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Added Apr 13 2012

The following is a summary of the latest changes to the Childrens' Safety Zone Ordinance:

Speed Limits & Hours:
School Zones: Mon – Fri on school days; 7 am – 4 pm; 20 mph when children are
present; 30 mph when not present.
Park Zones: 7 Days a week, 6 am – 11 pm; 30 mph speed limit

30-day warning period when automated enforcement is first established inn a new
safety zone location.
One additional warning for each vehicle for the first time the driver is owner to receive
a ticket.
Fines for 6-10 mph over the posted speed limit set to $35; fines for 11 mph over posted speed limit set to $100.

Public Awareness:
90 day public service announcement campaign.
Text messaging alerts for those interested in camera locations.
Website with weekly update on camera locations and posted speed limits.
Quarterly report on speeding and accident data, number of tickets issued and fine

Advisory Committee:
Members to include Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Committee and religious, academic, public safety and medical community leaders.
Provides counsel to CDOT on implementation and operation of speed enforcement
program and Children Safety Zones.
Will advise on location of Children Safety Zones and automated speed enforcement.

Limit On Camera Enforcement:
Establishes no more than 20% of approximately 1,500 eligible safety zones can be equipped with automated speed enforcement.

Regional Distribution of Cameras:
CDOT will establish six geographical regions.
No fewer than 10% of speed cameras will be located in each region.

Aldermanic Notification:
Alderman will be notified by CDOT prior to any installation of speed enforcement
cameras in their wards.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    Thanks for posting those proposed changes, Tim. Even with these I'm still against the speed cameras. For me it's the principle, not the execution.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    how are the cameras going to determine when children are present or not?will these cameras have sensors saying a child under 4 foot tall is going by,you must do 20?\
    I hope the texting won't be done in the school zones.While you are at it,how about stricter enforcement from drivers who are talking on their cell phones or texting around schools.Those drivers are more dangerous than drunks.Or is it only about the money?
    Add me to the list of enlightened naysayers to this boondoggle.How much revenue does the city plan on making?If expectations aren't met,will idea be scrapped,or will city then saturate city?

  • brian Wicker Park resident since 1994

    I vote 'No'.

  • Portage Patty 30+ year veteran of da hood.

    This seems a lot like the laws that are already in effect and routinely ignored.

    I have always wondered about the school speed zone signs that say when children present. Does that mean in the school or out on the street. Because if it means out on the street that would be unenforceable. So what does it mean? Also private schools and public schools do not have the same school year and holidays. So will the computer know that as I drive down Irving Park in front of St. Pascal during their Easter break that there are no children present but if I take a right at Austin going southbound that the kids from Thorpe are there?

    Lotta loopholes in this Alderman.

  • Feats I was a Punk before you were a Punk

    I will say it again.....I will not vote for any Alderman that votes "yes" on speeding cameras of any sort.

  • From CDOT's 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis (180 pages covering years 2001-2009). Copied data in "quotes". My comments unquoted.

    "There appears to be a general downward trend in the number of fatal and serious injury crashes over this period. The citywide pedestrian fatality rate dropped from a high of 2.5 per 100,000
    population in 2005 to a low of 1.2 in 2009. This represents a large decline in the fatality rate. When comparing these figures to the data from 2001 through 2004 for fatal crashes alone, the
    trend appeared to continue over the longer term, reaching an overall low in 2009."

    High of 74 in 2002. Low of 34 in 2009.

    "the number of crashes that resulted in serious injury for a pedestrian from 2001 through 2009. This indicates a downward trend from 2004 through 2009 after a sharp decline from the 2001 to 2003 time period."

    High of 1204 in 2002. Low of 503 in 2009.

    The report then compares the percentage of all traffic fatalities that are pedestrians for 8 cities with similar population densities. San Francisco was worst at 47.8%, next worst Washington DC at 39.1% (notable that present Chicago CDOT commish Gabe Klein ran their DOT in this period), and Chicago, best at 28.2%. The report then states.... "It can be concluded from this that, relatively speaking, Chicago has a safe pedestrianenvironment given the volume of traffic."


  • Since this proposal is said to "protect the children" the following pertains to demographics by age group in the years 2005 - 2009, and include ALL pedestrial involved collisions, from fatalities to non-injury .
    The chart indicates downward trends in all age groups in this time period. I will break out the two school age children groups, and the group with the highest totals.

    Age 5-14....15.9%
    Age 15-18.....8.2%
    Age 30-59.....37.8%
    All the rest.... 38.1%

    The report then states..... "These data show a declining trend in the number of pedestrian crashes in the 5-14 age group
    and the 15-18 age group over the five-year period. The number of crashes involving other age groups appears relatively constant over this period."

    Then it looks at the COMBINED fatalities/serious injuriies for the same age groups over the same time frame.

    Age 5-14....14.5%
    Age 15-18.....7.7%
    Age 30-59.....39.7%
    All the rest.... 38.1%

    The report states... "A pronounced decline in fatal and serious injury crashes is evident among the 30-59 age group over the time period. Among the age groups 5-14 and 15-18, declines similar to those observed with overall crashes are evident."

    Then goes on..."Of note is the percentage of fatal and serious injury crashes involving seniors. Between 2005 and 2009, seniors were involved in 9.5% of the fatal and serious injury crashes but only 6.2% of overall crashes. Of the 1,269 crashes involving seniors, 49 (4.0%) resulted in fatalities and 231 (18.2%) in serious injuries. For comparison, the percentages of fatalities and serious injuries for all age groups combined were 1.4% and 14.9%, respectively."....."The higher proportion of fatal and serious injury crashes among seniors was likely related to their higher physical fragility relative to the overall population. Older pedestrians have a much greater risk of dying than younger pedestrians in a crash of similar severity."


  • The report then goes on, breaking down involved motorist demographic data, pedestrian data by race(?), collision data by month, day and hour; and by ward and community. Little of this is relevant to the "school safety zone" proposal, so on to what is relevant, proximity to schools, then whether speed is a factor.

    Primary School-Related Crashes

    "School-related crashes were defined as those involving school-aged youth and occurring within ¼-mile of a school during typical school arrival and dismissal times. The school arrival and dismissal
    times were taken as 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Crashes near primary schools, grades kindergarten (K) through 8, were analyzed separately from crashes near high schools, grades 9 through 12. All schools that included any grade level from K through 8th grade were considered primary schools. Crashes that occurred during the summer months were included in this analysis as many schools adhere to a year-round schedule or host summer education programs. Primary school-related crashes included youths aged 5 to 14 and high school-related crashes included youths aged 15 to 18.
    There were a total of 706 primary school-related crashes during this FIVE YEAR period. Of those,1 was fatal and 95 resulted in serious injury."

    High School-Related Crashes

    "High school-related crashes of youths aged 15 to 18 numbered 155; of which 2 were fatal and 20 were serious injury crashes."

  • Speed

    "The speed of a motor vehicle at the time of the crash was not available in the crash data."

    The study does look at other motorist actions though, and it lists the most prevelant factor as "Failed to Yield" at 37.5% over the 5 year period, with "Too Fast for Conditions" at 3.0%

    In other words, they have no significant data to back up their claim that motorists breaking the speed limits are responsible for these types of collisions.

    The study then looks at pedestrian location at time of collision..... Most are listed as "In Roadway" (42.9%) meaning outside of crosswalk boundaries, followed by "In Crosswalk" at 32.2%. This of course is NOT broken out by age group or proximity to school zones.

    So, it's reasonable to conclude from the City of Chicago's own study that these speed enforcement devices are NOT NEEDED.

    If a location, regardless of whether it is a school zone or not, shows a need for greater enforcement, the obvious solution is to use human law enforcement to target problem areas. Writting a traffic violation carries far greater penalities to offenders, and is much better deterant than cameras.

    After all.....the purpose is SAFETY. Not REVENUE, correct?

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    Portage Patty,
    When used in the school zones, the cameras will have the capability to show that children are present, (or not present). Children must be present in the picture for a ticket to be valid.

    As we all know, children are most often present in large numbers in school zones at the beginning of the day and at dismissal. It has been my experience that there is so much traffic and parked cars at those times (from parents dropping off and picking up their children) that it is difficult to "speed" even if one wanted to. Most reasonable drivers do slow down and are extra cautious when approaching a school during these times, so I don't know why anyone would object to ticketing drivers who choose to speed through these areas during school starting and dismissal times, when there are many children crossing streets. Keep in mind, too, that he ticket "threshold" in school zones is 26mph and over.

    Also, that there is a 30 day warning period in effect for every new speed zone and the first ticket issued to the driver/owner of a vehicle will result in a warning ticket with no fine attached.

    Bill, I appreciate all the statistics, but anyone driving too fast through a school zone endangers our children, period. As I stated above, most reasonable drivers (probably 95% or greater), won't have to worry about being ticketed as they already use care and common sense when approaching an area where children are present. The Mayor's original proposal called for the school zone cameras to be on until 7 or 8 pm...this was scaled back at the urging of many Aldermen to 4 pm, as was the $50 fine to $35; fines for speeding 11 mph or greater over the posted limit remain at $100.

    (P.S. Sorry about the typos in my original post...I wanted to get this information out last night and obviously didn't proof read it well enough)!

  • Alderman Tim, considering crossing guards, the high number of speed bumps that surround our schools, and the high number of parents and their vehicles that that surround them at entrance and dismissal times as well, it reasonable to assume that speeding is NOT a chronic problem that demands these devices.

    The mayor and Klein are manufacturing a problem where none exists.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @Alderman Tim: I don't think anyone condones speeding in a school zone. But are we seriously talking about dropping the speed limit on Irving Park Rd by St. Pascal's and Austin by Thorpe (just two examples) to 20 mph? And on Irving Park Rd and Central by Portage Park to 20mph every day until 11pm? That seems unreasonable and probably unworkable. That's what I think is a cash grab by the city. I am still opposed.

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    Ald. Cullerton, thank you for continuing to relay the information on this. I admire your transperancy.

    I still vote no on this, I will note how aldermen in my area vote, and I will remember how they vote on this when I next vote for alderman and mayor.

    According to Bill's numbers, the number of pedestrian fatalities due to autos are significantly lower than gang violence fatalities. It would be nice to see the aldermen and the Mayor putting the same effort as they have put into pedestrian fatalities and speed cameras compared to the bigger problem facing the city, gang violence and our murder rate. My guess is the speed cameras are more attractive because there is a revenue stream attached.

  • Just to get my name on this list, I'm also still very opposed to the cameras.

    Ald Tim,
    Above you state that "most" reasonable drivers slow down in school zones around drop off/pick up times. Are we really making this effort to capture the 5% that do speed? We're trashing the civil liberties of the whole to capture a small group of people. I know your 95 & 5% figures are not statistically accurate, but I'm sure they're very close. This whole thing jut doesn't make sense. And this mayor knows how to negotiate, start off at one extreme and you end up where he originally envisioned this legislation after the negotiations are done. I will not support this proposal or any alderman who votes in favor of it.

  • This is a simply a money grab wrapped around "safety". If you say something against it. "What are you saying, you want to run over children with you car?" I want everyone to go out, get in your cars today and get up to that blinding speed of 36 mph $35 here $35 there. You crazy person! You know if everyone goes 10 mph that'll really make it safe. Matter of fact why don't we build the world out of nerf and everyone stand still so children are safe or here's an idea you can propose. We could all just give City Hall our bank account and routing numbers and they could just take what they need, when they need it. Afterall, they're so good at managing our money. There's hardly any potholes, no sidewalks need repair. It's extremely rare to see any crime or gang activity in the area. Who can remember the last time a politician was convicted and went to jail? They're doing such a bang-up job! I love giving more money to them. But, it's for the "children". A**hole thieves!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    How can you speed over a speed bump?Let's remove the speed bumps so the city can generate speeding fines. How much money is it going to cost the city?How much does the city plan on making?If city hall doesn't reap the rewards it expects,will it scrap the idea,or lower the speed limit fine area?
    Measures have already been taken to ensure safety for the children.How can you speed through a school zone or park area when speed bumps are in place?If you can't,then this trial is ludicrous.!

  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    Last night 3 killed, 10 wounded on the South side and the West side. From what I read, one child was killed because a driver ran a stop sign by the zoo. This program is misplaced from the real problems in the city. It's Feeocracy.

  • Just tired of the nickel and diming. I wish I could do this in my personal life. Maybe I could. If you come to my house and don't put down the toilet seat. I send you a fine in the mail. Just random fines based on "safety" or I could say that the toilet opening is an access point for terrorists and that's why you were fined.

