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Added Apr 14 2012

  • I don't even know what to say anymore.

  • Isn't that the Alderman's neighborhood? There have been several shootings right there too. Six corners in becoming gang infested. It really is not safe anymore. Go by the train tracks by Jewel gang graffiti everywhere. We need to demand more police. They know they are not here.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @p.lee, I think saying "it's really not safe anymore" is an over reaction.

    From what I know now, the incident is gang related. The 14 year old is in the hospital with police presence. The 14 year old isn't giving up much information to the police as of late last night.

    What troubles me when I head the story was 14 years of age+gangbanger. It's hard for me to fathom a child that young getting mixed up to this extent. Our troubles here are what do we need to do to keep our neighborhood children and teens away from gang involvement.

    I have a 14 year old who is all over this neighborhood in his social life and school life, and not once has he ever felt threatened by any gang or gang member.

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    @kenji: Any knowledge as to where this 14-year-old lives? Just wondering if he's a neighborhood kid

  • Maybe we need to start collecting all these news stories and send them in one nice little package to King Rahm. How much violent crime in one area does it take to get more police added to your beat??? Do people have to be killed first??

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @pp lifer, IMO, our recent problems in the 16th District are not about not having enough patrolmen cruising around the district.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @ssandy, I didn't ask if the boy lived here. I'm assuming he does. When I hear more I'll post here.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    It seems to me the kids want a sense of "belonging" and unfortunately they choose joining a gang. Some where along the way they think it's "cool" to be in a gang. Take a look at the rap music? they listen to. Rappers making gesters about shooting, and acting cool, how they dress, etc. These kids look up to them and get a sense of self esteem, and figure it's good to be in a gang. It's really pretty depressing!!

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Luci, I understand your concern about the possibility of music being an influence, but I think you need to better understand music culture.

    Not all "rap music" has anything to do with "gangbanging"

    rap is a sub-genre of what is called hip-hop. then there's gangsta-rap.

    Here's a little sum sum that might be enlightening:

    point being "rap music" isn't the problem, as it wasn't when Chuck Berry played way back in the day when Pat Boone actually had a career.....

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Another thing, what goes on in the teens family/home situation? How are they treated? Do the parents show them love? What about family values?
    I guess there's no easy answer......


    details are not specific, it does say it is "possibly gang related", but does not say if the offender or victim were in the gang or either one. it says they were arguing. was the 14 year old doing something wrong in an alley at night? did that start the argument? was it graffiti? was the victim stabbed in the back as they were walking away or was there a scuffle?
    either way it seems like there are a lot of bad things going on in alleys, shootings, graffiti and now stabbings.
    everyone, if you need to go out to an alley, use extreme caution, also remember not to confront anyone in the alley call police, if you confront someone in an alley and it goes south, they know where you live.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @luci, you're most likely spot-on. I'd be the bank this kid doesn't have "helicopter parents".

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @inactive, the police knew the kid who got stabbed. this wasn't a random act of violence where some kid is just walking down the alley gets assaulted by someone he's never met.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Kenji - I grew up on Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, Bill Haley and the Comets, and Elvis. No, there weren't any gangs then, life was innocent and simple.
    A few years ago I was waiting for a bus on the corner of Montrose and Clark, it was summer, and someone had their window open playing rap music----the only word the song said was the F-word, Over and over again.
    I know about the different types of "rap" music, of course, that's not the only thing that gets them joining a gang.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @luci? How did I know to use a Pat Boone reference?!?!

    Rock and roll was the devils music!

    Yeah I know great blues, rock, and soul always used double entendre for sex. These days that has changed a bit.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Kenji,I was a teen in the '50's, I danced to all of them. You're right about the double entendre for sex, but I probably didn't realize it back in the day.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @kenji @Luci Love the rock-n-roll tangent. Whenever I find myself getting worked up about today's music I stop and think about the lyrics of what I was listening to back in the day - Aerosmith, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, AC/DC etc.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Jeb, I've always loved music---all kinds. Opera, Musicals (they were popular when I was growing up), rock, jazz, some folk, some country (not too much).
    I always had the stereo on, and all my kids (3) grew up loving music. One of my boys plays in a group and sings. Music relaxes me to. I have so many youtube favorites on my list---all genres.

  • All I have to say is horrible!! Hopefully this boy gets better and gets the help he needs mentally and physically!!

  • Where did the idea for West Side Story come from? It wasn't dancing.

