. I'm told that the graffiti truck will be in the area tomorrow."

    Lets hope they get this removed quickly. I am starting to think that we should have our own graffiti blasters truck. Sad.

    What is the best way to get the graffiti off surfaces?

  • sbv if you happen to see a slow moving newer model ailver chevy going through it will probably be me. I dont work wed thur so I plan on making several rounds later in the night

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Best way to keep graffiti off of surfaces is to not put it there in the first place.We do not have to settle for this nonsense.

  • SBV


  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Some people have said not to make this a Gran Torino Moment.For them,my comment is don't make this a Warriors moment and we won't have to have a gran torino moment

  • I've been meaning to watch Gran Torino! Heard it was great. Guess I should do that soon.....

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    EB neighbors in Albany Park, 33rd Ward, have organized very effectively, reporting graffiti & gang crime. Maybe you could ask them for advice?

    Most people posting on EB are concerned neighbors, but be aware that gang members, their girlfriends and families also read these posts and make comments. Just something to keep in mind.

  • sadly our area is becoming very active because of a gang situation that started in albany park.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Just picked up this tidbit on the national gang research center website.
    "The first week in the month of March of each and every year is a Nation holiday. This holiday is known as King's Week or Week of the Sun. This holiday is the Nation's anniversary and is a week of celebration".

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Latin Kings - National Gang Crime Research Center

    Here is the national gang research web site for anyone interested.

  • itjustis Neighbor

    With all this graffiti going on, I am not concerned about the crazy lady driving around in the black pick up truck anymore.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    or the guys driving up and down the alleys all day recycling.

  • Ray Lifelong Chicagoan

    OldIrving Anna, I couldn't care less if any punks are reading our posts (if any of them can actually read) or their girlfriends or their families. In fact, it is a sad case of complete parental failure that they have let their kids run their lives and it is more than likely a generational legacy.

    Brave little boys sneaking around in the middle of the night/early morning with a spray paint can or shoe polish. My turf, my azz. I would be willing to bet 99% of them don't own property themselves. Every tagging incident is considered damage to property/vandalism and depending on whether it's over or under $350 (correct me someone) it becomes a different class of offense.

    I do know one thing though that my vehicle's air bags will probably deploy if I ever get a chance to pin one of these punks against the garage he just finished tagging. I'll consider that an exclamation point!!

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    @Ray, I hear you. If you do have a neighbors meeting, keep an eye out for the ringers. Grew up in Humboldt Park in the 1960's & 70's, surrounded by Latin Kings. Share your outrage.

  • my nephew goes to taft high school and from what he told me there are alot of aztecas that live in jefferson park some even attend taft I think police should consider putting up a police camera to scare them away that, sure helped stop gang activity near dickinson park a few years back

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    Here here Ray! If anyone in the area has a few bucks to spare I have one of these cameras setup monitoring my front door. I have it setup to record motion between 11pm and 6am. It's wireless so I'd imagine you should be able to get a signal if you mount it to film the alley. It just might help to get video of these punks.

  • I think it's also time people might want to consider some motion sensor (lights) as well as cameras. This stuff really bothers me. These idiots want to make the entire neighborhood like like absolute garbage.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I used to have a lunatic for a neighbor.She was constantly doing things then blaming my family for it.I put the video camera in the front window and guess what,the nonsense stopped.

  • itjustis Neighbor

    I think the landlords should do something about their tenants. I am sure they have been landlords for a long time in this neighborhood and I am sure they do not want this neighborhood to become another Albany Park.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I believe it is time for the 16th to start enforcing the harsher penalties for gang activity around the school

  • a lot of apartments are housing a lot of section 8

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Isn't tagging a form of recruitment,or a statement of intent?Either way it is gang activity in the so called safe zone.

  • the tagging right now are the aztecas showing their rivalry with the kings. they did a king master mokery on a garage and upside down 5s and pitchforks. both show they are a rival of the kings

  • itjustis Neighbor

    So what does that mean? Are we going to have gang fights on that corner at some point? Their actions are so juvenile. It makes me sick. Do I have to worry about my son riding his bike down the block during the summer!?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    bust them all.They are the only ones interested in their Warriors's time to send a message that property owners aren't going to put up with nonsense.

