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Added Feb 04 2013

I started working on a nomination suggestion for the Chicago Landmarks committee to make the Kirchbaum Building (Bruno's Lounge) at 6560 N. Sheridan Rd. a Chicago Landmark. The building is just too beautiful to be demolished by Loyola and it's the last original building on the block. The building is already listed on the Chicago Historic Resources Survey as architecturally important. Loosing the terra cotta mural at the top depicting Fort Dearborn and many other Chicago buildings would be a loss to Chicago history and the neighborhood. Does anyone think making this building a Chicago Landmark is possible and does anyone in the neighborhood even support it?

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    A resounding Yes. If the building can't be saved, the 1922 Northwestern Terra Cotta Company's mural, and perhaps some of the terra cotta facade, must be saved. Follow links at: The Kirchbaum is of similar architectural vintage as The Mayne Stage (originally the Morse Theater then the Co-Ed Theater), The New 400 Theaters (originally The Regent), the Rogers Park Hotel and the Sheridan Beach Hotel (all still surviving). If you organize a volunteer strategy group please let us know. This sounds worthwhile.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    I had no idea that terra cotta mural was up there until someone wrote about it on EveryBlock a year or so ago. The next time I was down that way, I made a point of checking it out. I agree, it must be saved if it all possible.

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Northwestern Terra Cotta, a Chicago operation, was hot. They did other important work for Louis Henry Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, the Civic Opera House, Wrigley Building, Chicago Theater and Randolph Tower (the former Steuben Club). In their heyday they had around 1,000 workers here. The mural and facade MUST be saved. I'm going to sharpen my pitchfork and soak my torch in oil.

  • Is Loyola currently plannning to tear it down?

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Loyola hasn't been able to buy it although they have made a number of attempts. The owner is holding out and has been successful in doing so for a very long period of time. Loyola seems to have accepted that and apparently is planning construction around it. Even so, gaining protective status for the terracotta facade work and mural might be a good thing to do anyway.

  • Dee On Newgard '92

    Go Brono's! I need some older men to harass every once in a Blue Moon.

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Check out the older men at Morningside Court, 1250 W. Morse bwahahaha. Fluency in Ukranian or Chechen is a plus.

  • Dee On Newgard '92

    What? I can't show a little leg?

  • KandD Rogers Park native, third generation

    Please keep me in the loop on this -- I would be happy to help.

  • Zoë Bottger Energy Impact Illinois Field Organizer

    Actually they just bought it this winter. for 62 million dollars. Brunos is supposed to be closing at the end of the month. I am very saddened by this, and would love to help with any initiative to get it recognized as a national historic landmark.

    I am positive that there will be loads of community support to help save the building.

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Ugh. The terracottas must be saved. ChrisB-RP are you taking the lead on this I hope? Back to sharpening up the pitchfork I guess.

  • Dee On Newgard '92

    62 mil?

  • A.S Living and Playing in Chicago

    Yea it should be saved but Rogers Park needs a facelift and the more it's renovated the better. If we save every building we would never be able to move forward. Neighborhood evolve and change.

  • Mac I complain on EB on the regular.

    I remember watching a wttw historic Chicago show and this building was featured. I was shocked how close I lived to it. Supposed to the skyline from the 1920's Chicago. I vote to save and place it on a registry of sorts. It's beautiful.

    But if the Loyola mafia got a hold of it. Bu bye.

  • Zoë Bottger Energy Impact Illinois Field Organizer

    Hi everybody! the information I had about brunos turned out to be false. I had gotten my info from some of the regulars, and it turned out to be a tall tale/ bar gossip. My apologies for providing incorrect information. I would be quite happy to help with any process to get the building registered as a landmark, so if anyone has any information about that please let me know!

  • Joe Moore not really the Alderman, 49th Ward

    Tear it down. That block is going to look crappy with nice new buildings on both sides, and that dump in the middle.

    If you want to remember what it looks like, or the fine detail work along the top...take a picture. Take a few. They will last longer.

  • Bruce_ Chiraq Park

    Keep it.

  • A.S Living and Playing in Chicago

    If he doesn't want to sell it fine, at least renovate the front so it can keep up with the new buildings.