  • mondovibe Human Rights Advocate

    ah, every young generation grooves to new movements in the arts, that older generation is shocked by... some grooving with the beat of artist, movments message, others may just groove to the tune 'til they have that aha moment...
    every generation has taught us, if we don't have enough healthy opportunities to empower the best in ourselves and especially our children, societies fall apart...the police have their place but we need to implement and maintain prevention of 'organized crime to survive', from the ground up, the top down and all around US

  • Kenji where are you reading all these details. Please post links. I have not see a report where it said the police knew the child. It does say the child is/was in critical condition. There was another incident in the alley 4100 behind the bank a shooting just a few weeks back. Did this happen East or West of Milwaukee There is a blue light on the park back there for a reason. The high density apartments over there have a lot of riff raff in them.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @p.lee, I'm being told these details,not reading them. I don't know the condition of the kid in the hospital.

    The incident a few weeks ago was in front of the loan storefront in the Parkway Bank lot, across from the Burger King.

    Police cameras are useless IMHO.

    Yes there's a lot of density in the buildings across from Dickinson.

    Shame on you for making a wide sweeping statement that there's alot of "riff raff" living there. Just because someone rents a place, or is a different race then you, doesn't mean they deserve any less respect than a person who lives around here and has a mortgage or owns their place, or is a caucasian.

  • Maybe Rahm can ban alleys for the safety of "the children".
    The neighborhood is changing and not for the better.
    The real estate market has made some look to section 8 and some to just rent to low ballers and look past their rentablity.
    The problem is people still have the mentality that this is a "safe" place, while your boundries may be safe but criminals do not honor boundries.
    Can not say it enough call 911, for anything that does not look right.
    I am not saying it is not a safe neighborhood overall but everyones involvement will make it a better neighborhood.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    What does "neighborhood changing" mean?

    How does one qualify or quantify a neighborhood "changing"?

    My RE taxes are now five times (500%) the amount I paid here compared to 1987. That's a HUGE change.

    What's your "change" mean in numbers or words?

  • Josh. .

    @muted 14 times and counting,

    We all know the "change" Chuck is referring to. We all see it; we all smell it; we all feel it; we all hear it and, we all read about it!

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @Josh, OK. You smell, feel and hear "change", and from what I can tell possibly live on the NW Side.

    What's your short term and long term goals to deal with this "change"?

    Me. We go about about our lives here like we have the last few decades.

    Why does it sound like you are talking like you are trapped with no escape?

  • @kenji
    Change means more section 8, more poverty. Landlords are so desperate they will rent to anyone, a high density of poverty apartments brings crime and harms areas.

  • Does anyone know if the perpetrator or the victim even live in this area? Most of the time the crime that happens here (Portage Park Area etc...) is brought upon from other parts of the city. On a more personal note the lack of cops in our area is a bit troubling. I'm not lying when I say that I can't sleep well at night anymore because I just don't feel safe. Bravo Rahm. You tried to save Chicago a few bucks at the cost of our lives and safety. I can't believe I'm saying this but by the looks of it I'd prefer Daley over Emanuel. At least Daley didn't take away ALL of our cops and made the NW side into a war zone!!!

  • Probably just "kids goofing around" like we were told in another EB thread when gang tagging was brought up......Right?

  • I have no problem with people moving to better themselves, the problem is when people move and bring all the mess with them.

  • mondovibe Human Rights Advocate

    it's heartwrenching that there have been so many years of unfunded war and hemorraging of our economy off shore, resulting in exponential poverty...people losing their living wages, healthcare, homes, retirement, ...the rise of empty properties, homelessness, street crime, desperate landlords and anyones, need for low income housing & social services (that are being cut) and dimishing tax base.
    change the conditions that cause socioeconomic oppression:)

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Laura, I agree, it's very, very, sad and depressing. I wish there was an easy answer and solution.....Things were so uncomplicated back in the day...I know we can't live in the past, but what is the solution??? Is there one???

  • My wife and I moved to PP from Lakeview. twenty years ago. Not as many years as some, but more then others. About six months after we moved in, we were broken into. We have had graffiti and a mired of issues with petty crime and other things culminating in our kitchen window and two car windows being broken at the end of last summer.

    When we use to get the Nadig delivered on a regular basis, my wife would turn the the "Police Blotter" or "Crime Watch" whatever it was (we also received the Southtown) and read all the things that went on over the past week. It would always scare her. Armed muggings on Milwaukee break-ins, family issues and the occasional shooting or other violent crime.

    I am not trying to put an, "it ain't so bad" spin on what is happening now. All of this is serious. What I believe, is, to a large extent we get the information now, we are more in tune with what is going on. To blame other people, or what some of us may consider undesirables is in my opinion not the answer.