  • dd

    @carl I really needed a good laugh this morning and that was it thank you

  • Yeah, I guess the only thing I can do about it is laugh. Try fighting city hall. I think I'd have a better chance reasoning with a loan shark. And, I know there will always be the people who are advocates of cracking down more on people who will just say don't speed. I got a bullsh*t ticket in Rosemont for not coming to a complete stop when turning right in a red turn lane at higgins and river. I think I was going .5 mph. A real menace to society. $100 extorted.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    This may be a dumb question, but how can you get a speeding ticket if they don't know who was driving the car? Isn't it a moving violation? Same question for the red light cameras. It's not like a parking ticket where you're ticketing the vehicle.

  • Off topic: Just went past Lavergne and Berenice. Saw that the garage was tagged and when I walked up to talk to the owner about calling it in, 4 hispanic kids were taking turns taking pictures next to the tagging. Nice!!

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Would it have been better if they were all white children, Asians, or black kids?

  • no Kenji I don't think it would have been better, but what is the issue with saying what it was?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Pointing out the race of children goofing around in an alley and mentioning their race makes your comment/reply seem like you were implying "sinister" behavior and connecting it with latinos/hispanics.

    Kinda like if you said "I was pulling out of the Jewels and a black guy in a Yugo almost killed me when I was taking a left"

    What's the race of guy driving have to do with you almost getting into an accident?

    I think you get my point.

  • nope, just describing what I saw.

  • Kenji, it was one girl and three boys. Did you want to over-analyze that too.

  • Can we stop the nonsense and get back on topic with the comments, please?

  • If anyone wants to know the tagging they were posing next to. It was the four corner hustlers. Is that okay kenji?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    when did the 4 corners move this far north?

  • I don't know much about this stuff, but I asked my neighbors and they knew more. The garage is close to where that guy got killed on Easter and he said that it said 4 corner hustlers took down a Cobra. It all looks like chicken scratch to me. Allegedly, The guy that got killed was a Cobra when he was younger according to my neighbors. Who knows for sure, scary stuff to me since up until lately the neighborhood has been relatively safe. It made me sad to see those kids posing for pictures in front of it. The girl pointing at it like Vanna White.

  • As others have said, I still vote no, and I can't support anyone who votes yes for this crap.

  • Alderman Cullerton, when I was learning to drive, I was told that if I received 3 moving violations within a year, if I remember correctly, I could have my license taken away. With that in mind, if the main goal is safety, why is it that these infractions don't go on someone's driving record and with 3 strikes, our driving privileges would be revoked? If the goal was safety, wouldn't the government want "unsafe" drivers off the roads?

    If safety is the goal, why wouldn't they take it to the next level and revoke drivers' licenses? Wouldn't that make the streets safer?

    If they actually took people's licenses away, they wouldn't make money on the city stickers and license plate fees. And they would lose tax revenue on gas as more and more drivers lost their privilege to drive.

    Bill the Engineer's posts above regarding CDOT's 2011 Pedestrian Crash Analysis points out that there isn't a problem. I believe it's all for revenue and nothing else. Please don't do what Rahm wants, do what the majority of the citizens want, you represent us. This "for the children" hooey is just a political, BS fear tactic that, as a Chicagoan, I'd like to see retired.

  • Alderman Tim...something I have heard that deserves clarification.

    What is known about the possibilty of these cameras being "on" 24/7 in full surveillance mode, with the abilty to incorporate facial recognition software at some future date?

  • kenji Find us here -->
  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    .Engineer Bill,
    The specific characteristics and capabilities of these cameras have yet to be determined. We really won't know what the cameras will be capable of until the various manufacturers and bidders respond to the RFP. According to the Mayor's Office, however, the cameras will be "off" during the hours outlined in the ordinance for school zones and park zones.
    I was also advised by Committee Chairman Marge Laurino that any revenues collected under this ordinance will go to a dedicated fund that will be used for safety related infrastructure (signs and speed humps), additional crossing guards and Police Traffic Enforcement Cars which are now lacking. In the end, I don't believe that there will be any massive amounts of revenue attributed to this ordinance, but rather a drastic reduction in the number of accidents and speeding violations within the designated safety zones.

  • Alderman Tim, it sounds like with the changes made you support the speed cameras. Is that accurate?

  • Alderman Cullerton, what did Rahm promise you in return for your vote? And why on Earth would you vote for something that you have no idea how it will work in actuality? Taking advice from Laurino is probably not a good idea. She was one of the 40 that voted for the parking meter lease, remember that great deal for taxpayers? Speaking of that fiasco, I certainly hope you're not going to vote for Rahm's infrastructure trust, we know more details about aliens than this half-baked plan. This quote sums it up for me: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Rahm's "statistics" don't add up, so are they all lies?

  • From information that I have seen, the mayor & CDOT continue to distort the data compiled in the 2011 report to achieve their agenda and go against the wishes of the voters, despite that report detailing that crashes of all types have declined significantly in the 21st century.

    It's notable that the 2011 report states....."It can be concluded from this that, relatively speaking, Chicago has a safe pedestrian environment given the volume of traffic."

    Also, contained in the recently released propaganda is this in response to aldermanic questions.....

    "Provide Information from the County Hospital on the number of children killed by automobiles versus the number of children killed in shootings."

    "Between 2008 and 2010 27 youth were killed in traffic accidents. By comparison 129 children under 16 were victims of homicide."

    Looks like someone's priorities are screwed up......

    Alderman Cullerton, the cameras won't be recording speeding violations during "off" hours, but like the RLC's they WILL be "on", in surveillance mode. Exactly how many crimes have been solved in the 38th Ward by red light/surveillance cams? How many instances of personal injury lawyers obtaining recorded data from these cameras under FOIA?

    Additionally, there are many details that the mayors office & CDOT are with-holding. or claiming they do "not know". Just like with the Infrastructure"Trust". Sounds like the parking meter fiasco x 3 to me.

  • From the article....

    "Despite his 'reform' claims, Emanuel has employed the same closed, rushed, 'ram it down their throats' process that placed us at the mercy of investors who can increase costs at will ... and refer complaints to a black hole where nobody accepts fault," Hairston said.

    Ald Tim,

    I have not read comments on EB from supporters of the cameras in neither this thread nor the other EB thread about the cameras in the 38th. The majority of responses have been AGAINST the cameras. Many of the supporters dropped off the conversation after the pedestrian accident data was posted. Many of the news articles I read state there is more opposition to the cameras than support. Please vote for what you believe your constituents truly want or need.

  • Bob's Tinfoil Hat

    Not to difficult to follow the money trail on this one..."That action was applauded by the Traffic Safety Coalition, a group pushing for the speed cameras that is run by close Emanuel political ally Greg Goldner and funded by Redflex Traffic Systems, the city's red-light camera vendor."

  • How the the Alderman votes on this ordinance will have a direct correlation to how I vote in the next election. There is no doubt that that this is a money grab in the name of "child safety." If the Alderman votes in favor of speed cameras, he either has poor judgement and can not see what the cameras are about or he is fully aware of their purpose and can not be trusted to be honest with us.

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    It pass, 33-14 vote.,0,4714568.story

    Still trying to find out complete list who voted yes and no, if anyone can find the complete list, please post it. We should know how each alderman voted.

    From article mentioned above,
    Ald. voting yes:
    James Balcer

    Ald. voting no:

  • Chris count the rings round my eye


    "Many of the alderman voicing their support admitted they were getting strong constituent opposition to the ordinance, but felt the speed cameras around schools and parks would improve safety and save lives."

    So they are admitting they chose not to vote the voice of their constituents.

    Hairston is the only Alderman who spoke out against the issue. "Where I am from, we look at it a little different. I don’t stand here and support anyone breaking the law. My concern is about what happens when they are not used for speed. That is my concern. My other concern is we are giving up our authority. We don’t have a say where these go. We (aldermen) should have a say so. Last time I checked we were a democracy. Little by little are are giving up our authority.”

    Ald voting yes:
    James Balcer

    Ald voting no:

  • I hope they feel good about passing legislation based upon lies and distortion of facts......

  • pathetic.

    @Chris: Yes, exactly as you stated....they are voting AGAINST their constituents. They're worried about the next political ad when they're running for re-election stating that they didn't vote to save children's lives! Self serving politicians, as always!

  • “My other concern is we are giving up our authority,” explained Hairston. “We don’t have a say where these go. We (aldermen) should have a say so. Last time I checked we were a democracy. Little by little are are giving up our authority.”
    I'm glad to see they're (politicos) starting to experience what we've been experiencing lately! All of our liberties being trashed with every new piece of legislation and ordinance.

  • The City Clerk's website states "not available" for the vote details.

  • 14 NO: Arena, Cappleman, Pawar, Osterman, Fioretti, Dowell, Burns, Hairston, Sawyer, Jackson, Chandler, Sposato, Waguespack, Reilly

    3 Absent: Maldonado, Reboyras, Graham (?????)

    33 Yes: all the rest.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Thanks Bill, alderman Tim,why?

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    @Bill: where'd you find the votes? I'd like to know where to look up other votes.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    If the gang bangers want to get in our good graces,they could start by...

  • @ Chris... City Clerk Mendoza posted the "No" votes and absences as "tweets" on the Clerk's website.

    Find other votes through these City Clerk's office websites....

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Does this mean,the idiots running this show are going to put up speed cameras where speed bumps are in place?

  • Karl JP Retired in Jefferson Park.

    Looks like the ones that run the machine or show fealty to it, owe their seat to this mayor or the last one, Mike Madigan or John Cullerton voted as told and ignored the facts and their voters.
    Shame upon all of ya.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @Shot-n-beer: John Cullerton is not an alderman. Tim Cullerton is.
    @Gene: I believe the cameras aren't going to be on the side streets, but rather on the main arterial streets near schools and parks. At least that's the way it looks from the proposed camera locations Tim Cullerton posted some time back.

  • Wow. I love how some aldermen expressed skepticism about the speed cameras but quickly buckled under King Rahm's pressure when it came time to vote.

    I applaud those who voted against this idiotic cash grab.

    I won't be voting for anyone who said yes. I can't in good conscience do so. No one knows where the money will be going, It'll disappear into thin air like it often does. Or it'll be spent for more "safety" measures reportedly? More speed humps and stop signs?

    I was really hoping the aldermen had the guts to stand up to Rahm, but I guess not. Why do we have 50 of them anyway? I'm just venting now, but really, 50? When the vast majority are just puppets to the mayor anyway?

    Gee, I hope these speed cameras prove me wrong and keep the kids from getting killed by wayward speeders ... that is if they don't get shot or stabbed in the neighborhood first.

  • Chris,
    I completely agree with you. You wrote that you hope the cameras prove you wrong and keep the kids from being killed. The only problem with that statement is that the kids aren't being killed by speeders according to the stats that Ald Cullerton posted for the 38th ward. So you will not be proven wrong because the pretense for the cameras is based on ficticious numbers!

    And for those that think King Rahm gave us a concession by reducing the amounts of the fines.....give it a couple years with annual increases in the fines and they'll be right back up to where he started. $50--100+

  • @Conor.... I get the distinction that S-n-B Guy makes. State Senate President John Cullerton was Emanuel's water carrier in making this travesty happen in the General Assembly.

    From one of many articles documenting this fact.....

    "........ Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, was there as the honorary chairman. On a Resolute video, Cullerton urged participants to go to Springfield and try "to pass legislation that can make a difference."

    In late October, Cullerton officially filed Emanuel's bill.",0,2221371,full.story

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    I have been as honest and forthcoming on this matter as I can be. The bottom line is that the Mayor negotiated a compromise with the Aldermen, (most all of whom would have surely voted down the original proposal, including myself). Fines were reduced, warnings were added, hours of operation were sharply reduced in school zones where no tickets will be issued when children are not present in the photo between 7 Am and 4 Pm on school days and the overall number of safety zones was reduced.
    If you choose to speed in a safety zone you will receive a ticket and a fine; it's as simple as that. The concessions made by the Mayor convinced me (and many of my colleagues) that this really wasn't about the money, but rather, the safety of children.
    Every week my office receives calls and requests for speed bumps to protect their children form speeders on their streets and in their alleys.
    When legislation was passed requiring drivers to fasten their seatbelts and to secure their children in car seats, there was an outcry by some against too much government intervention. When legislation was passed to prohibit the use of cell phones and texting while driving, there were those who felt that it was an intrusion on their privacy.
    Time has proven that speed bumps and seatbelts and car seats and "hands-free" cell phone devices have saved lives and I believe that this is merely the next step towards that effort.
    Speed cameras will result in a safer environment for your children and grandchildren and mine, and that's truly the only thing I was promised in return for my vote.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    the states were forced by the fed to adopt the seat belt law to get money for the highways.It wasn't about safety.You did pass measures against using a cell phone while driving and texting while driving,but if you stand on a corner and watch traffic go by, 75% of the cars are either talking or texting,so it is lack of enforcement that causes accidents.
    .Every accident is different,I don't think you can really prove seat belts save lives. If the seat belts are so safe,why do cars come with air bags now?
    Alderman TIm,I had respect for up until you went to the it's for the children mantra.When will the speed cameras be eliminated,surely every zone must have a quota to keep the system running.How many tickets will be enough or not enough? What happens when ,like the parking meter bozos,you realize the expected riches are not reality,will you change the speed limit tolerance ,or will the system leave?