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    @Riff not sure what garage you are speaking about but the recent pictures I saw show a 5 pt crown, LK, and upside pitchfork. A king would have tagged that. The upside down pitchfork is a diss toward Folk gangs, which Aztecas are members of.

    If it was Aztecas tagging the crown would have been upside down and the pitchfork right side up.

  • I have seen the latin king ones but there are several around that are not kings

  • Neighborhood watch might be the best idea at this point. Gotta catch people in the act and let them know they're being watched. Also, not that it's gonna happen, but yeah, more police patrolling the neighborhoods in our area. It's a must.

  • We are researching surveillance cameras for our property located in the area of Agyle & LeClaire. Just noted that Menards has some wireless security cameras for indoor and outdoor placement starting at $119.00. ADT and various security companies have been out for estimates. The best system for us is a system we can watch remotely from our computer or phone and has night vision. We could ask about a "group" discount for our neighbors. Or if anyone has any info to help us with security camera research we would very much appreciate the help.

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    That link I posted a few posts up is what I use. They are web enabled so I can view from my computer, work computer or smartphone. I have 4 totals cameras, 3 are currently inside the house to monitor the dog walker and we set all 4 of them up to record motion when we're out of town. You can also set up email/sms notification is there is an event. Below is a picture I just grabbed from my front door cam, it's pretty dark outside I can see clear to the street.

  • terry n resident for 16 years

    I live near strong and leclaire and have cameras all around my building that I have connected to a monitor. I do have night vision which can see pretty good at night with a zoom in feature these are wired cameras though. I think the wireless are good too my neice has them just had some problems with rain interference. Theywork fine and are pretty reasonable. I'm glad so many people have cameras. I know my neighbor also has them and he sees some of the property i cant .They never know if someones watching them or getting enough footage to see there face or even a plate number

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    @Riff: "sadly our area is becoming very active because of a gang situation that started in albany park."

    I live in AP, in the 33rd, and am an active poster on EB for that area. I follow gang activity very closely because I have lived near a hotspot for 6 months. I'm no gang expert, but I am aware. I am dearly sorry to hear about your gang taggings, the damage to property, and everything else.

    If you are dealing with Aztecas, your problems did not come from Albany Park, Aztecas are not an active gang in AP. We do have an active Latin King set. Latin Kings are very large in Chicago, and occupy many neighborhoods through out the city, even Jefferson Park.

    Your situation becoming active is not a result of a situation that began in AP. AP gangs are primarily Spanish Gangster Disciples, Spanish Cobras, Simon City Royals, Familia Stones, Latin Kings, Conservative Vice Lords (who's activity comes closest to JP area), and recently a little Gaylords. But no Aztecas. When you know your gangs, and you know their borders, and learn how to read their tags, you can anticipate some of their movements.

    I don't know enough gang detail to tell you what corners JP sets occupy, there are some other AP posters better at this than me.

    Just thought I'd share.

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    I spent 2 months researching DIY security cameras. I finally installed one 2 weeks ago. I'm in the middle of writing a VERY long detailed review of it, but it's not complete yet.

    What I learned when reviewing the cameras is the wireless ones are not worth it, in my opinion. Both the rf wireless, and the networked wireless. The range was just too short.

    There is not a single camera that is perfect. You have to weigh what you are looking for. My criteria was I wanted a networking camera, outdoor, night vision, didn't have to leave a computer on to record the video, could watch the video remotely at work, could watch video on my smart phone, and would send me emails with screen shots when motion detected.

    I chose the Logitech Alert 750e

    It's not cheap, it's about $300. But it's hi def video. It was effortless to install. So far I love it, and I have felt much safer since I set it up. It satisfied all my requirements. The video quality is amazing, the night vision quality beat my expectations. I plan on installing two more of these cameras around my house.

    I'll have a full review up in AP EB in a few days.

  • the aztecas killed a latin king in albany park this is why this is happening

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    @Riff: Wasn't aware of this. When did this happen, this was off my radar, not challenging you, just curious.