  • I know the family and have always been told that Bruno will NEVER sell.

  • I'm so glad this is receiving so much positive response and support! To the person who said "tear it down and take a picture" taking a picture of a building doesn't make up for the loss of the physical, artistic, and historical presence of it. If it sticks out between the two newly planned buildings, then that is Loyola's fault for building bland boring buildings. They should put effort into matching the architecture and character of the neighborhood.

    I'm in the early stages of writing and researching for the "Suggestion For Chicago Landmark" form that will be sent to the Commission on Chicago Landmarks. So far without much research, the building already meets 3 of the 7 of the city's criteria for being a landmark. It has a distinctive theme, unique and distinctive visual feature, and it has value as an example of city heritage. I haven't reached out to Bruno and his family yet, but plan to in the coming weeks. Does anyone know if they would support making their building a Chicago Landmark?

  • dj long time RP home owner

    Yeah, no way 62 mil. Tall tale indeed. That would be like all the TIF money and then some. It will be just like the building on Chestnut that wouldn't sell to LU. A 20 or so story building on one side and a 4 story on the other. And Bruno's inside is a dump.

  • Mac I complain on EB on the regular.

    DaveP must be referencing some of the beautiful architecture that Loyola built on Sheridan road, specifically the dorms.

  • dj long time RP home owner

    Can't say I appreciate Loyola's architectural style; they've decided to brand themselves a with consistent architectural style - bland, boring..But it has got to be better than Sheridan Florist, the auto mechanic, or the greasy spoons that used to be on that block. Never patronized them. Save the terra cotta, on that alone I agree..

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Zoë, thanks for letting us know that "sale" was a tall tale.

  • A.S Living and Playing in Chicago

    The buildings whether plain or not,will be new and give that area a refreshed look. They need to preserve it then by doing some touch ups and renovate the front at least,why as someone said they want their business to look like a dump is beyond me.

  • Helen, are you sure that you have seen the terra cotta on Bruno's? That place is located SOH...:-)

  • Emily Let there be peace

    Duck your heads NOH --- incoming snark attack. Red alert, red alert.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    C.K., I'm also privy by way of email to some of YOUR posts on that blog so I'd be careful if I were you.

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    Whoa! I think we found our stalker here. I can't believe you just posted this!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    I can't believe you posted what you posted in that other blog either, RPong. I understand both of you came to your senses there. There, unlike here, I'm told one can remove their offensive posts. Thanks for doing that.

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    So you've just admitted you're the stalker! Wow. That's hilarious. Stalk away! Have fun. Would you like a link to my Facebook? Or my home address?

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Let's stop name calling and making online accusations of stalking and other things. This is the second thread on which the poster recently has done that in violation of community guidelines. Please stay on topic, the Kirichbaum Building, or begin another thread for making online accusations. The terracottas, not accusations, need our attention on this thread.

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    Wait, do your different accounts (personalities) argue amongst themselves?

  • Joe Moore not really the Alderman, 49th Ward

    What other blog?

  • Shelena Marie Beach goer

    "Morse hell hole"

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Giggle. RPong. I'm technologically incompetent. Couldn't do that even if I wanted to. So let's stop with the cat fight, ok?

    Yes, Advocate, good point. Chris, how is your research going for the landmark suggestion?

  • Mac I complain on EB on the regular.

    Is there really some sort of NOH vs. SOH animosity. I better pick a side quick, don't want to be left on the fringe.

    Lets come together and save this god damn building.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    No, Mac, if you had read that other blog before certain items were deleted, you would understand. But you're right: let's keep our focus on the building and tilework.

  • Dee On Newgard '92

    Being on the fringe is sometimes underrated.

    I'm all in for saving dive watering holes, however, Bruno's (sorry for the prior misspell) seems to be standing tall. Landmark status is a double edged sword. IMO it should be up to the owners to seek such status.

  • The facade of the building can be renovated and incorporated into the design of whatever new building may go in its place. I've seen it done very successfully. Why is it that history and craftsmanship is sacrificed in the name of progress? With some imagination, and people with a shred of creativity, we can have both.