  • Alderman Cullerton, I say "BULL! The key word was "compromise" in your post. Everyone that sees through the crap in this city and the way it's run (dictatorship over democracy) knows you, and the other 32 are full of excrement. How about education? How about a safety campaign with PSA's and signage on the streets? Clearly marked crosswalks? That doesn't produce revenue, so let's just go with speed cameras. Here's my favorite quote from an article today:

    "The mayor's effort has been supported by the Traffic Safety Coalition, a group pushing for the speed cameras that is run by close Emanuel political ally Greg Goldner and funded by Redflex Traffic Systems, the city's red-light camera vendor."

    The TSC pushing for speed cameras is like Bush/Halliburton telling the US that Iraq had WMD's.

    There is a word for that, it starts with b and ends with t...ullshi is in between for the people that can't read between the lines of Chicago's political climate.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park


  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Will the signs around the affected area come down that say 20 MPH on school days when children are present.If children are not present how will the camera know? Will the cameras be operational in the summer time,when 80 % of the kids are on vacation?
    What about snow days when the kids are told to stay home,or a teacher strike?

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    Permissible uses for speed camera revenues will include: pedestrian safety and transportation improvements; initiatives to ensure safe passage around schools; provide police protection and surveillance around schools and parks; after school programs and youth opportunities; youth violence prevention programs; crossing guards; infrastructure improvements to improve children’s safety: speed bumps, signs, street markings and speed signs.

    City will launch 90-day public education campaign on safety zones before any tickets are issued:
    –ads on CTA buses/trains
    –radar signs that show your speed in safety zones

    A weekly updated map on City website will show:
    –All safety zone locations
    –All speed camera locations
    –Hours when reduced speed applies

    Quarterly reports posted on city website will include:
    –Speeding data in each safety zone
    –Accident data in each safety zone
    –Number of tickets issued in each safety zone and fine amount

  • Here's what we're paying for.

    In order to subsidize my Chicago and Illinois residency, I'm thinking of starting a sort of dead pool. It won't be who will die, but what politician will be the next to get convicted. The rules are actual convictions, not just shady dealings for those playing at home.

  • Thanks Ald Tim to continuing to post information about the new ordinance. While many of us don't agree with the ordinance, I appreciate how forthcoming you are and your will to serve your community and be open and honest with us.

  • Feats I was a Punk before you were a Punk

    I'm sorry alderman ,if you vote yes, I will never vote for you again ......

  • On a local level, does anyone know if this analogy can be completed?

    Halliburton is to Dick Cheney as Redflex Traffic System is to _________.

    1. Thing to look for: Someone's relative who's had 15 "career changes" in 10 years, but suddenly found their calling with Redflex Traffic Systems.

  • Carl.....would the answer be former Ald. Mark Fary (12th), husband of Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner Rosmarie S. Andolino?

    And they say nothing shady in this deal......

  • Maybe we should get cameras to follow the politicians around 24 hours a day to keep on eye on them like they want to keep an eye on us. They seem to be doing much more harm than someone getting their car up to 36 mph. We could even turn it into a reality show for the revenue. Then we'd at least hear the phone call. "yeah, my cousins kind of a f*ck-up, but can you get him a job. No problem we'll get that legislaton passed." The one's that are clean I'm sure would have no problem with it, right? we could call it "Big Brother" damn it!.....already taken.

  • I plan on not speeding through the neighborhood. That pretty much covers this issue for me. Moving on....

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    @Carl,@Bill,purely coincidental.

  • Carlos, for the record, I was being sarcastic when I said I hope the cameras prove me wrong. I know they will not. And you're absolutely right. The fines will surely increase soon enough. They're in. It's done. They're never going away. We'll only get more and more of them installed.

  • I just read Ald. Cullerton's reasoning for voting yes. First I've seen it. With all due respect, I completely disagree.

    And I still don't understand why we're forced by law to wear safety belts. It's one thing to require all children who are too ignorant to make their own choices to buckle up. But I'm an adult. If I'm dumb enough to drive without a seat belt, it's my own problem.

    But again, cell phone law, seat belts, those are different animals. You can't compare them to speed cameras because there is NO EVIDENCE to suggest they help ANYONE but the city get rich. And by city I don't actually mean us. I mean whoever decides to steal it this time.

    Yeah, I'm cynical. I have a reason to be. The "compromise" is a crying shame. How long will it last once the cameras are installed? When will the fines increase? The hours of operation increase? How can people vote yes when they don't even have all the information? That is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Andy x

    I haven't followed this whole thread. Saw a couple blurbs on TV news. I'm puzzled. If you drive the speed limit - which means maximum allowable speed - you're ok. If you break the law, you get a ticket. I didn't know that we're allowed to pick and choose which laws we follow. Good to know.
    I remember a coworker who whined for weeks about getting a ticket for 20 over while he was just south of the .10 alcohol level (at the time). He didn't think he should have gotten a ticket because it was Thanksgiving. I didn't get that either...

  • Andy, maybe in the future you should read the whole thread and you wouldn't be so puzzled. I know that sounds rude, but I don't know what else to say to you.

    Though in your defense, this thread is a continuation of another beast that lurks somewhere on Everyblock.

  • @Andy I think and at least for me it's about the increase in money grabs from people who for the most part follow the law. And, for me it's about the slow taking away of rights and privacy. That kind of view to me is dangerous. If they decided to do daily cavity searches would you say, "Well, if you're not hiding anything up your keister, you shouldn't have a problem, afterall cavity searches are the law now." Meanwhile none of these laws seem to stop the gangs and real criminals. Maybe if things really were safer I might have a different opinion...maybe. And, maybe if they were impeccable at managing my money and there was efficiency in government, I would have a different opinion...maybe. It's like giving a financial adviser more and more money after he's lost thousands in your IRA. When is enough, enough. In Rosemont, I got one of those red light camera violations for not coming to a complete stop over the white line. I must have been going .5 mph at best. I was pick pocketed for $100. I like the on the spot judgement a real human being can make. A cop that looks up my driving record and sees that I don't have a history of 20 violations. That I'm an upstanding citizen, no warrants for my arrest. I wasn't going 25 mph blowing through without any attempt at stopping. etc. While technically I was breaking the law, if reasonably it's an on the spot judgment call then I prefer that.

  • BTW, I was never a big fan of everyone has to stay after class because of the one idiot that caused trouble. And, based on the gang activity I see, it's more like everyone has to stay after class, but the trouble-maker gets to go home.

  • Alderman Cullerton.... All those things that the revenue generated will supposedly pay for. Don't we already finance most if not all of them with the taxes and fees that we already pay? Why this need for "more"? And if any of these happen to be new initiatives, who asked for them?

    Just think of how many police officers that could be hired if the city wasn't buying/contracting/maintaining all manner of surveilance cameras. Exactly how many street crimes have been prevented by them? Anyone?
    Obviously red light cameras don't work as a preventive measure.....people still run them to the tune of $60 million a year. Seatbelts...I've always used them, before a nanny state government to demanded it from me.
    Cell phone use? Yea....I see how that's working out.

    The fact is, this legislation was hatched by a bureaucrat with an anti-motorist agenda, and was facilitated by distortion and deceit from mayor's office from the start. A "solution" to a non-existant "problem". They attempted the same thing last year with the wheel tax. They got called on it, and rather than **** canning it, a "compromise" was struck that still stuck it to the motoring public. Not to mention all the other increases that last years budget gave us. Makes one wonder what's in store for us with the next one.....

    Why "compromise" with liars and their bad legislation?

  • Karl JP Retired in Jefferson Park.

    I said it before. Yes vote roster is the "go-along-to get-along" gang.

  • Hey, since were getting to more of a police state. Someone might want to report me. I ran out to get some coffee at DD and was coming down a sidestreet. Because of the rain the branches from a tree were hanging down and blocking a good portion of the stop sign. I didn't see it until the last minute. Because I wasn't really going fast and saw the stop sign late, I stopped a little after the stop sign. If there were stop sign cameras on every stop sign it would have caught me. Just think of the children I could have run over. Please, please will someone call the police on me, I'm a lawbreaker!

  • I wonder if gangbangers slow down around schools? Oh yeah, they're already slowing down to sell drugs.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Alderman Tim misspoke when he said they passed the seat belt law for safety.The federal government was withholding highway funds for states that did not comply. The same held true for the drinking age. These laws were passed,not for safety,but for federal money.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Carl,the gang bangers live across the street from the school,they don't need to slow down.

  • Portage Patty 30+ year veteran of da hood.

    To all you outraged souls. Do this. Drive around for a week or more and obey all driving laws to the letter of the law. Obey all speed limits and make full stops. Drive like your'e back in drivers ed behind your high school. Then notice how quick the rest of the drivers around you are going. Note how stop signs are ignored. Notice how often you are honked at for obeying the laws. I don't like this Big Brother stuff either but being just the other side of 60 I had never seen so many bad drivers in my entire life. It's like they don't care that they are endangering everyone else around them. Worst yet they are driving one handed with their cell phone. I can say with all sincerity while there has always been an underlying danger to driving it has gotten worst in the last decade. Unfortunately you cannot legislate intelligence. So we're stuck with this.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Patty I do follow all the traffic laws every time I drive.I do it because of selective enforcement of traffic laws.Never know if you are going to get pulled over and for what,tho I still don't see the need to wear a seat belt when the car has air bags.And why do the people in the back seat now have to wear seat belts,wasn't it dangerous before it became law?Why wasn't that part of the law when the feds demanded everyone where a seat belt?.I have seen stop signs pop up on every corner except one in my part of Jeff.There weren't any when we moved here. People blow through them. They were put in without any traffic studies being done.We don't have to be stuck with this.If a law was made,it can be unmade.

  • Patty, you're right. But, I think people who are proponents feel like the antis a just wanting to speed around. I personally hate everything having to be dumbed down to accommodate all the idiots. And all these laws won't change the moron who has a drinking problem, is drunk by 3:00 pm and plows into the front of a school. It is what it is. We have to live with it, unfortunately. I wonder what will be their next step. Speeding cameras everywhere I guess.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    hey aldermen,why are keeping the streets safe from speeders,how about a law saying you must show proof of insurance before you get a city sticker or license plate tag? You are supposed to be insured,but I have to pay extra for uninsured motorists.Wouldn't this be safe for the city and the state?

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    Great suggestion Gene - I'll be happy to take this on.

  • @Patty I also don't think straight statistics tell the whole story either. For instance, How much does technology play into safety statistics? I know going 75 mph in a brand new BMW is much different than going 75 mph in a 1972 Ford Pinto.

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    Hey Gene, I think that you (we...I'm not that young) didn't have to wear seatbelts back then because those tanks wouldn't flip over if you tried. Today, cars are so light, a stiff breeze blows them over. :)

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    nice try Andy.We had VW bugs ,corvairs,ramblers,and other light cars back in the days of my youth.It was the Model T's and such that were tanks.Cars got lighter in the 60's.Hydroplaning with rear whell drive was fun.And don't tell Bob,but STOP meant Skid TIres On Pavement.

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    I don't know -- tank-cars certainly came back though...I rode around in my buddy's 79 Bonneville, as well as his uncle's 70-something Malibu, and we felt indestructible. In fact, he decided to do donuts in a snowed-over parking lot one time, forgetting that there were parking blocks in the center of the lot. We side-swiped those things so hard, I'm surprised we didn't knock the axle and wheels out the side.

    Good thing there were no cameras then. :)

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    Question about speed lights? If the cameras are in force from 8:00 to 5:00, which are you suppose to believe: The sign that says 20 MPH in school zones when children are present, or: Just go 20 MPH all the time?? (Sorry, if I got the timed wrong)!