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    @chris not sure of the date but an Aztecas named Colorz shot a king named shadow, in the get away Colorz was killed by CPD. You can see the rip tag here

    And the Shadowz rots tag here

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    @chris that's a nic cam good solution using power line networking. I already have a 5tb NAS on 24/7 and plenty of wifi coverage around my house that's why I chose the cams I did. But for someone without a NAS that camera with the on board storage is a great option

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    Thanks Tom & Riff, apologies for any misinformation about the Aztecas, still learning as I go. This incident was back in June, I remember it now.

  • Leo J Neighbor

    I am happy to see that there is a ton of interest in resolving the graffitti and gang issues in this area. We have to fight this problem and assure that it doesn't spread beyond control. Gang activity is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated, especially near a school. Let's have a large turnout at the next CAPS meeting and make this the #1 priority. In the meantime, let's get the current graffitti cleared up.

  • There are cameras that hunters use for game tracking, they take pics without flash. If someone has one and can find a indiscreet place to set it up. Having pics of the perps would be a big asset to put them away.

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    Something that might interest JP people impacted by these taggings.

    City Hall has decided to switch Graffiti Blasters to a grid program (similar to pot hole and tree trimming) as part of a cost costing measure. This will move Graffiti Blasters to approximately a 12 day cycle between ward visits. I started a thread on this here last week:

    Many of us in AP are strongly opposed to this change.

    A friend of mine, and a joint effort between IPCNA and UNITE (two AP community organizations), has started an online petition. We'd love to have JP residents sign this petition.

    Also, I am attempting, with some help from OldIrvingAnna, attempting to write a letter that all Albany Park and Old Irving Park community and civic organizations can sign off on as a joint letter sent to our mayor and our aldermen stating our disapproval of this Graffiti Blasters change. If there are any here that represent JP community org, civic orgs, or block clubs, please contact me through email on EB.

  • Maybe Alderman Arena can have a couple more of those great photo op roll calls on the street. How about this crazy idea, get the staff levels back to the level they are supposed to be at in the 16th dist. and lets not forget all the tax payer tact teams that go to 25, and 15...I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

  • nonetoday

    Hats, masks, hoodies make it next to impossible to catch anyone from a grainy dark video. I agree with the camera idea, but remember that the goal is to deter.

    Unless you plan on spending thousands on some very sophisticated equipment, I suggest you get the cameras that give off an intermittent flash to let people know they are being watched.

    That's why all the police cameras have the blue lights on them. Those cameras almost NEVER identify anyone for prosecution, NEVER.

    But they do help to prevent crime in the immediate area.

  • Jenny G. Forest Glen homeowner

    Bright ass motion lights would help, too. I'm going to look tonight for ones to mount on top of our garage.

  • terry n resident for 16 years

    Good idea Jenny I was thinking the same thing . Light up the neighborhood I'm gonna check them out to it can only help

  • ALH 6-year Jeff Park neighbor

    Got tagged twice a couple years ago. I put up motion activated lighting that covers my gangway and garage and have not had it happen since. And I can see if I take the trash out when it's dark...

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Chuck without the photo ops,they won't look official.Have any of the Aztecas been arrested for gang activity yet?

  • These new tags were from three different King sets:

    L/A= Lawrence/Ashland.
    B/H= Berwyn/Hoyne
    C/B= Clark/Bryn Mawr.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Thanks cold war.I read on another sight that the photo ops are causing people to come see what the attraction is.

  • SBV, sorry to hear that. I live on Argyle, but by the LeClaire side, and this business is really starting to depress me. Do we have a neighborhood watch set up? Should we?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Maybe do a little driving around some places mentioned in this thread and get some pictures.Or take a bus and act like a tourist taking pictures.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Or I am sure these guys are known from their hood,so if our cops talk to their cops and get us some pictures,we will know who they are and can act accordingly.