  • Bruce_ Chiraq Park

    We should all meet there for a refreshing beverage, invite Donny as well. BTW I do like to fish.

  • Mark S

    Does the owner of the building want landmark status?

    Also, see the Whole Foods at Waveland and Halsted, for how nice terra cotta can be incorporated into a new building.

  • KandD Rogers Park native, third generation

    I grew up in and out of all the stores that used to be on that block. Papa Dees, Cindy Sue's, The Campus Room, Bruno's (as a teen ;) ), Round Records, Jim's Deli, The Army Navy Store, The original My II (Pie) Pizza. Everything does have to change and evolve. I really do hope there is something to do to save the façade. I just spoke to a nice person at the RSHS and he said not to quote him as his information is a couple of months old. As he understands it, the bldg. Bruno's is in is not going to be torn down. He took my info. and is going to put out feelers for more current information.

  • Count on me and my husband's signatures. We met there 14 years ago. Before that my Dad was a customer while at Stritch Medical. He and I would meet there for a drink when I was at Loyola and he was on his way home. Sometimes I would come in and find he had bought me a drink on his last visit. Bruno's is historic, the building is amazing.

  • KandD Rogers Park native, third generation

    Any movement around obtaining landmark status for the bruno's bldg?

  • ptgrp E. of Sheridan

    Yeah, love Bruno's, and they're model citizens as a business...but actual landmark status is a double-edged sword: couldn't it actually decrease the property value? (Actually asking.)

  • I love this building and I'm so happy others are trying to save it. The exterior embellishment is absolutely exceptional. I spoke to the guy who owns Bruno's as he owns this lovely building and he would really like to save it, but could he be blamed for finally accepting an offer that substantially bettered his situation? We need to find a way to save the building and make sure that he makes out, too. Since Loyola U is the beneficiary of something like $40M in TIF funds from the Loyola/Devon TIF, they should be neighborly and contribute to the preservation and restoration of this building, the least the university can do.

  • New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, Memphis and many other cities have found ways to maintain the significant exteriors of treasured buildings while allowing new builds. Landmark Status is a double edges sword. No owner wants to be told that any improvements/changes will have to be submitted to a board.

    If the terracotta exterior is all that is of concern I would suggest that it be targeted for specific preservation. I would support that.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Loyola doesn't own the building. Unless and until Bruno sells it, the terra cotta is safe. The only thing really worth saving is the glazed terra cotta mural of Chicago's 1922 skyline. Bruno's itself (Bruno & Tim's Lounge and Liquor Store) is best described by the words dark, dingy, cheap beer, local dive and very yesterday. To some that is the same as nostalgia, history and local tradition. The bar isn't worth saving if Bruno wants to sell the building for demolition but the mural is worth saving. Let Bruno decide what he wants to do with his own property and his own mural.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    I doubt that Bruno would ever sell the building, but Bruno is not going to live forever. Then, it will be sold. And what will happen to the facade then?

  • rogersparker, yes, the beautiful terra cotta embellishment can be incorporated into a new build to good effect, and I would support that if Bruno's decides to sell. Remember the little building that used to be on the wedge at Sheridan& Broadway in Uptown, that had fabulous beige & blue terra cotta ornamentation? That terra cotta was incorporated into the facade of the apartment building next to Target, at the corner entrance, and adds character to what would be a rather boring building otherwise.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    The Commission on Chicago Landmarks is responsible for recommending buildings, structures, sites and districts for legal protection as official Chicago landmarks . Staffed by the Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Planning and Development (DPD), the commission is also responsible for reviewing proposed alterations to existing landmarks and districts, as well as proposed demolitions of structures considered to be historically or architecturally significant. Established in 1968, the commission has 9 members that are appointed by the mayor with City Council consent.

    By statute, the commission is required to contact and consult with the owner of recommended properties. The designation process is set forth in sections 2-120-630 through 2-120-730 of Chicago's Municipal Code and gives strong deference to the private property rights of property owners.