  • That's right, it is. And, let me find a picture of a plane crash for you to show you how unsafe it is. Then I'll find you a picture of a terrorist to show you that they are lurking around every corner. Then, I'll find you a picture of a lottery winner and tell you how you just need to play to win. Let me put a camera in your bedroom, I'd like to keep an eye on you, you seem a little shady to me. Let's see if we can child-proof the world for you by putting cameras everywhere so you feel safer. Hang on, let me round off that corner for you so you don't bump yourself. I guess if everyone built a giant fort and had snipers on the roof the world would be a safer place, right? But, the thing is for every action there's a reaction when it comes to the real thugs. I would like to see more of a crackdown on the real thugs. So, with all the cracking down, does your neighborhood feel much safer then it did in 1970? Afterall, the laws have gotten tougher. I know my neighborhood went from Lebanon to Mayberry.

  • And, the guy was going 186 mph. Have I said I wanted to increase the speed limits to 190 mph. No. But, I don't want to be pick-pocketed for $100 because my wheels are 6 inches past a state spray-painted white line.

  • Man, some of you are real obedient ones. Can I come over, there's some amazing investment opportunities I have for you. I'm going to make you incredibly wealthy people. Let me show you some stats to convince you.

  • @ Inactive. Sorry about the previous posts inactive I think you're on my side of the issue. I'm so used to the anal-retentive Bob's of the world getting their bicycle shorts in a bunch that I didn't read the full article about safety.

  • obviously if they are putting in ticket cameras they expect to take someone's picture and expect someone to drive fast enough to hurt someone, that does not protect anyone.
    i would say concrete barricades on both sides of school zones and traffic lights that flash yellow when children are present.
    the goal would be to make the street safe.

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    Al, cameras in school zones would be on on school days from 7 am through 4 pm. The speed limit will be posted as 20 MPH when children are present. The speed limit is 30 MPH when children are not present.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    I am very confused about what will be enforced where. At the Central and Irving Park Rd. intersection (the cameras are only being installed at intersections, yes?) will the limit be 30 or 20? It's within a short distance of the school as well as being right in front of the park. Currently the limit is 30 through there. Is that going to change?

  • Andy x

    @ Chris - I know what the dialog is - I was trying to be polite. Not sure why, I get ripped many times on everyblock.
    @Carl - driving on a public way means we the people have to make sure everyone's on the same page. This means various traffic laws are set and we have to follow them. It's not optional and there are no rights involved. There is no Bill of Rights that says we have the right to drive a car.
    And on the privacy thing - when out in a public area, there's no reasonable expectation of privacy. That's a court ruling already (not sure where but I read it once). I think it supported those CCTV police cameras which have been up for several years.

    Some decided that the fastest anyone should go is some number. It's based on the area and type of traffic. If there are kdis around, the number is lower. The number is the maximum safe speed that someone can stop from.

    And that's it. If someone doesn't like that speed, they should work to have the law changed, not ignore it. If we all ignore the laws we'll have anarchy and revert to the dark ages.

    Having the cameras frees up cops for going after the taggers and gangbangers, which is what we all want.

    Trust me, a guy gets a few of those big speeding tickets from a camera that he can't bribe his way out of, and the traffic will eventualy slow down and make the area safter.
    So what if it is a money grab. We have to have the income to pay the cop or pay for the camera. Tickets will do that right quick.
    For those who drive at the speed limit, they'll be fine.
    Stop whining and deal with it.......

  • @Andy Do I have a choice but to deal with it? I'd bet we see a bad deal for taxpayer article before we see a gangs are at a record low article in the newspaper We'll see. I hope you're right. Keep me posted on the incredible progress.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Andy,you mean we are not in the dark ages all ready? Have hope! The Supreme Court found Daley's hand gun laws unconstitutional,maybe they will find the cameras unconstitutional also.Its worth the wait.

  • I thought the whining was part of the first amendment. Look at how they have you thinking, Andy.

  • Karl JP Retired in Jefferson Park.

    Alderman I don't need you to protect my grandkids. I taught my kids how to safety conduct themselves near streets, they and me taught theirs the same.
    How about you put cameras in the homes of irresponsible parents that don't teach their kids safety and responsibility?

    Thank you to my alderman Mr. Arena for seeing through the phony balony on this and other matters.

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Alderman Tim,
    My understanding is that you won't be able to contest these tickets in court. What happens to our rights to a hearing and due process?
    We're now in the arena of privatized corporate run, profit driven law enforcement. Issue more tickets, bust more heads, leading to higher profits.
    How will information gathered from these devices be used and with whom will be be shared?

    This is one dirty mess and I will not vote for those who supported it.
    If they didn't have answers to questions Adlerman then you should ahve voted NO, at least until full answers were disclosed and understood. This is the parking meter deal all over again and it STINKS!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Alderman Tim,the Sun-Times today,page 4 states that our schoolchildren at Harlan High are having a hard time getting from school to home safely.Wouldn't the money going to waste for the speeding cameras,be better spent,ensuring the children's safety to go to and come from school without bullies or thugs with guns.Making sure the kids can get to and leave school SAFELY should be more important than this nonsense with speeding cameras.Let's have a vote,all those who think the bigger priority here is getting speeders fined,write so,all those who really favor children's safety,write your alderman and tell them you want real security for the children instead of bright new shiny toys that may or may not work!

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    OParker, there is an appeal process - if you don't speed more than 5 mph over the speed limit, you won't get a citation - if you do, you will, and you can go to the hearing to plead your case...

    Gene, all revenue generated from the speed cameras will be earmarked for additional safety measures for children such as addtional crossing guards and police officers, street markings and caution signs, etc.

    This legislation did not lower the speed limit, it merely provides the means to enforce it. The priority is not to "get speeders fined" as you put it - the priority is to prevent drivers from speeding, period. Don't speed and you won't get a ticket.

  • I always thought the police were the means to enforce the speed limit & other traffic laws. Little did I know it fell under the purview of the Department of Revenue and a private company....

  • kb

    I will vote against an Alderman that supports speeding cameras. This is pure monetization under the guise of child safety. Such a shame that investing in additional police presence, truly valuable to our community, isn't the cash cow that speed cameras are.

  • I guess I was hopeful there would be major amendments and more transparency to this entire ordeal.

    Maybe I missed it, but what's the contract limit on these cameras?

    Alderman Cullerton, I suppose now that you've made your decision and voted yes, it's simply as cut and dry as, "Don't speed and you won't get a ticket." But it was only a month ago that you asked and answered your own question:

    "Is speeding acceptable? I would think the answer would be, 'to a point, yes.'"

    You brought up the threshold (10 mph over) being raised as one way people might actually believe this was more about safety than trapping and fining people. Maybe it would have, but I guess we'll never know. The concession to lower the fine to $35 isn't truly a concession at all. That rate will simply go up soon enough. How long until it's $50, then $75?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    This legislation did not lower the speed limit, it merely provides the means to enforce it. The priority is not to "get speeders fined" as you put it - the priority is to prevent drivers from speeding, period. Don't speed and you won't get a ticket.

    Alderman Tim = Bobcam

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    The contract to provide/install the cameras has not yet been put out for bid. Any increase in fines would require a change in the ordinance and approval by the City Council. I really don;t see that happening.

    In regards to speeding being acceptable or not, my question to you is how much over the speed limit is acceptable in a school zone where children are present if 5 mph over the limit is too low?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Alderman Tim,here in the 45th ward,our schools and parks are surrounded by speed bumps making it impossible to do 20 MPH,much less speed. And when the children are present,their parents have surrounded the school and stop traffic in every direction while they pick up the little dear ones.So you can't speed when the children are present and you can't do the speed limit when the children aren't present. So,why do we need these cameras?

  • Thanks for the response.

    As Gene already pointed out (and as you've said in the past, alderman), it's pretty difficult to speed during times when children are getting in and out of school due to all the traffic and speed humps already in place.

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    Bridge School in my area sets up barricades, so you can't even go past the school.

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    There are plenty of schools across the city that don't have barricades or speed bumps...Smyser by Montrose...St. Pascal's. on Irving....Bridge on Addison...etc.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    How many school kids have ben run over by autos in the last 10 years anywhere in the city?

  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    Like none?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I'll google it in the morning kenji,I'm tired tonight.Don't be surprised at the outcome.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park
  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I just love the internet.

  • @Gene Interesting Gene, that the highest fatality is kids 15-18. Try driving past Shurz high school when class lets out. They walk right in front of cars without any regard. Maybe educating kids would work better. Just a thought.

  • "Maybe educating kids would work better."

    Absolutely Carl. But that can't be exploited to further an anti-automoble agenda.
    Besides. It doesn't provide a means for "creative ways to generate revenue"...... ;)

  • The stats in the report show the pedestrian accident trends are declining year by year, yet this camera ordinance was still voted in. Amazing. Only in Chi-Town!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    SHOW RAHM THE MONEY! remember our new lord was a congressman who voted for TARP before anyone read the bill.And he is trying to ram legislation down our throats in the same manner.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    yesterday it was ,no law is better than flawed law,today's is "question authority every chance you get."

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    Other than the fact, the law was passed,we can still debate the issue. As I read the Report found by Gene, I noticed one thing that was left out: Who caused the "accident"? As I drive and walk the streets (Not a "Streetwalker"), I noticed as Carl stated, people dart out, many times from between cars and don't look both ways before they cross, as if they dare you to hit them. Secondarily, I see people that think they own the street, passing on the right so they can beat you to the red light. Left turn drivers, sometime think they have the right to turn after they put their signal on (If they do). Almost got hit on the Congress leaving the Printer's Row Book sale, guy turned even though he had the red light. Guns should be legal!!!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    @Albert,there have been many days,many,many days,I have come home and told my wife that some driver is glad we don't have the right to carry.I get road rage by the time I hit Foster or Milwaukee,and Saturday mornings are the worst.

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    I just wish I drove a tank or a monster truck. Nobody would dare get in the way then.

  • Portage Parker Posey Proud Portage Park homeowner since 2006

    Hope one will be installed by Thorpe. Very excessive speeding, vehicles trying to pass each other around parked cars, numerous accidents involving property damage.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @Portage Parker Posey: From what Alderman Cullerton has posted previously a camera will not be going in anywhere near Thorpe. Belmont and Austin will be the nearest one, at least for now:

    "...the locations proposed in the 38th Ward are at Irving/Narragansett, Irving/Central, Addison/Cicero and Belmont/Austin." Posted by Alderman Tim — On the neighbor message "The speeding cameras in Chicago"
    March 18, 2012, 12:24 p.m.

  • Kathy Resident since 1979

    There are already speeding cameras at the above locations. I would like to know where the proposed school/park speeding cameras will be installed in the 38th and 36th wards.

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    Conor & Kathy,
    I should clarify that there will be locations other than the ones I indicated earlier which will qualify for cameras. The 4 locations I posted earlier are those where we have the red light cameras posted already, (not speeding cameras), and which are on main intersections near parks or schools. It's very possible that cameras could be posted on Austin near Thorpe, but there are no red light cameras there yet But Kathy is correct, this is a location where people do speed frequently during school hours.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @Alderman Tim

    Honestly, given all the speed bumps around schools I find it difficult to even drive the speed limit in a school zone. I have to drive about 10-15 mph. I cannot drive over a speed bump at 20 or 30 mph. With that in mind, to me this just seems like a revenue grab guised as concern for our children.

    If you really care about our kids and want more revenue from bad drivers, how about enforcing cell phone laws? That is more of a danger to kids in school zones than someone speeding.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @Tim: Thanks for the clarification. I suspected there would eventually be more cameras than those you initially posted. Am I correct in thinking that these speed cameras will still only be posted on main thoroughfares? While I can see posting cameras on Austin near Thorpe I don't see the point of installing them on Warwick or Grace given the speed bumps, parked cars etc. during the times children are present.

    A friend of mine who's a police officer lives across the street from Thorpe. Next time I'm talking to him I'll ask for his thoughts on the matter. He works odd hours so is often around when the kids are going to/from school.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    And the money made from the lottery will go to the schools.Uh-huh!

  • Kathy Resident since 1979

    AGREED! What happened to the lottery funds supporting schools?????

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    better yet,why after it was discovered that lottery money went in the general fund,why weren't steps taken to correct the lie?

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    The lottery was one of the biggest slight of hand cons, ever.
    Yes the money went to schools ,after other funding was cut.
    The con was , convincing the marks (taxpayers/voters) that the money would be in addition to all the other funding already going into education.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    And the speed cameras money will go straight to the school after the city pays off the company for installation and synchronization of the cameras.Am I the only not believing that when children aren't present,you won't get a ticket for doing the speed limit.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    So they lied about the lottery,Daley sold us out on the parking meters,and now Rahm wants to nickle and dime us under the illusion of child safety in areas where their is no problem.CAn't wait to vote.