  • SBV really is getting ridiculous..I kept my word and stayed up till 3am last night..but so did an unmarked car and a squad car. They were parked at each corner. I wouldn't mind being part of the neighborhood watch, I just think that as summer approaches, things will just get worse. We should put something together as it gets warmer out. I will be at next CAPS meeting. I don't know if that is the place to discuss a plan? I have never experienced anything like this and I don't like it:(

  • I know I and my spouse would be willing to contribute to neighborhood watches. If someone has an idea on how to get one going, please let us know! SBV has got a good point regarding the nicer weather and increase in misconduct: said the same thing to my kid before sending her off to Roberts Square Park this afternoon.

  • SBV

    Oh WOW! I said the same to mine! These good kids were so wanting to go to the park and get fresh air and sun...and here I am putting the scare into them...they ended up not going and doing something else.

  • Ray Lifelong Chicagoan

    These gang bangers are not going to harm you or your kids at RS Park. The last thing you all need to do is abandon your efforts to enjoy the frills and opportunities the park provides. They don't go around tagging in broad daylight and if more than three punks who look suspicious, are acting in illegal activities, or anything that seems unsafe (it's called gut feeling) - your have your phone CALL 911 and let the cops handle it. While you're at it snap a photo so the cops know what they are wearing or what car they jump in to just in case they scatter...

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Please people we are not having a gang war with guns blazing and people needing to stay inside.If you are going to stay inside in fear,the bad guys have already won.And don't be scared when the neighborhood teens are out.They act like that because they are teenagers.Ray makes some great suggestions.

  • Bob's Tinfoil Hat

    I just called in some tagging on some business along Higgins. Some on a corner building and mostly on the sides and rear of the CVS. Goes to show, it's not contained to Argyle/Leclaire but spreading. I'm not trying to cause alarm...just trying to stay on top of it. I didn't feel this warranted its own thread so I thought I'd just hitch a ride on this one.

  • Jennifer Neighbor near Prussing

    Hey all - if you are interested in what some of the gang graffiti and hand signs are, check out this link:

    It doesn't have all of the different sects of gangs up, but it might allow you to identify some of the tagging that is occurring. Also, trying to decipher what some of the signs mean can be a bit tricky. My first class in grad school was Chicago Gangs (MA in Soc at DePaul). What we learned was: upside down symbols is a total disrespect of that gang; RIP obviously is for a gang member who passed, anything with a slash is a disrespect.

    This is a good blog to decode some gang signs (this is not Chicago based, but does have good info:

  • Bob's Tinfoil Hat

    The city should furnish handy reference guide to keep track of all those a sticker or something...(tongue firmly planted in cheek).

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Found a new recent video the Honor Roll Students from here have uploaded. I can't post where it's at here, due to the "EB community guidelines" . Email me and I can give it to you. My email is in my profile.

    thought some of you might be interested.

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    kenji, I think I ran across the same video. There are clear pictures of some of these fine students and some audio. Are we not allowed to post YT here?

  • Paul Informed

    Someone touched upon this in a single post.. but let us bear in mind that a lot of these problems encroaching into our neighborhoods now are largely due to Section-8 housing found in the apartment buildings and some houses.

    People who come into this area that normally would a) not be able to afford housing here nor b) freely choose to live here as opposed to their nation's normal neighborhood.

    So they move in and see no other gangs established. All it takes is for one or two of them to go ask their original set for permission to create a new set in their new neighborhood/corners and presto.. they now have a new chapter of their gang in the area.

    So they now have to hold the corner down, make money (i.e. theft, drugs, etc..) and they either start to recruit kids from the neighborhood or move in more from their original set.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @tom using the hazy "Community Guidelines" here on EB, linking to that video could possibly lead to EB banning a user. The video's content, I think, falls into a " do not", set by EB. Here's the EB link and quote from the URL:

    EveryBlock Don’ts
    • Don’t post inappropriate pictures or messages. This includes photos and messages that contain nudity, extreme violence, sexual content, hatred, bigotry, racism, illegality (including child pornography) or those that misrepresent another person or organization. In addition, photos that appear to be taken surreptitiously and in a private space are not allowed.

  • AoifeSineadRonan babysitter & JP resident

    Yes Paul, my neighbor (a cop in 14) is furious that a gang banger lives on his block on house arrest - one he has arrested many times. But he doesn't gang bang here but in humboldt pk.