    The Emil Bach house on Sheridan Road has official Chicago Landmark status because the owner began by requesting it; the Kirchbaum building does not. RP Advocate, have you ever spoken with Bruno or are you just trying to impose your desires on property that he owns and you don't?

    How about you BruceB-RP? A year ago on February 5th you said you were going to reach out to Bruno. Have you? The glazed mural of the skyline is a treasure but it belongs to Bruno. Have you done anything to preserve it in the future by contacting him?

  • Bruno might be more receptive to a sale if he knew that the mural could be preserved- AND the beautiful terra cotta framing the entry, which is also very colorful and attractive. It would be great if it could be incorporated into the new building on the site, thus lending character and charm to the new building. Nobody makes stuff like this anymore!

  • I detest what Loyola has done to that block. Hey Joe Moore, we should name a beach after Bruno Roti! Or how about an honorary Bruno Roti Way.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    The Kirchbaum, along with about 150 others in Rogers Park, is listed in the survey as "possessing some architectural feature or historical association that makes it POTENTIALLY significant". The survey does not proclaim that it is in fact significant. The Granada Theater was one among the other 150 buildings along with Alumni Gym. Neither, both of which were more grand than the Kirchbaum, were significant enough to be granted Landmark status. A listing of potential significance (Orange category) is different than a finding of actual significance (Red category) in the Resource Survey listing.

  • So you want it torn down so we look more like Des Plaines, bro?

  • Why you want it torn down bro? Not suburban enough, bro?

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Hey ChrisB-RP, a year ago you said you would contact Bruno in the coming weeks. Have you done that? The "coming weeks" have turned into a completely new year by now and some people, like Carla and Anne, seem on the verge of apoplexy.

  • What you got against a beautiful old building and a chill old tavern, bro? You just hate everything, bro?

  • Serious, bro. You hate everything nice, bro?

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    I hate everything nice, bro.

  • Huh. Unhappy life, bro.

  • I brotest this bro-ist environment.

  • Why you hate that nice old building, bro? What you so mad about, bro?

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Hi Scott, just checking in.

  • Check, bro.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Just wait until Tawani snaps up the Sheridan Leona's property and parking lot at a fire sale and builds another wonderful development with off-street parking, near a major business zone and the beach. It will be another Prizker-Tawani jewel in the crown of Rogers Park. Bring it on!

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Check, bro.

  • Someone on this thread said that the building has indeed been sold. If so, I can't blame the ownership for taking what must have been a generous offer for this scarce frontage. I had a feeling the place was done for when EYZ optical moved out, up to Pratt & Sheridan.

    The battle now is to save the terra cotta ornamentation because the building itself is obsolete and shabby. Who can we contact, and how much will it cost to carefully remove the ornamentation? Can we pursuade Loyola (or whoever the decision maker is) to incorporate the terra cotta into the new building to go up there?

  • How do we get BRUNO ROTI declared a Chicago landmark ?

  • Little known fact :

    Bruno Roti introduced PHILLIP ROGERS to the native Americans who used to live here.

    Bruno provided the " beverages " for this first meeting.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    If you're talking about "Bruno's" pub, and the building, I believe Bruno needs to apply for the landmark status. He may not want it based on all the things he'd need to do and or not do when something is approved as an historical landmark. I don't know the criteria and actual process, but a good place to start may be on the City of Chicago website + Google it.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Anyone may recommend landmark designation. The Landmark Commission staff then researches the building in question and makes its recommendation to the full Commission. If the Commission accepts the recommendation it then must seek agreement from the building's owner. If the owner disagrees, a public hearing must be held. It's a lengthy and expensive process that is unlikely to be triggered by an "Orange category" building listed on the Chicago Historic Resources Survey as Bruno's building is. The ultimate decision would rest with the City Council which, in turn, would rely heavily on the Ward Alderman's recommendation. No doubt the Alderman would consult with Bruno and his immediate neighbors including Loyola University. Having landmark status slapped on his building would place an unwanted economic burden on Bruno which, unless he is an avid historic preservationist (unlikely), he would not want. Since ChrisB-RP seems to have disappeared it appears that the point of this thread is pretty moot unless somebody else is willing to take action and simultaneously antagonize Bruno.