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Rahm and the gang are clever.
    They know that, if your going to screw the voters, do it during the first 18 months. Memories are short. They' ll spend the last 12 months doing nothing or only things the voters endorse, get re- elected and hit us again.. Look how well this tatic worked for Daley and others.
    I'm in full support of term limits for everyone starting from Alderman all the way up the chain.

  • Kathy Resident since 1979

    With so many people in the wards against this new ordinance, why did the majority of the aldermen vote for it? Aldermen are supposed to be the voice of the people in their wards. Thanks, Alderman Sposato for voting NO on this horrid invasion of government and Big Brother. I travel to work around 7am on Addison and never see kids going to school at this time. Not to mention, when is the last time anyone has heard of a child being hit by a car on Addison or Belmont??? Our city is one big gridlock now and it will even be worse in a few months. - thanks City of Chicago. I am also opting NOT to vote for any politician who wanted this ordinance, including Rahm. the's Chicago. Highest taxes, highest gas prices and we get constantly screwed. I have yet to hear of one good thing that is being done for the citizens. All we get is taxed and fined.

    In addition, I like the comment about requiring people to supply their insurance information prior to obtaining a city sticker....TWICE I was hit and both times the culprit had no insurance (AND no license!!!), forcing ME to eat the deductible.....

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    This reminds me of the headless legs following a leader. I don't remember the name given, but either way, it is wrong. It should be the Democrats following the Mayor!!

  • How many pedestrians on average are hit per year on Chicago streets? Of those, how many are children? Of those, how many were in school zones at the time? Of those, how many were in school zones during the hours the speed cameras will be operating? Of those, how many were by cars that were speeding? Of those, how many of those cars would have been speeding even with the cameras in place? What's our final number??? Now...are these cameras really there for the "safety of our children"? Absurd.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @ Prof Mike - I could not agree more.

    I wonder how many kids were in accidents because they were in a car with an adult who was texting or talking on a cell phone? Probably more than were hit by all those people speeding in the school zones with speed bumps, crossing guards and tons of traffic because the parents just stop in the middle of the street to drop off their kids.

    I also would like to know, of the companies bidding for contracts to install red light cameras, speeding cameras, etc, how many have executives with a personal relationship to someone in city hall?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Fifth floor wants you to be sheeple.If they say it is for the safety of the children,no one would dare question what they are doing,because we all love children,and would hate for anyone to think we are against safety for children.
    Except those of us who have done the research on our own and have found out our children are safe on the streets from speeders because you can't speed on a speed bump on a barricaded road,and you can't get by because the parents have blocked the streets.
    But children at the Harlan school are in danger every day,not from speeders,but from gangs and guns.So where is the immediate danger to children going to school,why the Harlan school,but where is the immediate concern of the mayor and the alderman who voted for the cameras,cameras.Cameras that won't help the kids in the Harlan school,and cameras that won't work around the schools because of speed bumps and other obstructions.I am so happy that city hall has its priorities straight,aren't you all>?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Aldermen who are reading this.How about a six month study.If the accidents don't go down,you will remove the cameras and begin enforcing the no cell phone texting law? That would be for safety.Not cameras around schools with barricades,speed bumps and parents who block the street.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    We ahould all get down on our knees and thank Rahm for keeping his campaign promise and being an honest Dem . He stated during the campaign that he would not nickel and dime the tax payers of Chicago as they had been taxed enough already ( stealing Tea Party rhetoric ) . He kept his pladge when Rahm goes into your pocket he skips right past those little dimes and like a good thief er Dem goes right for your C note . This is a Money grab it has nothing to do with traffic safety . The next news story you hear about a traffic fatality around a school will be the 1st because it isn't a problem . There are already Squad cars by every school during times when kids are coming and going not to mention Crossing Guards . The reason for Rahm needing revenue is the obvious budget deficit . This deficit is being driven by Unionized City Employees being paid and benefitted far beyond what is customary in the private sector . You know the people who fund the cofers . Until this situation is rectified we will experince continually higher and higher fees and taxes and this will drive business and commerce from Chicago . I wouldn't count on our Dems to do any of this if you look at their history . They count on Union support to get elected and they pay for THEIR support on the backs of tax payers . A win win for the Dems and their Unions with no advocate for the tax payer .Everyone who is concerned about our City and State should read this short article

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    It seems to me that there are a lot of people angry about this and also rahms son of DE Stimulus . It also seems to me that most on this thread see that the Dems trick is to get all this BS passed early in their regimes and hope the voters forget about it by election time . We know this but most of Chicago is made up of Sheeple who aren't engaged in the process . I didn't viote for Rahm and I dont expect him to stick around long . Rahm became Mayor not for what he could do for Chicago , but rather , what Chicago can do for him . He will be long gone by the time the bill comes due for all his shennanigans . He thinks he's going to be President some day ( this is me laughing ) The simple fact is that Chicago is ful of Liberals er Progressives who don't pay attnetion or don't care . these people think the Demsare infallable no matter what they do .

  • Chris count the rings round my eye

    @BikeJedi: I am about as Liberal as they come, and a registered Democrat. I am extremely unsatisfied with Rahm, and my alderman, and how the alderman are not listening to the voice of their constituents. Frustrated to the point of complete disgust. I pay attention, and I care. And I have many close friends who do the same. Don't stereotype all democrat voters. I've learned not to do that with Republicans and Libertarians.

    In my opinion, what we are seeing in Chicago is not as much actions of Democrats, but actions of over 20 years of an autocracy. And Rahm is just taking it one step further. What I'm seeing by members of the Democratic Party in Chicago is not the Democratic party I grew up on, and respected, outside of Chicago.

  • @ Chris...kudos for keeping it civil and objective. @ Bike Jedi: citing Newsmax along with ad hominem attacks on Dems does nothing but preach to the choir while not really advancing the discussion. I'm pretty liberal and oppose this ordinance, Republican/Democrat is pretty irrelevant to me on this. But hey, thanks for the overly-biased two cents.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Chris ..sorry I didn't mean all Dems ..the ones on this thread who are angry are engaged and that is why they are angry . You have to admit though that the bulk of Dems in this city just vote Dem on auto pilot . ( they are not engaged at all or are benefitingfrom what the PArty is doing for them ).Also , there is no alternative in Chicago , you can't run as a Repunblican here bcause you would not only have to defeat Liberal opinion but you would also be taking on the muscle and money of Public Unions , the whole of the Victim Entitlement class , and a local Liberal media .. How could you run as a Republican and win ? So we have one Party rule and our elected alderman dont listen to their constituents but rather the ruler and emperor . We are being ruled by an autocrat rather then led by a public servant . I too grew up Democrat in the era when Kennedy asked not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country .I'm glad you are frustrated we need to educate everyone so they are too . I would take issue with one thing you mentioned and that is you think that this is just the result of we In Chicago being led by an autocracy . I think it goes beyond that to a National agenda by the Party to buy the hearts and support of Gov't Union employess , Increase these ranks to buy more support , to also support a rapidly growing out of control Victim Enttitlement class , and more Social programs then God . They have shown a National agenda to buy and pay for that support on the backs of the tax payers and that is different from the party I grew up with . By the way I'm not saying to kill all Social programs and believe a safety net is necessary ..It's just out of control now . Once again sorry , I should have made it clear that I didn't mean all Dems were not engaged and didn't care as you and many others do .

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Ald Tim Cullerton 38th ward Alderman.. Thank you for commenting . I notice NO ONE has thanked your comment however . Might that be because NO ONE believes you and Rahm on this revenue grab ? See you come election time . I hope by then Chicago hasn't lost even more productive tax payers and jobs . I don't believe that ANYONE believes that this money will be used for safety issues as there was never a problem . What will happen is traffic in the city will slow to a crawl buusiness and commerce will adversely be affected and we will see less visitors from surrounding Communities . These people will say to themselves who needs to come to Chicago to put up with that BS . I'll shop and eat near home .There are planty of nice restaurants in Shaumburg . This was designed to reward Rahms Political donors with a no bid contract to administer the cameras and to employ more Party cronies to maintain and view the violations . We Just get to pay Rahm and the Party for Rahms thank you to his buds . What happened to a fair and open bidding process he promised ? What happened to a transparent admin that he promised ..Oh I get it Obama said the same thing and you think we a re all gullible . well you guys know YOUR base well

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Prof Mike . Thanks for not noticing that I apologized for including all Dems as being unengaged . They are not . as I corrected... there are many good Dems and Libs who oppose this .I've been known to vote Dem too and I'm on board with these people . Just because you are Dem doesn't mean you can't see or voice an opinion when you see something like this . None of this was a Partisan ad hominon attack , after all , how could it be when we are only dealing with one Party here . I make no secret of the fact that I grew up a Dem and now lean right .I have many Dem Lib friends as I live in Chicago and try to respect everyones views None of what I said is partisan , it is fact . And what problem do you have with Newsmax .they' re a LIb outlet and that story has been everywhere and it is right on point . If the facts of what we are going through here in Chicago bothers you I can respect that . .If I came across as biased...well , I am.. Im biased against this kind of Cameras for revenue BS . I think you are too . I make no apology for being who I am and wouldn't want any of the people on the left or right to either .The fact of the matter is we are mostly in agreement here that this sucks , so who cares . I also like the fact that since we are Chicago most on this thread are Dem Libs and all I can say is that it encourages me to see so many intelligent people on here not liking this . I say Kudos to everyone who sees this for what it is ..a revenue grab and I don't care who those people are or their idelogy ..nice alien profile pic by the way

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Bike Jedi,I am a libertarian at heart,stuck in democratically controlled state,writing on a MSNBC blog.whoda thunk it?

  • @Bike Jedi, yes there are a lot of union workers in this city, and yes, they have good wages and great benefits. To say that they are the sole cause of what ills this city in terms of finances is untrue. The Shakman laws tried to prevent the patronage system that had long been in place here. And what the last mayor did to bypass those "restrictions" was to hire more mid-level "managers." So the corruption fat, in my opinion, is where the real problem is as I've heard in some instances that a Streets and San Superintendent has two bosses that he's never met. Sounds like ghost payrolling to me. How many of these "managers" are qualified to do the jobs they have? I'd say little to none. And most of these jobs are 6 figure "positions" that Daley created. The crap is so deep it's hard to fathom.

  • Here's a nice link for everyone at SB 965:

    Notice the first name listed under Sponsors...hmmm, that name sounds familiar...does anyone on this thread really think Alderman Tim was ever going to vote against this BS ordinance? And Alderman Tim, do you REALLY think any of us believe your attempts to rationalize your vote? And while I'm at it, thanks a whole helluva lot for your vote on Rahm's infrastructure trust, another vote to go along with the machine! Nice going clown, selling Chicago citizens out again.

    Legislation - Introduced (Senate) - Feb. 8, 2011

    Title: Authorizing Speed Cameras in Certain Cities


    John J. Cullerton (IL - D)
    Michael J. Madigan (IL - D)

    Barbara Flynn Currie (IL - D)
    Martin A. Sandoval (IL - D)

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    Having worked for the City, I've seen some abuse, however many problems are blamed on the workere when it should be the supervisors. Many come up the political ranks and have no idea how to supervise. Secondarily, when you do get somebody who tries, you're stopped by them yhat are futher up the ranks. ie, Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  • kenji Find us here -->
  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @mark buban: I am totally opposed to the speed cameras and have real worries about the infrastructure trust.

    However, Tim Cullerton has been very responsive on Everyblock and engages with his constituents both here and in person. In spite of the fact that I disagree with his vote on this issue I still believe he's a good Alderman for the neighborhoods in the 38th Ward. Tim has been at numerous neighborhood meetings and has always seemed willing to talk over any issue. I think it's unfair to blast him here and try to paint him with such a broad brush.

  • @Conor, thank you for your comments as I believe you and everyone else are entitled to post their opinions. I'll ask you to go back in the last 15+ years and think about the city council as a whole. Would you say that it is one that thinks ordinances through, does their own research, and takes what their constituents think about ideas and then applies that to the vote they make on any particular ordinance? Or would you say that they are told what the mayor wants, the mayoral aides are then dispatched with the mayor's agenda, first and foremost, as they present their "data" to aldermen, and if an alderman has some resistance to the idea, he/she might then be presented with some ultimatum or compromise (or outright bribe in the form of quid pro quo) in order for the mayor to get what he wants regardless of what that alderman's constituents want or desire? Unfortunately for all of us, I think it's the latter. To watch the parking meter lease go through, and now speed cameras, and the infrastructure trust, with so much indifference to what the citizens want as we're being forced to "just take it!" As a Chicagoan, I've about had enough!