    I was part of a "Gang Forum" at Schurz High School Years ago (can't remember but I know the Southtown was still around, I was on the cover). The topic was, gangs are here, now what do we do about it. Police instructions were the same then as now, call the Police.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • kenji Find us here -->

    Found out today, both the victim and the perpetrator live in the neighborhood, and they know each other. They both live near each other, and not in or near all the buildings near the Portage or Dickinson.

  • Agree Gerard, I think we hear more about what is going on now. Also agree, need to call police if you see something suspicious. What kind of neighborhood is this? well 2 things happened to us over the weekend. First, our garage was tagged. Second, neighbors got together and helped me remove it. I choose to look at the latter to say that's the kind of neighborhood we live in. Thanks guys for your help.

  • Allie Bal

    April 19. 2012
    Community Gang Education and Awareness Seminar Part V.Truman College 1145 W. Wilson
    McKeon Lobby

    Presented by:
    Anita Alvarez
    Cook County State's Attorneys's Community Jestice Center in Conjunction with CPD

    Lori Trier

  • Tom Jefferson Park

    No idea how accurate this information is, but I heard the 14yr old stabbing victim is the same kid that was shot at by the 3 others outside Portage Park a few weeks ago.

  • Paul Informed

    Tom - your information is correct. He is a Latin Brother and the knife wielder is a Latin King. All morons.

  • Paul Informed

    Another thing - The Capitol Club on Milwaukee.. would be good if this thug hangout would have its liquor license revoked. Ever driven by it on a weekend night?

    It's gang banging central and attracts them from areas outside of 16.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    What does Chester's place have to do with this kid getting stabbed?

  • Paul Informed

    kenji - it is a favorite spot for gang bangers and gang banger wanna-bes.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    And you think the bar had something to do with this specific incident somehow?

  • Paul Informed

    kenji - no, not specifically. My comment is in general in relation to this topic and the neighborhood.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    gotcha. Thought you had some dots to connect.

  • Does anyone know the condition of the boy that was stabbed?? This kid seems like trouble. He has been the target of two attempted (possible) murders within the past month or so.

  • lou

    Kenji, just curious, where do you get all of your information/details from?

  • mondovibe Human Rights Advocate

    Hi Luci in Rogers Park, "We the People" used to have legislation that sustained US, making US a beacan of expanding equal rights to opportunities for upward mobility; however they've been erroded, allowing decades of US to be laid off, outsourced, gambling away of our homes & retirement, cutting and defunding US into economic depression, debt and deficits, and I dare say, 'dumbing down of America', while we subsidize those that profiteered. "We the People" need to be vigilant and push for legislation that 'Rebuilds the Dream'... reinvestment in sustainable US productivity and tax base, again.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @lou, I know alot of different people here in the neighborhood. I talk with them. We've been here a long time and I'm always interested in what's going on around us.

  • I thought gang bangers shot or stabbed to Kill. Expect revenge on this hit.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @lunker, the victim was released from the hospital and has since moved out of Illinois.

  • Goodbye to him!! Hopefully he'll change his ways and start fresh!

  • lou


  • A gang thug that engages in violent acts..... especially when on the receiving end of retaliatory violence, is hardly a "victim".

    Good riddance, and take the rest with ya.......

  • @Kenji - "too bad" was hoping to hear better news.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @lunker? You're wishing the 15 year old died from the stabbing?

  • BRIAN Brian: Portage-Craigin/ Jefferson Park area

    Another hotspot for the gang the 7-11 AT Addison and Cicero...and also the JJ Peppers and Cochiaro's Pizza at Addison and Central...Gee the few times im over there at those locations Ive seen activity and or police presence...We need community action in these hotspots...

  • @ Kenji - I have no sympathy for the kid.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @Lunker I have some sympathy for this kid. I made some terrible decisions when I was a teenager, and I was fortunate enough to have a stable and supportive family and I got off the self destructive path I was on. I hope that his family is able to get him the help he needs to turn his life in the right direction.

  • came across this on an old thread. Is there any public schools participating in anti gang programs?

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @ Inactive User re: DARE program - My kids went through it at Portage Park Elementary.

    All three of my kids play sports there and when the after school sports programs were in danger of being cut, the teachers/coaches fought to keep them. They are adamant that they need to offer these kids things to do after school that are a positive use of time and keep them off the streets.

    I have never encouraged my kids "just hanging" - I did a lot of that as a teenager and it was amazing how much trouble I could fit in after school and still be on time for dinner.