  • Still sound just like Moore, bro.

  • I haven't read this entire thread...sorry if this is a repeat:

    In case you all haven't noticed, Joe Moore and Loyola go hand in hand at all times. Meanwhile, Moore grants a liquor license to everyone who applies for a liquor license ... especially near Bruno's. Why? To cut into Bruno's business at every turn and whittle him right out of business so Loyola can get their grimy little hands on that beautiful building.

    Joe is quietly helping a building owner at Magnolia and Devon to overturn an 80 year old moratorium on liquor sales--so they can open a great big bar that will cater to more drunks who claim to be 'students' at Loyola.
    Sure, he had a 'community meeting' and asked us what we want in that corner storefront, but we haven't heard from him since. And he doesn't seem to be supporting anyone who opposes a 2a.m. bar at that location. We don't hear from him anymore.

    Now they sell package liquor at the 7-Eleven on Sheridan and Broadway.
    You need a liquor license in the 49th Ward?--- write Joe a nice check for his campaign...and he'll get you a liquor license. You'll have no problem.

    Quote from a restaurant owner on Devon Avenue, "Joe Moore told me, 'I'm gonna get you a liquor license if you throw a party for me!' "

    Pay to play. This why Joe says, "I'm on top of my game."

  • I'm not a fan of Joe's, but liquor has ALWAYS been sold at the 7-11 at Devon and Broadway- that store did not get that license recently, but many years ago. That's why it was a wonder to me that CVS, a reputable national chain, was denied a license for its store by the Loyola station.

  • My guess is Loyola nixed selling liquor at the CVS. They control the tenants in their building.

  • rpfriend tellin the truth, bro. Moore don't even hide it. But he's rich!

  • A.S Living and Playing in Chicago

    How is Devon part of RP-seems more sense it becomes part of Edgewater.

  • If it's the south side of Devon, it's Edgewater, but the north side is RP.

  • Hi Laura--- I meant Go Grocer..supposed to be going into the Granada Center. Here's the article in DNA Info.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    What's with all this bro stuff, bro?

  • Got nothin to do with you, bro. Straighten ur panties.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Perv, bro.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Bruno's has it's own clientele. The customers are highly unlikely to switch to some fancy new place so the idea that Joe is trying to drive Bruno's out-of-business by granting new licenses is a figment of rpfriend's imagination.

  • How you know, old figment?

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Look Scotty Perv, if Bruno wants landmark status then he should apply for it... the community support certainly appears to be there. But, most likely he does not and is simply honored by the thought. Right now you're just "bro'ing in the wind"

  • Helpha


  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    I'm a poet; I know it; Hope I don't bro it!

  • Ranman RP denizen since 1973

    Not that he owes me or anyone else an explanation, but I have yet to see or hear anything regarding the reasons Bruno - and his father before him - have held-out on selling the property to Loyola.
    I have been a student/hobbyist/amateur docent of Chicago architecture since the mid-70s, and frankly, aside from the facade, the building isn't all that attractive. Honestly, even the most bland of urban retail designs would be an improvement provided that the tiles were included.

    If Loyola is refusing to consider a purchase contingency to save the terra cotta facade (all of it, not just the mural) and employ it in the construction of what ever building might go up in its place, I could see why Bruno would refuse to sell. I would as well.
    But, if this is just some long-standing animus toward the university, and his motives are nothing more than stubborn vindictiveness over some long-past dispute, he really should consider letting it go, cash-in (BIG time!!) and move on.

  • A bit off topic, but I was surprised to find out that the remodeled Walgreen’s at Broadway and Glenlake doesn’t sell liquor. I know that it is a different ward. As I recall, Granville and Winthrop was forced to become “dry” years ago when some big attorney who was with Mayer Brown, help to push it through. She lived in the neighborhood. This may have covered Walgreen’s also.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    IMO, it doesn't sound like Bruno has any interest in selling his business or obtaining landmark status. In other words, he likes things just the way they are. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

  • Bruno's no fan a Moore, bro. Doesn't like him a bit. Only talks about it to friends, bro.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Prove up, bro.