  • Continued...

    I'm sure Ald. Cullerton shows up to events and he might really care about helping us regular folks out but when his back is against the wall and Rahm is in his face dropping F-bombs left and right, that most likely goes out the window and he/she caves and gives the mayor what he wants. Did you see the vote on SB 965 and how fast that sped through the general assembly? Rahm wanted it and and most likely, Madigan, John Cullerton, and the rest got a piece or will get a piece of the speed camera pie, allegedly. I know enough to know that backroom deals at City Hall are normal. So think what you want, but I call bull**it on Alderman Cullerton's posts and "explanations" as to why he voted for this ordinance. Bottom line in my mind, he did as he was told to do. And I don't think much of the aldermen that take what the mayoral aides spoon feed them and don't do their own research in order to come to their own conclusions. After only 4 days to gather his data, 32nd Ward Alderman, Scott Waguespack told the city council in 2008 that the meter deal was worth at least $4 billion and was basically laughed at...when he asked to see the city's figures, they said they'd show them to him AFTER the vote! Does that make any sense? It passed 40-5 with 5 no shows. As of about a year ago, that deal was estimated to be worth almost $10 billion! Is that what you want? It's not what I want and it's not what we taxpayers deserve.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    @ Mark Buban .I agree Daley hired more supervisors and these people made even more money and bennies then if they had been hired as foot soldiers .I too am a former Public employee ( Cook County Sheriff ) the problem isn't with the people who work for the City rather then the fact their pay and bennies are unrealistic in comnparison to what those who pay for them make . Their Union pensions and pay are the driving factor in City , County , and , State deficits . In fact if their pay and bennies were realistically in line with their private sector counterparts there would be NO City deficit and NO need for new and exciting revenue grabs .. Half the City budget is gone berfore the City starts spending on day to day operations . With all that debt they will need ever increasing taxes and revenue streams to fund all their support .This will annoy people with the financial freedom to get out of here . It is why Chicago has lost 180,000 in population . A study by the Illinois Policy Institute shows that most of the people that are leaving are productive tax payers and or business owners . That is a problem . Also thank you for that link it's always nice to follow the money so to speak .@ Connor I would say just because the Ald will come to meetings doesn't mean he won't cave for his or the Party's money making opportunities . I agree Ald Tim will talk to his constituents but that doesn't mean he votes in their best interests I will vote against anyone who voted for the Speed Cams and the Infrastructure ( Son of DESTIMULUS plan ). Our elected officials should be looking out for us and Chicago's best interests and spurring private sector economies to pay for it . They shouldn't be adding payroll at our expense just to build an army of loyal followers

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I hope one lightning bolt is capable of frying this system.

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    To Bike Jedi, The leaving of tax payers is simular to the problems of Detriot (Greenfield Village) and Gary (Merriville). Perhaps is some of our politicians read history???

  • FYI: Alderman Cullerton makes $108,086.04 per year as alderman AND collects a city pension from the Department of Buildings.

    From the following article:

    Cullerton said the mayor’s proposal for a 10-year freeze on cost-of-living increases “might work,” but only for retirees at “certain income” levels.

    “It might not work for people who ... are just scraping to get by. But people who have comfortable pensions and certainly people who have multiple pensions should pay some type of a windfall,” said the 63-year-old Cullerton, who is already collecting a city pension after 33 years with the Department of Buildings.

    As for the five percent increase in employee contributions, Cullerton said, “It would have to be proven that it’s necessary to save the system. If it’s necessary ... so that you’ll have a pension when you retire, most reasonable people would have to begrudgingly pay it.”

    $108,086.04 is a nice salary, especially with a pension added on top of it. He earned the pension, but seriously? Really????

    I think no one should be collecting a pension while still employed by the city. This is the kind of thing that really aggrevates me, especially if property taxes go up again. I wonder what kind of aldermanic pension Cullerton will receive if he only serves one term?

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    Mark, let me set the record straight. Although my salary rate in 2011 was as you stated, I voluntarily took all of the unpaid furlough days so my actual gross pay as Aldeman was around 85,000 for the year. I also waived the right to participate in the Aldermanic pension plan which would have increased my city pension significantly. I did not accept a step increase in my Aldermanic salary in 2012 and won't accept any increase during the next 3 years. I worked for the city for 33 years and, as you said, earned my city pension, just the same as our good Police and Firefighters and other city workers. I have just as much right to seek public office as you or anyone else regardless of where I earned my pension. I work very hard, on average more than 60 hours, six days a week; sometimes seven. If I worked for Pizza Hut for 33 years and was on pension from that company, should I be banned from seeking elected office?
    I don't use my expense account to lease a car, pay for car insurance or pay rent for my office. Instead of leasing a new Lincoln MKZ on the taxpayers dime, I use my expense account to hire additional staff to better serve the ward.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to downplay the fact that even after all of the foregoing factors, I am reimbursed very well for my efforts.


  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    As far as the quotes in the newspaper, I said allot more about pensions than they wrote. I would be happy to discuss it with you at length if you would like, just give me a call at 773-545-3838.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Speaking of your car. Seems a middle-aged white guy at some point of middle age would want to blow the carbon off the plugs and have some horsepower and fun with his ride. What the heck is that white four door you drive? It's like an old lady car.

    Can you even get it to 82 on the Edens at Tower Road on a Sunday?

    I could see you in an understated muscle car. Something that just looks fast sitting still at the light on Irving at Long. Black in color, with slightly tinted windows.

  • Alderman Tim Cullerton 38th Ward 38th Ward Alderman

    kenji....."middle-aged"??? From your lips to God's ear!

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  • Kirsten

    Alderman Cullerton, I do not live in your ward, but I want to thank you for following and posting on EveryBlock, for welcoming comments and open discussions, and for handling criticisms with tact and class. Very refreshing.

  • Kirsten

    And for your sense of humor! :-)

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  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    187 comments. Off subject.

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    As many politicians say: We created the mess, so give us more money so we can fix it. :(

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    @bike jedi,would it really surprise you if they did put a speed camera on a street with speed bumps? I think we could make get national media attention with that!

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Gene ...Im expecting that to happen would fit ...Oh it seems some of my comments were deleted by a " trusted Community Member " ( Censorship ) while the comment that spurred my response was allowed to stand . This is one of the reasons more and more are leaving eb . If you have a dissenting view they delete it

  • bike jedi must have one of these: Canfield Brothers Jedi F1
    Introducing the fastest Bike in the world. Nothing maintains speed better because you don’t slow down when hitting bumps.
    it is also not tracked by red light / speed cameras

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Inactive User ...that thing looks sweet , however I do mostly road bikes these days ...They will chip all bikes in the future and revenue the crap out of them

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    Why not! With all the high milage cars on the road, reducing the road tax, somebody has to pay for fixing the deteriorating streets!

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Albert you are right that it is inevitable and it's a shame . In a City County and State where our residents enjoy and have the homor of paying the highest road use taxes in the Nation that our streets are in such a deplorable state . The Bike revenuing will not be used for street repairs though . What it will be used for is New spending and trying to fuindtheir Unions just long enough to kick the Pension can down the road long enough until they are out of office . I am opposed to all new taxing as all this has done in Chicago and Illinois is funded increased spending while NONE of our debt issues are being addressed .

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    I made a comment eariler about taxes, however somebody was unhappy with it and it was deleted.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Albert ...I too had some of my comments censored a "Trusted Community Member "???? How do I reach such lofty status . I think it is rotten that I responded to a querry with fact and logic and no name calling or personal attack yet my comments were taken down and the original poster ..his comment remained . If you can't have open dialogue why bother ?

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @Bike Jedi: did you not get an emailing explaining why the comment was removed? I thought EB did that but I've never had one of mine removed so I don't have firsthand experience with it. I would expect if they are going to remove your comment they would at least explain why so you can take corrective action.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    "corrective action"

    I see this Conor.

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @kenji: eh? Are you seeing something I'm not?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    yes,someone with too much time on their hands deletes our posts because we spoke with honesty that isn't politically correct or get off topic like this thread being about times of operation for ridiculous speed cameras that aren't going to make the city any money,but will flood our neighborhoods,all in the name of safety and for the children.After all,aren't we all for safety and for the children?
    how can you not be for safety?And how dare you ever vote for something that is agianst what they say is for the children.How
    could you even question such lofty goals ?

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    against,not agianst.Fingers are quicker than the mind.How about a spell check for EB

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @Gene: I do see the value in keeping a thread on topic. I saw this value when Usenet was actually used widely and still see it today. However, I also see the value in letting a discussion progress naturally. I would hope that the "trusted community members" would be a bit flexible and not delete posts they simply don't like.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @gene, in terms of spell checking I think that is dependent on your web browser software settings. I have spell check when I type into EB replies or posts.

    Check your browser's preferences.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Got an mail that they were deleted by a " trusted community menber" for being off topic when all I did was answer someone else who completely took it off the rails . His post however wasn't removed and it shows the bias of eb as well as their censorship of anyone with a dissenting view . It is one of the reasons I don't use eb that much which I'm sure thrills the Sheeple and their lords . I too long for a forum where everyone can have a say even people I don't agree with . Without honest discourse we will never understand those who we don't agree with .

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    By the way I passed both Taft and Garvey schools today at let out time ...let me tell you was impossible to speed through the area with all the cars going nowhere

  • kenji Find us here -->

    on a bike?

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Oh yeah ...went up to the Northbrook Velodrome and back ..right up Wagner rd ..great ride great day ..lotsa wind though ..the return trip took me by both of those Schools ...technically I would have been breaking the speed limit if the cars weren't in my way

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    How were the speed bumps and door openings??

  • BikeJedi - Out comments were removed for being off topic. They were following previous comments that were off topic, but those comments are still up. I guess someone has to complain to have that happen. Do not count on the 20 and 30 somethings running this site to read all the comments to determine what should be deleted. The comments deleted were well thought out and it is a shame they were erased so easily. A major flaw of ED. For instance, the comments about the adlerman's salary. Is that on topic for speed bumps?

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Zachary ..yes and I've seen this tactic employed before . They call it censorship ..a lot of my fb friends are having their accts suspended and deleted ..So it's not just happening on eb . To eb's credit I think they are trying . The censorship in this country is getting out of hand .

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Who is "they"?

  • @kenji, looking for they, them and us?

  • Alderman Tim, sorry for the delayed response. Like I said, you did earn the pension. I still don't think we should be paying you a pension if you're not retired. Especially since you earn a nice salary as alderman. As for the furlough days, I thought that practice was over once Rahm took office. Obviously, it's not if what you're saying is true. I don't really need to hear what you have to say about pensions, but thanks anyway. I hear from a good source that you were allegedly asked by someone to come out of retirement to take the place of your brother-in-law who is now a judge. Story here:

    You were appointed by Daley after retiring in 2003 according to this article:

    A bit from that article: Cullerton, 61, is a lifelong resident of the 38th Ward. He retired in 2003 as First Deputy Building Commissioner after a 30-year career in city government.

    Daley said a thorough and open process was used to fill the vacancies. The announcement of vacancies and solicitation of applications was first posted online on November 23. The names of all applicants and their application forms were posted online. A total of 16 applications were received.

    “I am confident that because of their experience and their strong connection to the people of their wards, these three people will excel in this job and I urge the Council to approve their appointments,” Daley said.

    "Daley said a thorough and open process was used to fill the vacancies." This line makes me want to vomit, open to whom? Daley's cast of insiders in the "machine?"

  • Continued...

    I don't doubt that you have a strong connection to your ward as it states, and you might even be a nice person. It's just clear to me that you are part of the connected, entrenched elite in this city, the ones that benefit the most while probably doing the least. And that's the problem I have with your explanation of why you voted for this ordinance. I don't buy it, you most likely did as you were told...which is probably why you're the current alderman now. So who's next in line after you retire from your current position?