  • Dickinson Park DP Lifer

    This young 14 year old boy was not only a gang member of the street gang La Familia Stones but is part of the same crimes involving graffiti, car break-ins, and muggings in this Portage Park neighborhood. I see alot of thanks to the alderman for his knowledge and support in dealing with these rising problems but so far every post he has made regarding these "gang" incidents are not only wrong but is posting information that is mis-leading in what is actually happening. Everyone has an assumption which is totally fine but when the alderman posts FALSE information it makes me think he really knows nothing about what really takes place with these kids and on his streets. Get the gang bangers out of this neighborhood and put more police patrol cars on the street and maybe then the law abiding citizens wouldnt have to defend or take matters into their own hands.

  • thanks jeb , it is good to know that the programs are given in public schools as well... after i read it i thought maybe that is why there was not a lot of catholic gangs.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @dick park, you're bringing up an aldercreature again in this thread too.

    Do you know there's two different alderman over by here in police district 1624?

    The other thread you were angry in tonight on EB was about Christopher Belsan who shot at a person near Portage Park. That's the 38th Ward. Cullerton's ward.

    This stabbing happened at 4200 Miilwaukee ave., beat 1624, but it's in Arena's ward.

    Which alderman are you being angry with in this thread now? Still Ald. Cull, or is it Ald Arena?

    So you know in this hood near our park, the line of demarcation between the 38th and the 45th is the center of the road on Laramie.

  • Dickinson Park DP Lifer

    Ok kenji. My point remains. East or West of Laramie NOONE is doing anything to rid these areas of gang activity.

  • I

    Stop bringing up race. It's your way to put the poster down in a attempt to lesson what the poster is writing and make them sound like a bigot. A gang banging criminal is a gang banging criminal. 1624 is mixed with black, white, mexican, puerto rican and as the latest shooting showed, filapino gang bangers.

    Everyone who lives in this area knows the troubled buildings/kids/adults who live in this area. Same people getting into trouble day after day, month after month, and year after year.

    If it's the same kid that I think it is he is a La Familia Stone from the Albany Park area who recently moved to the 5000 block of Irving. He has supposedly been recruiting a lot of the neighborhood kids to join up with him. There is also word that he is a killer but police did not have enough to go forward with it.

    This same individual also hangs out with the wonderful people who live on the 4100 block of Dickinson. The same building police recovered a pistol at and shooting occurred a little while back (PNC Shooting). It is not a coincidence that all these guys share associates.

  • It is good to know that no innocent people were hurt because of this.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @IP? a few questions. You said "stop bringing up race". Which post above brought up race?

    Also...which shooting and when did it happen, that a Filipino was involved in? And one more, What does PNC mean?

    Also I think I know the name of the person you are referring to that lives on Irving and the building they reside in. Problem is mentioning their name here without them actually having been cited for commiting a crime would be against Everyblock's "community guidelines". I wonder if using their street name would be against the rules?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @dick park,

    Did you intentionally create your new screen name with a misspelling of Dickinson Park? It's even more funny if you did when you use the text "DP Lifer".

    Are you the product of a public or a Catholic school education?

    Just wondering....cause if you did it on purpose, I like that.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @Inactive User
    Oddly enough, someone told me yesterday that two of the kids involved in the shooting incident a couple of weeks ago were OLV graduates. Don't know if that's true or not.

    My assumption would be that there are more gangbangers in public schools because the population of public schools is larger. Private schools do not inoculate your kids from getting in trouble.

    Think about it - how many Hispanic gangbangers do you think have had attended a Catholic church or school at some point in their lives? I don't think being Catholic has anything to do with your propensity to be in a gang or not. It's more complicated than that.

  • I


    You wrote this "Just because someone rents a place, or is a different race then you, doesn't mean they deserve any less respect than a person who lives around here and has a mortgage or owns their place, or is a caucasian."
    You have also brought race up quite a few times in previous posts. You appear to get upset whenever someone brings up crime in the area. Are you the superintendent of police for the Portage Park area and are attempting to hide the numbers from the residents?

    The shooting on Grace involved a Filipino.

    I meant Parkway Bank not PNC. My mistake.

    I don't know if it is against the rules to use street names on EB. If you like, you can read up on the rules and inform me on them.

  • Paul Informed

    IP - what's the problem?

  • I

    @Paul - No problem. I was answering Kenji's questions.

  • Paul Informed

    Great to hear IP. :)

  • Karen Lifelong Chicago resident

    I am confused, because the day after the stabbing, a reliable neighbor talked to people at the Tattoo place on Milwaukee and said that it was one of their employees who was stabbed when he went out to get a drink from the store, not a 14 year old boy. He seemed pretty confident that this was the story, so what gives?

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