  • Walk u lazy behind over and ask him, bro.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    I asked you to prove up = you do the work, you made the statement, bro.

  • Why u think anybody answers to u, bro?

  • Bruno has political connections of his own. If I'm correct one relative was an alderman.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Yes, it was Fred Roti and he passed away in 1999. He had an interesting history, from Wiki:

  • He still no fan a Moore. Seen him smile to Moores face then get everybody to laughin after he left.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Ranman, did it ever occur to you that perhaps Bruno enjoys running the tavern and liquor store and simply doesn't want to sell it? He sat behind me at the meeting on the proposal for a hotel at Albion & Sheridan, seemingly just to find out more about what his new neighbor may be.

  • Ranman RP denizen since 1973

    "...did it ever occur to you..."
    Thanks for the condescending reply, Helen.
    Of course that, as well as numerous other possibilities occurred to me. I merely posited two. I deeply apologize for not delineating every single solitary conceivable scenario in my comment above.

  • Old mamma don't know much a anything.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    And you know everything Pervyculo, lol. You are clearly arrogant and disrespectful troll.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    The rude and intentional arrogance is a masquerade attempt at covering up an enormous inferiority complex. The biggest bullies and the biggest mouths on the playground tend to be those with the biggest inferiority complexes and raging senses of inadequacy which, at least in our case here, is fully justified.

  • Tom Jarvis nine years in the RP

    Look in the mirror, Nicky.

  • My bro Nicky sound just like Moore.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Well good morning Sunshine. How are you today Tom? Is the sun shining on Jarvis? I take it that you like his constant complaining, whining and deception? He will be much happier after he moves to DesPlaines. Will you host a bon voyage party? Please invite me if you do.

  • Nicky you losin it, bro. But you still sound just like Moore, bro.

  • dj long time RP home owner

    Walgreen's on Broadway stopped selling liquor as it is a low profit item - draws customers in but doesn't have much profit - when the shrinkage (read retail theft) outweighed its benefits.

  • dj long time RP home owner

    As for Bruno's façade, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Me, ugh.

  • I'm in agreement with those who value the history of buildings like Bruno's over the sterile, unimaginative designs of things like the hotel that's going in next to it. I don't believe losing everything from the community's origins is in any way best for the community. There needs to be a balance.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Hey Tommys Mommy, I hear you loud and clear. You don't like the new hotel's design and that's a perfectly valid position. I have two recommendations that might cure your discontent. The first is to put your money where your mouth is. Buy properties like that and build the pretty things that you like to look at. But if you don't have the money to do that, just move to pretty places where you would be happy. Something for which I have little tolerance is people who think they have a right to tell other people what they can or can't do with property they own. How would you feel if a bunch of neighbors protested where you live and claimed that where you live is ugly; they didn't like the way it looked and they wanted it to be made pretty according to their standards and not yours. Would you like people who had no ownership in your property telling you how they wanted it to be? Personally that would tick me off and I'd tell to get their noses and protests out of my private business. Or do you not respect private property rights and think that we should be able to act as a socialist collective? I respect your right to have your own opinion. I do not respect your attempts to control other people's private property.

  • Bro, u really think people care about all that mad talk from U?

  • It's not that simple, 'Nicky.' The community has a vested interest in how it is developed, that's why we have zoning laws. To quote from Wikipedia, "The primary purpose of zoning is to segregate uses that are thought to be incompatible. In practice, zoning also is used to prevent new development from interfering with existing uses and/or to preserve the "character" of a community."

    A community expects its leader to consider the wishes of the community when new development is proposed. This is why some of us oppose the current ward leadership.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Carla, you raise two important issues. Unfortunately both of them are highly flawed as you interpret them. Development must be regulated according to a codified set of zoning regulations. Unfortunately for you, the Chicago Department of Planning and Development, which is responsible for zoning oversight, follows zoning regulations in the Municipal Code of Chicago and not, as you would prefer, Wikipedia. Loyola's proposal, as it now stands, completely satisfies zoning requirements and needs no request for variance. As has been pointed out, approval must be granted to make a quarter block section of Albion two-way instead of one-way but this has nothing to do with zoning issues.