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Mark Buban . Right on . The citizens of Chicago should be appalled at the way vacancies are filled and Jobs too . If you are not part of the Dem ruling elite , a Family member , Crony , or Someone they owe a favor to you can forget ever getting a City Job . It is a travesty to all the regular Citizens of Chicago that live here and pay taxes . The Pension system in Chicago and Illinois needs to be structurally and fundamentally changed to better reflect those in the private sector who pay taxes here . If that is not addressed Chgo and Il Dems will continue to just raise Taxes and Fees . They will do this while just paying enough on the pensions to kick the can down the road for another few years . They will rinse and repeat after that . It is the biggest reason we are losing Productive Tax Payers in Chgo and Il and why we have lost 61,000 jobs since the last Tax increase . The Pension abuses and fun appointments of Alderman is the tip of the Ice berg . Every connected Dem elite is drawing at least 2 pensions ..It's like a Bad Sopranos episode and we are all paying up to the Dems so they can enjoy their Pensions .

  • Bike Jedi, you're right in that they should be appalled and I can't understand why they don't see it. We pay for the parking meter debacle while Daley gets two pensions and a position at one of the companies involved. Dick Simpson estimated that it costs taxpayers in Chicago $500 million a year for what he calls "corruption tax." If you're politically connected and get a city job via someone like Burke, what is your motivation to do an honest day's work? Especially if you're probably untouchable as far as getting fired. What manager is going to fire a Burke friend? And so it many of these "types" are employed by the city? Hundreds for sure, maybe even thousands if you include the county. The story Mick Dumke did on Alderman Walter Burnett in The Reader says it all, and there are at least 40 aldermen, maybe more, just like this...including Tim Cullerton. Read it here:

  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    Didn't see that coming.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    So how many streets have new sewer and water on them,starting in 1997How many roads repaved,how many schools were fixed up under Richie II,how many more need repairs,what are the repairs?WIll this be all unon jobs shutting out people in the hood looking for work?Alderman Tim,Alderman John,what is the progress report on our infrastructure going back to the mid 90's till now?You guys will want more money and we want to know what for.If you say for the children,you automatically lose 100 votes!
    There is 88 square miles in the north district alone.Many of the streets have had new watermains installled.How many are left.How many schools need repair.Most of us have seen the work done by the city ,so that number should be dropping also.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Have not met ald Tim ...I hope he is a goof guy , but it seems there was the usual Dem party cronyism /nepotism on full frontal display ..Gene you bring up good points ...Will they listen ?

  • Alderman Tim, if you happen to see your brother-in-law (former 38th ward alderman Tom Allen) this Memorial Day weekend, can you thank him for voting for the parking meter lease for me? One of 40 Daley puppets at the time that gave us the gift that we keep paying for each and every day until 2083? This is what I'm talking about when I say that Dick Simpson calls it "corruption tax." Daley works for a firm that had a hand in the deal and collects two pensions.

    Read more here if you'd like learn more about the BS these idiots voted for because "Daley told us to..."

    They do as they are told and we pay the bill. How about the 40 clowns and former Mayer Daley pay these bills. Why must we suffer when they don't do what they were elected to do? Rahm is doing the same thing! If you're not disgusted, you need to wake up!

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @mark, I'm not so sure you should lay such a heavy hand on Tim for the previous Alderman's voting record. It looks like the parking meter story is riddled with problems not necessarily to be blamed solely on Aldermen.

    Here's Ben Joravsky's story from the 2009 Reader:

  • Not that the reasoned opinion of those opposed to speed cams mattered before the General Assembly & City Council votes......,0,6367428.story

  • @kenji, with all due respect (as I don't know you), this is the type of thinking from ordinary citizens that troubles me. I read that article when it came out. And it illustrates my point about the "puppet aldermen" very nicely. Daley wanted it, Daley told the aldermen it was needed, and they did as they were told and voted for it. They did as they were told. Why do you think the Burkes, Mells, Daleys, Madigans, Cullertons, etc. all have a number of family members holding public office? Because they all are part of a little club that manipulates, and then controls things that make them a nice living. A living that most people in this city don't come close to in the private world. Rahm did the same thing with the Infrastructure Trust and the speed cameras. Can you see a pattern there? So you might think the city council was "hoodwinked" as Ben's article suggests, but for the few comments from various aldermen that seem to "raise questions" about something they think is amiss, they still voted for it. Burke's comment about LLC's cracks me up as he is "warning" them about the entity hiding from legal action as if he's raising a concern then promptly votes for it. When was the last time there was a real debate about something in the city council? Back in the days of "council wars" if you ask me. At least on big issues. Who in their right mind would lease anything for 99 years, 75 years, etc.? If I owned a business and hired someone, I'd give them a 1-5 year deal to see how it went before offering something longer. I want my elected officials to look out for me, not their own interests. But when Rahm or Daley pull the aldermen into the back room to make them an "offer" they can't refuse, we get screwed.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @mark, I think Tim Cullerton is holding an office because the voters of the 38th Ward elected him into the position.

    From what I know, Cullerton isn't doing the job for the money. He chose the job to make a difference. Just look at and meet with the guy, he oozes "neighborhood". He's not a slick dude by any stretch. He looks like the kind of guy that you put a tool in his hand and he gets the job done.

    Also, I think the think the things where you compare it to the "private sector" is kind of off base. Take all the responsibilities of the job, and compare that to some larger corporation job. Seems to me in a corporation you'd get paid more, and generally not have to possibly lose your job every 4 years, and have the ability to move up even farther and make even more money, which doesn't happen at the City Council.

    The Ward elected a person to be a good leader. The leader gets paid 100K plus. I don't have a problem with that, with my alderman or the 38th Ward's alderman.

  • And I'm not laying a heavy hand on Alderman Tim for what Tom Allen did, I'm showing you how it's all connected. And then how it goes from one thing to the next, from Midway Airport and parking meters (Allen) to Infrastructure Trust and Speed Cameras (Cullerton) and how disgusted I am by all of it. And why can't I blame them for their vote, they voted, right? Does it sound like anyone did their homework on the meter deal other than Waguespack? Maybe the other four that voted no did, or maybe they worked with Waguespack or his research convinced them, I don't know. I will applaud those votes though. I think the biggest problem with the budgets in the last 10+ years has been the creation of so many TIF districts. Districts that are supposed to help blighted communities but usually end up as nice "rewards" to politically connected companies. Read Ben Joravsky's recent article about TIF giveaways by Emanuel while we were focused on NATO last weekend. Then he blames it on Daley, a guy that Emanuel said, "did a great job as mayor" while nearly bankrupting our city! These TIF districts drain money from the parks, schools, and other taxing bodies. If you look at the money in the TIF funds and then look at the deficits in the parks, schools, etc. you might see the connection. But the alderman were told that the new TIF district was needed by Daley and they did as they were told. It's almost systematic in the way it works...Mayor wants, aldermen comply! Taxpayers pay mightily for these decisions, it's no accident. For all the "food desert" talk by Emanuel, why did he give Mariano's $7 million in TIF funds to build a grocery store across the street from a Dominick's on Halsted in the west loop? Does that sound like a blighted community in need of fresh produce? I don't think so. There is so much shadiness if you look for it. But you won't see if you listen to Rahm and his staffers. So dig deeper. Guys like Joravsky and Dumke are a good start.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    @bike answer seems forthcoming to date.I really would like an answer. seeing that the privatization of the water department has been in service for 14 years,it is not like this is something new because we have a new mayor.Same with the schools.?Many,many schools have been rehabbed or had additions added to them,there can't be that many more needed to be done.
    how about city contracts that last no longer than 5 years.That would give the city the option of changing proprietors like the parking meter thieves.
    75 years,how many of us will be alive to see that contract end? That is not government in action,that is selling out the constituency.No company or corporation should have their teeth sunk into a city for that long.
    Jeff Park has been a TIF district ,going back what,two terms of LeVar? Where's the money? What is it being used for?
    A future to look forward to. Ricketts Dad made some ads up that don't put Obama in a good light.Rahm's solution,ignore the Ricketts ,he'll show them.So Emmanuel in one fell swoop stops freedom of speech and stopping work getting done on the rehab of Wrigley,because he doesn't agree with Rickett's dad,but sponsors lies by the DNC against Romney. He would do the same thing when he was our congressman.Not a wise politician,this man.

  • @kenji, obviously you like Tim Cullerton and think he's a nice guy. Great. As a person, I like my alderman too but think he's caved to Rahm and is now with their "program!" My alderman, Pawar, was an outsider that campaigned against TIF's and said they needed to be reformed but now "magically" supports them and thinks they are a viable economic development tool. They would be if they were used in blighted areas but Lincoln Square, Jefferson Park, the Loop, Near North side, to name a few, are not blighted. So that money, that could be helping schools and parks, is being given out to the mayor's friends from his big TIF slush fund. Play along with the mayor and now you get a piece of the TIF pie and your constituents "think" you're doing a great job. It's quid pro quo. Alderman votes for speed cameras and now his/her ward gets money for X project in said ward. You mentioned Joravsky's article and how Daley and his staff pulled a fast one on the aldermen with the parking meter lease, right? Did you ever stop to think that perhaps they've pulled a fast one on the majority of city residents by convincing them that their chosen candidate cares about you? What did Rahm really say before the election? NOTHING of substance! Because he didn't have to...what's that about? Had he said, when I become mayor, I'm going to raise all the fees I can, shut down free speech in the form of new "parade" rules, install money generating speed cameras but say they are for safety, I'm not so sure he would have been elected without a run-off if at all.

  • Tom Allen gets a new job that pays more than being alderman, so he took it. Tim Cullerton is retired but un-retires to "serve the public?" Give me a break! He was part of the "in" crowd that needed one of "their" guys and Daley appointed him so that an outsider wouldn't take Allen's place. If he doesn't need the money, why not ask him to donate all of it to his local schools and parks. Rahm screwed Pawar by brokering a deal, bypassing democracy and not allowing the 47th ward residents the chance to choose, for the last committeeman's race. This is a perfect example of "how it is done" in Chicago. I think they're setting Pawar up to fail in 2015...unless he completely gets with their "program" by then. We'll see. But I'd advise you and everyone else not to be fooled by what your alderman shows himself/herself to be...the city council of Chicago is anything but a democracy. If you really want a laugh, find the article about slating candidates for judge vacancies and read that. It will give you more insight to "how it's done" here in Chicago under Burke, Madigan, etc.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @Mark, woo baby you are all over the place with your posts today. Riled up.

    In terms of Cullerton and any other alderman nearby the 38th Ward, of which you posted to, if you really want specific questions answered I guess you should create separate posts on EB and see if the aldermen respond to your questions.

    Better yet, I think you need a blog. Really.

    FWIW, we're in the "speed camera" thread, here.

  • @kenji, I'm just trying to use as many examples as I can think of in order to get my point across. You can say or write anything, but I believe it adds substance if you back it up with information. That's all. Any questions I posed were intended for you, or anyone else, in order to provoke one to think a little deeper than face value.

  • @Bill the Engineer, thanks for the article. Here's my favorite quote from it, also the last in the article: "I don't consider 36 speeding, and I'm an old lady," Mitchell said. "That's going to cause some trouble."

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    will the speed cameras mess up the reception on the drones flying over the hood?

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    @ Kenji I don't know how the Alderman could've been hoodwinked into signing it ..from what Ive seen they didn't even get too much of a chance to review it . Just like Rahm with the Infrastructure Trust , and ta da the Speed Cameras. As far as Ald Tim I haven't met him but the fact that nepotism played a role cannot be ignored and it is an ongoing problem where jobs and positions are passed from father to son or to brother or daughter . It's great if you're connected not so great if you're not . If Ald Tin had a better offer he would be doing that . There is no better position then one with multiple pensions and where you can get your friends appointed to jobs they don't qualify for , but they get because they are someones cousin Vinny

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Mark Buban ..great comments and i wonder why so many Dem voters ignore the obvious even when it is pimp smacking them in the face . Do they love thei heroes that much that they will just turn a blind eye to the obvious harm they do to all of us ?

  • @Mark Buban I'd ignore kenji. It seems like anytime someone gets controversial or stirs the pot someone PC has to point out that it's not on topic or you get censored. Yours and Bike Jedis' comments have been the most interesting and I think that it is related to the topic. Plus, what interesting conversation doesn't veer a little. @Bike Jedi I suppose if I were made of porcelain and being half Italian I should take offense to your cousin Vinny reference. Actually it's pretty funny! The difference is in Chicago all the names would be Kevin, Patrick or Shane. We'd have to go out to Addison, Melrose or Elmwood Park for the cousin Vinnys. Ha!

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  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Carl good point . I Just put down Vinny because when I typed Cousin that's what came to mind

  • Absolutely, no offense. Being Italian I don't pretend like there are no Italians with those kind of ties. I guess maybe in the PC world I should, right? I got called out by Kenji for saying someone who was Hispanic was posing next to a Latin Kings logo on a garage. I guess I'm suppose to ignore that there might be gangs in the Hispanic community. I'm also half Swedish and if there were guys named Sven posing in front of a Swedish Kings logo on a garage, I'd point that out too!