  • Hello fellow neighbors! Nice to see everybody getting involved with this situation. I was born and raised in the albany park neighborhood, but we got out due to the increase in gang avtivity. After living in the harlem/irving area for 5+ years or so, it was like a breath of fresh air, a whole new world, compared to what i was exposed to most of my life living in the albany park neighborhood. We just moved to the jeff park area, just a couple blocks away from the leclaire/argyle intersection, a little over a year ago. At first i was happy living here and for the most part felt safe and at ease. That was until, after dropping a child off at beaubien one morning, i noticed the gang graffiti murals on the 3 mentioned buildings, and my jaw dropped! I felt like my whole life had just rewinded and i was back living in the "hood" again. I did one time have 3 gangmembers who were standing on the corner on elston and foster with all black hooded sweatshirts throw up gang signs at me and yell out gang slogans as i drove past, but i figured they were just lost or something, as they looked a little nervous, so i just ignored them and kind of laughed it off. I do like the neighborhood for the most part, except for the increase in crime i been seeing and reading about. I do understand that in all reality gangs will be gangs and they will do what they have to do to hold up their honor and reputation, and i have no problem with that, it is their life, they are grown, and good or bad, they do as they want, just like the rest of us. However, one thing i dont agree with is the fact that they are fighting over a "set" that is so close to an elementary school. That corner belongs to the kids of beaubien, and as grown men, they should open up their eyes and realize that. CONT...

  • I never been in a gang, so im not too sure, but i doubt their code of ethics has anything to do with harming innocent children??? Or any innocent person who isnt involved in any gang activity??? Now a days the gangs are all out of order and have no structure. I remember back in the day when the REAL gangs were all about PROTECTING your neighborhood, and not destroying it!!!! They were sort of like another form of police, where if somebody who wasnt part of the neighborhood came over and started stealing, or raping, or killing, then that person would be dealt with, even if the victims werent part of their gang, but now it just seems like the tables turned and now they are the ones tearing up the neighborhoods instead of making sure they are safe. Well back to the whole graffiti thing, apparently the latin kings are claiming that as one of their "sets", as well as a few other gangs, there is a video on you tube that shows these guys right on that corner in the middle of the night doing idk what, i really didnt want to mention it, but im sure they wouldnt mind the publicity. Just go to youtube and type in albany park lks, it looks like they are driving in circles in this brown van, not too sure, but if you dont feel like watching the whole gangbang video, just fast foward to 1;10 and look at the street signs, i believe it is also listed as one of their territories on the website.

  • @chicago born and raised, i have never heard of a "gang protecting the neighborhood" . i think you may have meant to say "vigilante groups" as they protect neighborhoods in the way you described.
    A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in the community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. ttp://
    A vigilante is a private individual (or (pl.) group of individuals) who undertakes law enforcement without legal authority

  • Ray Lifelong Chicagoan

    Simply put, punks with no direction, no courage to be their own man/woman. A bunch of weak followers who have no spine who either have no father figure in their lives or have no family values. If ever there should be 'censorship' it is for those who post their illegal activities on the internet for others to emulate. Granted, the videos taken can still be used by the police to assist in identifying and charging perpetrators of crimes without the need to post on the net. No respect from me ever!

    However, there are other ways and their is hope. I am part of a youth program for kids 4-14 which uses rugby to channel those who need guidance, strength and to learn how to respect one another through sport. Additionally we are all very happy that one day one of our kids may have a shot at being Olympians with rugby being re-introduced to the 2016 Games in Rio.

  • Mike New Jeff Park Home Owner in 2012

    @JP Savior - Thanks for posting all the addresses and descriptions. I emailed the alderman's office.

    I live pretty much right next door to one of the houses that was hit. I am all on board with getting involved with other people in the area to combat this crap whatever way we can. I do agree it needs to be a joint effort with the police though.

    When is the next 16th district CAPS meeting?

  • terry n resident for 16 years

    I'll help anyway I can too. I'm turning any footage I capture on video on leclaire in even if I just see them walking by in the middle of the night usually these kids are checking car doors. My neighbor has some good cameras so they have no idea how many are getting them on tape now were going to catch them.

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