    Secondly, the community does have a vested interest in development but not an unlimited degree of control based on the desires of a vocal minority. Chicago's Municipal Code on matters of planning and development has specific provisions for public hearings and public input. But the Municipal Code does not allow for public control in these matters of private development of private property. Much to your apparent distress, the Alderman is not a puppet who dances to the fiddle music of a minority voice in the community and he respects private property rights, requirements of the Municipal Code, and due process. On the other hand, you seem to dismiss orderly governance, acknowledgment of the Municipal Code, private property rights, Chicago's zoning regulations and democratic institutions. It seems that your expectations are that a loud and irate minority voice, including yours, trumps orderly government and due process. You don't represent the "wishes of the community"; you are part of a vocal minority. But more interestingly, you don't admit that you are simply part of a minority voice and, in frustration, attempt to redirect your dissatisfaction with your lack of influence to dissatisfaction with the Alderman. That's called "passing the buck" Carla. It is not being honest.

  • I was merely responding to your suggestion that if Tommy's mommy didn't like the look of a new property, she should either should move to a prettier location or else buy the property and decorate it as she preferred. I wanted to point out that the supremacy of private property is not absolute and is governed by laws. Community members DO have the right to tell someone what they can do with private property. Regardless of the specifics of this stituation, I was challening the idea that so annoys you that people do not have the right to tell other people what to do with their property. In this society, there are many, many limitations on private property.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Lots of hot air Carla. I'm still waiting for you to tell us what right, under color of enforceable law, do you have to force Loyola what to do with their own property? Apparently you like "traditional" run down shabbiness. Loyola likes clean looking, contemporary chic. Loyola heard you and probably will go with chic over shabby. Is there a problem? You exercised your right to tell them that you like shabby. They probably will exercise their right to ignore you. Doesn't it end there?

  • I don't know why you are waiting for me to tell you that. I never said there was legal recourse. The tools citizens have are in the nature of public relations, e.g., shaming them, boycotts and electing an alderman that will speak out against Loyola.

    My reason for commenting was as a reaction to your dismissive suggestion that if Tommy's mommy didn't like it, she should move. Sounds a lot like the right wing's slogan, America - Love it or Leave it. It is my opinion that a community has a right to speak out and have input into changes in the community.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    We all have the right to speak. Very rarely do we have the right to dictate. I never said that Tommy's Mommy should move, I said that Tommy's Mommy had the right to move if she wanted to. Apparently that was too subtle a distinction for you to understand. Of course communities have the right to speak and give input. I support that. That was never an issue. Apparently you feel that if your argument is dismissed it is appropriate to escalate to the level of shaming and boycotting in an attempt to coerce. If reason doesn't work then try brute force instead. That is what Occupy Rogers Park does when silly people march around in short bus costumes with silly signs and bullhorns. That is a dreadfully primitive and anti-intellectual exercise in ineffective coercion. Silly costumes don't appeal to reason. I don't think you want an Alderman who "will speak out against Loyola" as much as you want a stupid Alderman who will speak on behalf of a silly minority voice that includes yours. More and more I understand why you worship Don Gordon. Both of you think much the same way. His thinking is fuzzy and so is yours.

  • You didn't say she had the right to move, you told her to either buy the property herself or move. And calling someone an egghead is exactly what anti-intellectuals do (that's what you've called Don Gordon). Apparently you do not see that you accuse others of the same behaviors and ideas that you yourself practice and profess. And talk about hot air.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Ooooo, did someone mention hot air? DG specializes in it

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Carla, you need to improve your reading comprehension. Suggesting that Tommy's Mommy move was one of two recommendations I made. Go back and read my words. Suggesting that she move was not a command; it was a recommendation. Regarding Don Gordon being an egghead, that is most definitely my opinion. He strikes me as being a total egghead. All academic theory and no real world experience. I could be wrong but I do believe that he is an egghead and doesn't have his feet firmly planted on the ground or in the real world. He seems to be all political theory, ideology and no actual experience. He won't even tell us what sort of a project he led for more than twenty years. Is there something he's ashamed of? As much as he pontificates about openness and transparency, he's anything but open or transparent. He even hides behind people like his current mouthpiece Mike Luckenbach and won't hold discourse in a public forum. Is he shy, hiding something or what? Something is fishy about him.