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Ive run into those Swedish Kings up in Andersonville and they aint nothing nice . Ive also eaten Swedish fish and they are great

  • kenji Find us here -->

    What? I "called someone out"?

    What you talkin' bout Willis?

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  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    We've got a mayor who acts like the president.If you won't do what I say,I won't talk to you. And pass the bill to find out what's in it.They didn't read the parking meter bill,and I'll wager that half the alderman didn't read the speed light cams bill.They were told it was for the children and went along with it.

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  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    Off Subject.

    (This comment will be removed.)

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  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    I think there is troll in this thread.

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    I guess with a real thin skin, no backbone!!

  • JayCee resident

    This is outrageous! I never even got to see the removed comments... Hmmm, anonymous no thanks and "trusted community members".

    How nice of these folks at EveryBlock to banish those pesty opinions so I don't have to be bothered by them (very heavy sarcasm intended).

    Was someone behaving like an anarchist or did the subject of Child Safety prompt a sexist/racist rant?

  • Conor McGrath Portage Park

    @JayCee: Joe Lake's comment above seems to indicate at least some of the posts were removed for going off-topic. We all agreed to the EB terms of service when we signed up for our accounts. I'm pretty sure there's language in there about staying on topic. I doubt anyone is trying to censor the discussion. Rather, they are trying to moderate it so it doesn't degenerate into a mess. Honestly, I think this thread should have been shut down ages ago as it drifted from the speed camera topic into political nonsense over the last month. I'm probably going to hide this thread in my views after this post because it's no longer relevant.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    this one and speed cameras on Foster.They need to end the threads.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Threads here are like a fungus. There's no getting rid of them and they never go away. It's MSNBC content forever.

  • I think the censors on EB are hyper-active and not impartial. They delete posts that are non-offensive and that relate to many previous posts (like mine, which was deleted). We're all adults here and we can choose whether or not to respond to off-topic comments, or to gently point them out as such. Very heavy-handed tactics EB, which discourage my participation. "Free Speech" is messy sometimes.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Jaycee ..the comments weren't really off topic .They just became comments on why the cameras are necessary ( budget deficits ) , Whats causing the budget deficits ( Union Pensions ) , and what should be done about the problem . There were comments about the nature of what is going on and why Rahm will continue to look for new revenue streams . and some " trusted community member "( I like Joe's term TROLL) decided he didn't like them personally and he censored the comments he didn't like . In fact I would say they weren't really off topic , rather they were dwelving to the deeper underlying reason we as Chicagoans will face a steady stream of new revenuing schemes from out rulers . The Trusted Community member must work for Rahm and Did a TROLL like thing . He deleted comments that no one complained about and were up on this thread for a week . Carl posted something interesting that I wanted to respond to and the post was deleed . That was cheap . Connor pointed out we all know the rules . to that I say it was a good discussion that was driving home why Rahm is doing this ..Just because trusted community member didn't like what was being discussed it all got deleed . I agree with Alberts assesment of that individual as I'm sure all who were engaged in the discussion feel the same way . No one got personal that I saw and it was great to see the different views . I guess eb and trusted community troll , er member , only wants what he sees fit . I hope you see this before he deletes this as just like in Russia we are only supposed to have one opinion and no one can slam big brother or they delete you . One other thing Ronnie hit it out of the park with that last comment

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Connor I respect your opinion that you think that things had gotten off topic . So in that event why not just unfollow the post or just point out to everyone that it's getting off topic ? You state that the thread had drifted from the Speed Cameras to Political nonsense .. What do you think the Speed cameras are if not Political nonsense . That seemed the consensus of 90% of the posters that it wasn't EVER about safety , but rather about revenue . The fact that several posters had taken the next step to logically look at the underlying reasons may have bored you , angered you ,or maybe you though it off topic . If that was the case just ignore it or express the opinion you just did . The opinion that ...a Discussion of speed cameras had turned into a poitical discussion . To that I would say ...what did you expect??? ..It is a political issue and there should have been no reason that the adults who still wanted to discuss it in that vien should be censored ...
    I really would have liked to keep the discussion going and I respect all those who didn't ...If you didn't like where it was going get off it and go on one of the farmers market or lost cat ones . I thought it was still a viable discussion over the weekend and all of a sudden half of it is gone . What I dont understand is if someone personally thinks a thread has run its course say so and leave the thread . Connor hadn't seen you on the thread in awhile and now you come back and say it had run it's course maybe that is why you weren't on it and that's cool ..Others were having a great discussion until someone with the similar thoughts to yours shut the thing down through censorship .. Now I have a question maybe I should research ..who funds eb ?

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    I just looked under about eb and clicked on funding ...This explains everything.... EB is owned by MSNBC bias there right ? This I did not know .... Maybe this explains why when a discussion turn negative towards Rahm things get taken care of ...

  • JayCee resident

    Thanks for filling me in!

    As far as removing comments that are off topic goes, and based on your summaries about the content of what was removed, I still disagree. EVERY post on here often goes a little off topic - sometimes that is the interesting part!

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    JayCee ....exactly

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    I disagree as well. It's getting to the point where one cannot express an opinion. I am going to unsubscribe, but first Kenji you mentioned a couple other websites that have neighborhood news? Hurry and respond before this post is removed. I feel like people must have felt in 1938 Germany.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Dennis I tried to thank your last comment that was deleted ..I too am looking for another type of forum

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Bike Jedi...yes getting pretty sad around here.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    A real good way to eliminate criticism is to delete the critical post. There is something very wrong with that picture.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    I say we just stay and keep posting at least those currently logged on at that time will see the posts

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I'm not seeing my post about the Missouri judge who called red light cameras unconstitutional.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Dennis,back last century during the height of the eurocommunism friends and my self had letters censored by the military on our correspondence home. That was done by our government in the late 70's and is still probably going on,but it has to be alot more difficult because of chat rooms and facebook.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    Gene, I know. But EB is not related to national security. Last I checked anyway.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Here's the link,something about due process being violated,let's try again,this makes the third time I've tried to post this!

  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    I notice that my comment "Off subject" remains, while a hundred or so other comments were removed. I was not my intention to have those comments removed, but to suggest that future comments be related to the original post.

  • Joe Lake, Chicagoland Joe Lake, Chicagoland

    I think in another thread, I commenting "Off subject" and my comment was removed and the reason given was "Off Subject." I don't see where my comment would be a violation EveryBlock rules.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @dennis, There's a popular place for chicago based talk that isn't sanitized. It's There's chicago based subreddits you might enjoy. r/chicago is the main chicago subreddit:

  • eric Resident

    Cameras will record children being mowed down by speeders--and then fine them. I feel safer already.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    Where are children being mowed down by speeders? Where? I know children are being shot and killed and the perps probably speed away if it is a drive by,but how come we never see any evidence of where children are being mowed down by speeders.And saying it could happen is BS. Anything can happen at anytime.No matter what safety protections are in place.

  • Inactive user

    Off subject is very subjective, and very few threads could be defended as purely on subject. If I recommend a certain pizzeria, is someone suggesting another one off topic because the topic is not about pizzerias in general? What if someone mentions that while you visit the pizzeria, you might want to cross the street and visit the ice cream parlor there?

    The same is true with current events. If someone complains about the tolls being increased on the tollway, is it off topic to complain about the condition of the tollroads or why they are not free and paid out of taxes? It seems that very controlling people want to dictate what others can and cannot say.

    There is a poster from way outside the neighborhood who constantly complains about the harmless quips that are sometimes posted. But often those are the most thanked, so obviously there are many who enjoy them. The humorless should not dictate the tone of others' messages. If people want to impose their own rules, start you own stricitly on-subject, humorless site.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Take it or leave it, Jake, is how I see it. This place is what it is and as it grows they'll make some users of the forum happy and they'll make others very unhappy.

    At some point it's going to have to make a company profit.

    They won't be beholden to us the people creating the free content for them to make a profit from.

  • eric Resident

    Gene, it isn't happening--I employed sarcasm. Clever tool at that . . .

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    @eric,I got the sarcasm,use it alot myself,sorry.
    @kenji,do you think we should charge MSNBC for our comments?

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    I only see a whole string of comments removed. I wonder if this one will be, too.

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    If they use it,I want my royalty share!

  • Jason 18 year Jeff Park resident

    Slow all your asses down on the sidestreets and I could care less about the rest. Just slow down on the side streets!

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Jay when these cameras go up where do you think people are going to retreat to ?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    "retreat" means what?

  • To the side streets......

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Yes eople will retreat to the side streets to avoid the gridlock that these cameras will be causing on the main streets . This will have the effect of making Chicago's side streets less safe hence the speed cameras will decrease the very thing they used to sell it to the sheeple . It will decrease safety .

  • will the new $40,000,00.00 bike lanes further narrow the streets and gridlock traffic further? It could be very dangerous if vehicles cannot pull to the right to allow emergency vehicles to pass.

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    Yep!! Or else all the side streets will have speed bumps. Therefore, traffic will be almost a total grid lock, that is, you are petter off staying home!!

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    jp in jp ..I don't know if you saw my rant on that ...and let me qualify this by stating I am an avid Bicyclist as well as a daily driver . The protected bike lanes are exactly what you said . All one needs to do is go down Kinzie on any given morning and you will see traffic at a standstill in both directions with NO place to pull over . I've taken pictures, contacted CDOT, IDOT, Rahm etc . These people dont care at all about Public Safety . They gave Gabe Klien some STIMULUS money and he had to do something to justify his existence .Those Bike lanes are the result . iI's great PR for the Mayor and the Press eats it up like lemmings . There is a push for more lanes like this . I think it is just Rahm trying to make himself look good to the pedal power green agenda people . It is misguided . Urban Bike commuters know how to ride in traffic . Where these lanes aren't a Safety hazard they are still confusing and cause line of site problems ( go up Elston north of Division for an example ) . They also will cause more traffic congestion and road rage as people in their cars sit in even more gridlock then isn't necessary . Elston is a perfect street that is wide and had a marked lane already that worked fine for cars and bikes alike . It is now a mess for both . The more money you throw at these people the more they will waste it . If they want to fund Bicycling improvements they should widen the Lakefront path and repave it . Then do the same for the N Branch trail...

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    I always wondered why king richie II made Elston,which was an alternate route from the Kennedy both inbound and outbound ,giving up one lane in each direction. All that did was lengthen the commute time for everyone. And it was dangerous for the first couple of years for cyclists.I had to stop by the Shakespeare Police Department one day on another matter and some cop was complaining about hitting someone in the bike lane. If you can't get the police to follow the rules,,how the hell do you expect anyone else to?

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    The greatest problem with cyclists is they DON'T follow the rules of the road. They are to stop at stop signs. If they go thru and get hit, tough luck and car drivers have to live with it.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    You know, Albert, I agree with you. I love to bike, but I get so annoyed at those cyclists who weave in and out, run through stop signs and stop lights, and then blame the car drivers for being dangerous. Granted, some are. I am not. I watch for cyclists constantly, just wish those of them who violate the rules (and I'm sorry to say, most do) would cooperate.

  • and there are not that many cyclists to justify the impact on the majority of people that use these streets to get to work, go to school, etc. One of the things that makes Chicago one of the worst cities is its commute times. The city will be stuck with another huge mess for many years to come like the parking meters. The guiding principle should be "MOVE TRAFFIC" All that money could be spent on police or something more useful. Or really getting the bicycles they're own " highway " off the street grid somehow. I don't believe the Chicago Police Department or Fire Department, or the general public really know what is about to be shoved at them.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    There'd be more cyclists if there were more bike lanes in the 38th and 45th ward, which would mean less cars, and you could personally get to your destinations here in the hood quicker if there were less cars.

    My theory.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Tose are some of the easiest ward to get around ...But if that would make you feel better ..I'm cool with that ..Bike lanes not all these stupid cones and cars parked 10 feet off the curb

  • Albert F. Opitz Back in the 38th Ward

    In Europe, they use the parkway for bike lanes. I don't know if it's a good idea, but I think that moving the cars out 3 +/- feet would be safer. However, bicyclists, remember, pedrestrians have the right of way, just like on the streets with cars!!

  • Gene 50 year resident of Jeff Park

    When I do use my bike,I never use arterial streets unless necessary.Side streets are quiet,faster and safer.

  • Dennis 30 year Jefferson Park resident

    I'm with you, Gene when I can. I do use Elston for a bit. Drivers can be nuts though. Like the autobon at times.

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