  • As I said, you recommended she buy property and erect her own pretty buildings ("put your money where your mouth is") but if she didn't have money, she should move to where there were buildings she liked. This seems elitist and dismissive, especially in light of your statement, "Something for which I have little tolerance is people who think they have a right to tell other people what they can or can't do with property they own." Would you say that landlords (property owners) should be allowed to discriminate as to whom they rent? Are you only annoyed when you disagree with someone's complaint about private property use?

    Regarding egghead, I always found it offensive when someone was ridiculed for being intelligent. Talk about schoolyard bullying.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Being intelligent is not the same as being an egghead. Eggheads are lost in the fog of theory and ideology. They may be very intelligent but have no common sense. Many intelligent people also have common sense which isn't learned in the classroom. I was not ridiculing intelligence. Pointing out failings but not making anyone in particular feel picked on is not bullying. Using those failings as a weapon directed at someone with the intent to make them feel bad or inadequate is bullying. I don't think you understand the word Carla.

    If Tommy's Mommy can't stand to live in an environment and can't change it then she might be happier moving somewhere else. If Tommy's Mommy doesn't like the environment she is living in but can tolerate it then don't move but stop complaining about things over which she has no control. That is useless complaining. If Tommy's Mommy doesn't like the environment she is living in and enjoys complaining then she shouldn't move under any circumstances. She is living in just the right place that allows her the enjoyment of complaining. Continue to be unhappy and continue to complain. That's exactly what she wants as a dedicated martyr.

  • By your logic, it was pointless for blacks to complain about Jim Crow laws; they should either have moved or tolerated them without complaining. Staying and complaining is just being a martyr.

    You criticize people for complaining when all you do is complain.

    You can have the last word. I'm not going to address this anymore.

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Carla when you equate opposition to a hotel that you can't even see from your house or from the end of your street but consider to be ugly to opposition to Jim Crow laws, injustice, lynching and slavery, you have no sense of relationship, proportion or context. That is some of the fuzziest thinking I've ever heard. I don't criticize you for complaining. Everyone has a right to complain. What I criticize is your fuzzy, muddled thinking.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Wow, that last one from Carla takes the cake.

  • Is this thread over ?

    Save the Terra Cotta.

    Make Bruno Roti a " preserved national treasure ".


    He usually " holds court " everyday around 9:00 AM.

    ------After he polishes the brass ornamentations & waters the ferns.

    .......His place is big on " decor ".

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    That place was a museum piece thirty years ago when I was in it my only time.

  • Thirty years ago, the space was occupied by "Round Records"
    - any memories of that?

  • Yep, I remember Round Records and I was wondering if that was the same place.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    I also remember Round Records on Sheridan, but I'm not sure if it was in the same building Bruno's is in? There were other buildings on that side of the street including the one that was just torn down.

  • Tribune display ads show Round Record operating in that location between 1975-1988
    Round Records 6560 N Sheridan (338-5762) Two floors of new and used imports, out-of-print, collectibles, new and olds 45s; also buys used records and rents video cassettes.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    Thanks Kyros C.

  • It looks like Bruno’s Lounge has been in the location since about 1985.
    The earliest tenants of the building were the “Venetian Dress Shop” and the “Cheek Beauty Salon”.

  • Reid Hyams X-ART Entertainment / Century 21 Universal

    So My Pie Pizza must have been just north of 6560, it was on the same side of Sheridan... was it in the building they just knocked down?

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    I used to buy LPs at Round Records all the time. I bought my last decent pressing of a major label release (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!/Warner Bros.) on heavy vinyl there..

  • Bruno's has been there for at least the last 55 years, that is 1960 for you math majors.

  • @Reid:

    My Pi Pizzeria was located at 6568 N. Sheridan
    – in the space that later became Carmen's Pizza.

  • Chip Bagg - ->-<- -

    Take many pictures. Save the terra cotta. Then tear it down and put up a new beautiful structure.

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